Pastor Greg Locke Net Worth (Updated 2023)

Pastor Greg Locke Net Worth: Pastor Greg Locke is a famous American Evangelical pastor, revivalist, great author, motivational speaker, religious leader, and entrepreneur with a net worth of $130 Million as of 2023. He works at a church as a pastor and leads Nashville’s Global Vision Bible Church. Pastor Locke founded the Church of Christians. He made his name and fame because of his ability to speak the truth without fear. He is considered a significant component of the Christians and their culture.

Greg Locke is known as a strict Christian and has a firm belief in Jesus, so this is the reason that he is considered the most famous pastor and author. He has affected various people’s life through his words and way of spreading knowledge of the religion of Christianity. Several people support and love him as a motivational speaker and religious leader of Christianity. Now let’s discuss Pastor Greg Locke’s net worth, salary, income, career, personal life & biography, and how he accumulated such jaw-dropping wealth.

Pastor Greg Locke Net Worth & Income

NamePastor Greg Locke
Net Worth$130 Million
Annual Income$6 Million+
Monthly Salary$50,000+
Source of IncomeEvangelist, Pastor
Age46 years
Zodiac SignTaurus

Early Life

Greg was born on May 18, 1976; his birthplace is Donelson Hospital in Tennesse. He was not Christian by birth but adopted this religion in April 1992. After converting his faith, he never looked back. Greg’s father’s name is Steve Locke, while his mother’s name is Judy Summer, a housewife. He has a single sibling who is a brother named Brain Locke.

As far as his education is concerned, he received his formal education in High School and graduated from Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, North Carolina. Furthermore, he attended the School of Theology in New England in Providence, Rhode Island.

From there, he got his degree of bachelors in biblical studies while his master’s degree in revival history. After all that, he started his career by working as Evangelist.


Founder of Church

In November 2006, he introduced the Global Vision Bible Church based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Pastor and Motivational Speaker

He is a famous Global Vision Bible Church pastor whose duty is to promote the precious words of Jesus and give motivational speeches to people and his audience. He also performed his immense lectures in some educational institutes and was featured in seminars to spread the Christian religion. He serves humanity correctly by being a religious leader and Baptist pastor. Furthermore, he provided heavenly lectures and preached in more than 48 states and 16 countries.

Greg Locke Net Worth (Updated 2023)

He gave his very first lecture when he was 16.

He gave more than 15,000 messages about his religion of, Christianity.

President of LockeMedia

In April 2020, he launched his conservative organization of news media and was introduced as the president and founder of LockeMedia. That was against the traditional sort of opinions and voices. He wanted to demolish them. He also posts much about Christianity and motivation on his social accounts, which gives him a stunning fan following and increases his net worth. Through his career and profession of being an author and pastor, he gained a net worth of approximately USD 130 million.

Author and Host

He is also a famed and well-known author and wrote several books, including This Means War: We Will Not Surrender Through Silence. He wrote this book on October 2, 2020. This book became the Amazon # 1 Bestselling book.

He also did the job of hosting his podcast show, which used to come on On Point.

YouTube Channel and Instagram

Another primary source of his income is his channel on YouTube, on which he puts his motivational videos and heavenly preaches. His channel is self-titled and has many subscribers, which is an outstanding achievement. People show great affection and respect towards him and consider him their religious leader. On his Instagram profile, he seems to support the previous President, Donald Trump.

He did post some of his posts in favor of Capitol revolts, and his words were;

  • Dear left.
  • Your phony shock is disgusting.
  • He called the radicals Evil Spirit Had Mutts.

He affected many people’s lives through his heavenly preaches and religious lectures.

He gave his first sermon at the age of 16, which went very famous worldwide, and after that sermon, he gave his religious sort of lectures in over 48 states and 16 countries worldwide. He earns his salary from various sources. He also launched his podcast in the year 2020.


He won the award which was Who’s Who in American Award in the years 2005 and 2006.


In 2020, his church was vandalized by his against party, and he suffered the damage of approximately $5,000.

Further, he was mistreated by the media for being homophobic. He reported spreading false notions and information through his church in Tennessee, Global Vision Bible Church.

He has also been charged and arrested several times before. He was also arrested because of embezzling donations running by his name.


NameGreg Locke
Full NamePastor Greg Locke
ProfessionPastor, Author, Revivalist, Motivational Speaker, Religious Leader
Net Worth$130 Million
Age46 years
HometownNashville, Tennessee
BirthdayMay 18, 1976
BirthplaceNashville, Tennessee, United States
Height5 ft 10 in (1.77 m)
Weight70 Kg
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
ResidenceMount Juliet, Tennes, US
Marital StatusMarried
WifeTashia Locke
Ex-WifeMelissa Biggers
InstagramPastor Greg Locke
YouTubePastor Greg Locke

Personal Life

He did marry two times throughout his life. Greg Locke’s ex-wife’s name is Melissa Biggers. He got engaged to her in the year of 1995 and married in the following year. They had four children together. Greg Locke’s son’s names are;

  • Malachi Locke
  • Hudson Locke
  • Evan Locke

while his daughter’s name is Destiny Locke, a Basketball player. After some time, the couple divorced in 2018, and the reason was Melissa’s mental disorders.

Greg married again to Taisha Locke, his ex-wife’s close friend, and was blessed with two kids with her. She works with him at Church and promotes bible preaches.


Greg Locke’s luxurious house is in Mount Juliet, and if we talk about his cars, he drives ZEV, which costs nearly $20,000.

Pastor Greg Locke Net Worth

Pastor Greg Locke’s total net worth, which he made throughout his career, is about $130 million. He worked very hard for his religion and his career. Being the head pastor of the Nashville Global Vision Bible Church, he is making a good amount of money.

Greg is also a religious speaker who travels the world to attend different seminars and shows and charges a hefty amount for every lecture he gives.

Locke is also an entrepreneur and runs various men’s and women’s apparel stores in the USA. He also has a brand of drinks shakers which costs between $18-$25.

Besides all this, he also published two books that were best-selling later. And His books are undoubtedly generating a good amount of money for him.


How much is Pastor Greg Locke worth?

As of 2023, Pastor Greg Locke estimated net worth is nearly $130 million.

How much does Greg Locke make per month?

Greg Locke’s monthly salary is $50,000+.

How old is Greg Locke?

Greg Locke’s age is 46 years.

How tall is Greg Locke?

Greg Locke’s height is 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m).