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London’s increasing debt: what will Boris do about it?

by Jenny Jones AM     October 24, 2010 at 9:55 am

The Mayor put on an upbeat performance on Wednesday by claiming that the cuts could have been worse and London had benefited as a result of Crossrail and the tube upgrades being protected.

The reality is that Transport for London (TfL) is facing the same cut in its grant as the rest of the country, with the significant exception of £890m ring fenced for the tube upgrade.

However, Londoners have been given the green light to continue its previous plans to go massively into debt in order to pay for Crossrail and the tube upgrades.
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When will London’s new cycles reach suburbs?

by Jenny Jones AM     September 12, 2010 at 11:58 am

It is so hard keeping track of the cycling budget. We know that (up to now) whatever is claimed in Mayoral press releases from Boris is different to what has actually been spent.

It does feel like there has been a big expansion under this Mayor, but the reality is that in the first two years he spent around £8m less than the previous Mayor promised.

Much of that is because of delays in setting up the cycle hire and superhighways which the Green group had agreed with the previous Mayor as part of our budget deal.

Much of the gap between Ken’s planned expenditure and Boris delivery is explained by the cancellation of the LCN+. This was a big strategic scheme led by the boroughs to establish a linked up series of cycle lanes and facilities all across London.
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A new approach to help first-time home buyers

by Jenny Jones AM     June 8, 2010 at 3:37 pm

How many young people today would like to buy a home but are hopelessly priced out?

As Mayor, Boris Johnson has tried to champion first time home buyers but he hasn’t really made much difference.

It’s time he made a radical switch to co-operative home ownership.
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Both Labour and Conservatives are failing on housing

by Jenny Jones AM     February 8, 2010 at 12:14 pm

I was shocked when I found that eight years of Ken as Mayor and ten years of the current government saw the housing waiting lists double and house prices spiral out of control.

But with Boris now in office and cuts to the budget threatening to wipe out the affordable housing programmes, this bleak story looks set to get even worse.

In my recent report, Coming home to roost, I showed how the policies of two Mayors of London have failed to deliver secure, safe, comfortable housing.

In London, social housing waiting lists have grown by 82% as the stock of homes actually decreased. Right to Buy continued unabated until very recently, with 85,000 homes off the stocks. In the same decade, we only managed to build around 55,000 new homes.

There are now over 330,000 households waiting to be allocated a place that suits their needs – that’s roughly 10% of all the households in the city.
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