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Top Stories and Blog Review Tuesday 5th May

by Jennie Rigg     May 5, 2009 at 12:35 pm


Labour prepares for a hammering at ballot box
School closed after pupil infects four classmates
Clubs face penalties for facist fans
British cases of swine flu jump to 27

Obama moves to capture lost tax from multinationals
U.S. bill aims to triple aid to Pakistan
Fiat move for GM would create $100B giant
South Koreans convicted in Iraq scheme

DAILY BLOG REVIEW / by Jennie Rigg

Charlotte Gore has started a meme, which has been picked up by a couple of other people – can you name ten people who would be a better PM than Brown?

Daddy Alex thinks he has found the stupidest thing John Prescott has ever said. Yup even stupider than “I want you, Tracy”.

The e-hippies have done a pretty indepth study on the policing of dissent in this country. It’s long, but it’s worth digging into.

Jonathan Calder has this month’s Wikio exclusive, and the most worrying thing about it is that even after five days’ solid advertising coverage on the MSM (and even this blog), Guido still hasn’t knocked La Dale off his perch. Can anyone unseat the egregious Tory Tosser?

Stuart Sharpe has caused a big kerfuffle in the Lib Dem blogosphere for daring to suggest that we are insular and our websites are rubbish.

Our own dear Sarah talks about Chris Woodhead’s coming out as disAbled.

And finally Mr Eugenides has this week’s Britblog Roundup, or for yet more linkage, you can browse through previous Netcasts

Top Stories and News Review Sunday 3rd May

by Jennie Rigg     May 3, 2009 at 1:49 pm


MoD under fire for all-male toy soldiers
Whatever happened to Thatcher’s children?
Criminals to face easier deportation
UK swine flu cases rise to 15

Hungarian Roma take to streets in defence
The rise and rise of Russian nationalism
How Lehman Brothers got its real estate fix
Hundreds isolated in Hong Kong hotel

DAILY BLOG REVIEW / by Jennie Rigg

SignTube has a video with advice about Swine Flu in BSL.

Meral Ece is a bit annoyed that her cousin, Tracey Emin, is being touted as a Tory.

Mr Quist has a look at how Gordon Brown is getting on with supplying all the things he promised in his mansion house speech in 2007.

Helen on LDV is picking on a poor, dear, sweet, innocent Labour peer who is ONLY claiming £100,000 for an empty flat…

Mark on LDV has the right idea, though, informing us about 6 Tories going to jail for electoral fraud. MUCH more important than Labour misbehaviour.

And finally SugarStacks has pictorial evidence of how much sugar is in lots of foodstuffs (with a USian slant); or if that’s too scary, you can browse through previous Netcasts

Top Stories and Blog Review Tuesday 28th April

by Jennie Rigg     April 28, 2009 at 11:04 am

Robert De Niro Heinz gay kiss

Women take a back seat in the Tory party
Scrap ID cards now, say Cabinet rebels
Calm urged as Swine Flu reaches Britain
Human rights issues in welfare reform bill

Pakistani truce is on shakier ground
Taliban gunmen shoot couple dead for adultery
How an interview in ’07 tilted torture debate
Sri Lanka halts heavy attacks on rebels


Uncle Steve is mildly annoyed about our top story. Well, when I say mildly annoyed what I mean is, he’s tagged the post assholes.

Caron has news on how you can help the lovely Ms Lumley to help the Gurkha Justice Campaign.

The Radio Four Blog is following the story of the Farming Today beehive. Investigative journalism at its best, right there.

The LSE is having an event to discuss whether tax havens are a cause of poverty. One for all you filthy southerners…

How To Save The World has a very interesting manifesto for education.

Aaronovitch Watch has a review of Aaro’s new book before it’s even out.

Darrell Goodliffe at the social liberal forum on why people who care for traditional Labour values should vote Lib Dem.

And finally our very own Aaron has some handy hints on how to survive the aporkalypse; or if that’s too panic-inducing for you, you can safely and comfortingly browse through previous Netcasts

Top Stories and Blog Review Sunday 26th April

by Jennie Rigg     April 26, 2009 at 11:44 am


Senior Tory Councillor arrested for Fraud.
Crisis for New Exam System
BNP Candidate arrested for selling illegal firearms
Lib Dem PPC Defects to Tories
Magistrate Quits in Twitter Row

British Spy Loses Secrets in South America
Mexican Flu sparks worldwide panic.
Cricket breaks down boundaries in Israel.


