Contribute to Liberal Conspiracy

We're sorry this is so long, but it's best for all parties involved if we spell this out.

Who's who?
Most of the content goes through the editor Sunny Hundal. Sometimes deputy editor 'Don Paskini' is in charge.

How LC works
On the left hand side of the front page are opinion blogs and in the centre are news stories.

The audience
Your content must be aimed at a left-wing audience. LC's content is not meant to be balanced: we explicitly cater for and aim at a specific political audience. But this site is more liberal-left in outlook than it is socialist-left.

Type of content

1. News - the area we are looking to expand the most. The plan is to make LC more into a reported political blog. If you know of local stories or developments of interest then get in touch. If you just want to send in tips, get in touch. We are on the look-out for aspiring journalists willing to write up news stories to build their own portfolio.

2. Opinion: 'I think the government is wrong in doing this' - We are less keen on opinion blogs but as long as they are concise, very related to the news agenda and make a point not many others are, then they might be picked up. Send us your idea in one line.

3. Activism: 'This campaign is taking place, this is why it's important and here's how you can get involved' - We like this sort of material. Send us a pitch with a couple of lines on what it's all about and why it's important.

4. Analysis - 'The reason that this happened': It depends on the topic matter but we don't get enough analysis on LC so this type of content is welcome.

How it works
Your contribution must be short-ish (ideally around 500 words), concise, related to the news agenda (unless pitched as a think-piece) and must not have been said already on a previous post on LC.

Before you send it in or write it, unless it's already on your blog, send the editor a short pitch (from one line to one paragraph) by using the Contact page.
We'll get back in touch.