Mr Quist thinks we shouldn’t be too worried about Mexican Swine Flu. Susan Watts begs to differ. Lay Scientist also has an excellent post on this.

Nadine Dorries plans to sue Damien McBride. Let’s hope she gets quoted LOTS in the media and then everyone will see how clueless she is… Rhetorically Speaking has a great post on this.

Slacktivist lays into his fellow evangelicals for being bigoted.

The Daily Quail on an unlikely champion of rights for immigrants.

Giandujakiss has made a vid on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. Those of you wondering what the hell this has to do with politics should watch it.

Political Betting on the possibilities of voter registration.

And finally Septicisle has the usual collection of weekend links; or you can browse through previous Netcasts

Top Stories and Blog Review Tuesday April 21st

by Jennie Rigg     April 21, 2009 at 10:18 am

twitter logo

Happy Birthday, Your Maj!
Speed Limits to be cut on A Roads.
Stephen Hawking very ill in Cambridge
Inside Broadmoor

Oxfam warns of climate diaster.
Cheney demands Obama reveal torture “success”.
Senegal gay convictions quashed.
Pirates laundering ransom money in Dubai

DAILY BLOG REVIEW / by Jennie Rigg

John Beacroft-Mitchell explains the new Lib Dem tax policy – or you can go to our fluffy friend for a longer explanation.

Amused Cynicism highlights research which proves that faith schools are not, in fact, better.

The World is My Country is one of many having a little giggle about TwitterFAIL.

Stephen Glenn on how the SNP are trying (somewhat ham-fistedly) to get in on this whole “smeargate” thing.

Slipscale at UK Bikers on the government’s proposed changes to the speed limits.

Alix at Lib Dem Voice highlights worrying news about the government sharing secret police surveillance information with E.ON in the run up to the Kingsnorth protests.

Redemption Blues has this week’s Britblog Roundup.

And finally John Rentoul‘s bizarre Blair fetish churns out yet more comedy gold, or if that’s too vomit-inducing for you, you can browse through previous Netcasts

Top Stories and Blog Review Sunday 19th April

by Jennie Rigg     April 19, 2009 at 11:19 am


Five killed in head-on M1 crash
Government Apologises to Binyam Mohammed.
Labour’s climate measures mainly hot air
Lib Dem donor accused on Israeli arms deal

Revolt stirs among China’s nuclear ghosts
Far-right Geert Wilders plans sequel to Fitna
Iran sentences U.S. journalist to eight years
Google avoids £100m UK tax

DAILY BLOG REVIEW / by Jennie Rigg

Slim pickings today, since the whole internet is awash with the shocking news that dumpy middle-aged Scottish ladies can sing better than airbrushed pouty debs (the bits of it that aren’t still giving publicity to that cock Staines, anyway) so apologies for the paucity of links.

Stephen Tall at Lib Dem Voice makes the best post I have seen on the resignation of Alice Mahon (I also made a small post about it).

The Digger adds to the torrent of new evidence of police violence at the G20 protests.

The Lay Scientist rips into Christian Voice.

Sarah Ismail wants a discussion on disAbility and parenting.

And speaking of parenting, Mr Quist has no truck with Change4Life’s parenting messages.

Alex Wilcock has had a visitation from his local MP.

Tom Griffin thinks there might be an Irish lesson for the middle east.

And, as usual, Septicisle has more, or you can browse through previous Netcasts

Top Stories & Blog Review Tuesday 14th April 2009

by Jennie Rigg     April 14, 2009 at 12:37 pm


Advisers to be sacked for personal attacks
Teachers demand 10 per cent pay rise
Academics to boycott new student immigration rules
A whistleblowers’ helpline for City fraudsters

Two die in clashes as troops besiege Bangkok
Rabbi-in-chief: Obama’s Jewish connection
Yade: The political star who’s eclipsing Sarko
Pakistan agrees to sharia law in Swat Valley

DAILY BLOG REVIEW / by Jennie Rigg

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I know the netcast is late, but LOOK! I has a Dreamwidth! Lookit their Diversity Statement! This is a proper blog platform for Liberals! It’s all open and transparent and does all the cool things LJ does and WordPress does with none of the pains in the butt!

* cough *

Sorry. Bit excited. Will cast net now. Sorry.

Chicky Yog points out some of the things that are being covered up by the MSM hysteria over some pointless emails. Still, who cares about protesters getting arrested or war inquiries when there’s Westminster tittle-tattle to obsess over…

The World is My Country on China’s interaction with Africa and how it affects us all.

Gneil, Charlie Stross, and our very own Sarah have good posts on amazonfail.

LavenderSparkle has a fantastic post on the politics of the hijab (and other head-coverings for women).

Richard Herring reviews The Boat That Rocked in somewhat caustic terms.

The Lay Scientist points out a stunning bit of Daily Fail hypocrisy and double standards.

And if you’re in the mood for feeling some feminist rage, you can read Crimitism‘s long and detailed review of all the fail in The Nice Guy webcomic, or you can browse through previous Netcasts

Top Stories and Blog Review Easter Sunday 2009

by Jennie Rigg     April 12, 2009 at 11:39 am


… and six arrested

Tomlinson: man who was trying to get home
Pakistan pledges UK terror arrests help
Darling to offer £2,000 reward to scrap old cars
MPs earn rent while claiming home allowance

“I’m a successful Somali pirate”
Obama brings truce in culture war
U.N. Council may rebuke North Korea
Thailand cancels Summit after protests

DAILY BLOG REVIEW / by Jennie Rigg

Lets get the self-referential, Westminster-centric circle jerk between a gaggle of despicable frauds out of the way first, shall we? If you actually WANT to read about it, HopiSen‘s entry is the one I would go for.

Now, onto things that are actually important:

Stephen Glenn remembers Hillsborough.

Pink Dog has a roadsign for our times.

Bad Conscience wonders why something which seems a straightforward moral issue (policemen shouldn’t attack innocent bystanders) has split along left-right lines.

Charlotte Gore on why Labour talk up the BNP.

David A MacIntee reviews last night’s new episode of Doctor Who.

And if you still crave really vitally important stuff, Lay Scientist has a very serious health and safety video.

If you’re sensible, though, you’ll head on over to AMCTV, and watch one of their many totally legit classic movies which are now online for your pleasure (hat-tip MatGB), or you can browse through previous Netcasts

Top Stories and Blog Review Tuesday 7th April

by Jennie Rigg     April 7, 2009 at 12:53 pm


Dead G20 man was ‘confronted by police’
Westminster Bridge closed after Tamil protest
G20 protestors plan new march Saturday
Smoothie operators sell out to Coke

US announces major defense spending shifts
North Korea seeks gain fromrocket launch
Iranian candidate calls Ahmadinejad an extremist
Empire State building goes green

DAILY BLOG REVIEW / by Jennie Rigg

Think you’ve spotted a blog we should be linking to? EmailtipsATlcDOTorg and let us know!

James Holden has a make your own terror billboard webapp (thanks to Millennium for pointing it out to me).

Senator Stuart Svyret (he who broke the Jersey child abuse scandal) has been arrested without a warrant.

Guy Aitchison has a fabulous round-up of, and personal angle on, the G20 protests on Open Democracy.

Ouch, the BBC’s disability blog, on how the authorities deal with disability on the streets.

Helen Duffett is panicking about being stopped and searched at the airport, given the contents of her luggage. I say: Order that vegetarian meal and the consequences be damned, Helen!

Diffrent Colours wrestles with an ethical dilemma – is it right to work for a company whose morals you fundamentally disagree with?

Renegade Evolution discusses the possibility of feminist porn.

Will Rhodes has spotted possible grounds for challenging the EU Data Storage directive that allows us all to be snooped on.

And Charles Crawford has this week’s Britblog Round-up, or you can browse through previous Netcasts

Top Stories and Blog Review Sunday 5th April

by Jennie Rigg     April 5, 2009 at 11:29 am


Geoff Hoon’s home expenses come under spotlight
‘Parents to blame’ for problems, say teachers
Archbishop Sentamu waves flag for England
UK torture collusion ‘widespread’, claims group

Roman police find sewer children
Scores of Tamil Tigers die in Sri Lanka clashes
Afghanistan to review ‘abhorrent’ sharia law
Large Antarctic ice shelf expected to break off

DAILY BLOG REVIEW / by Jennie Rigg

Think you’ve spotted a blog we should be linking to? EmailtipsATlcDOTorg and let us know!

Adrian Sanders MP (Warning to anti-Murdoch folk: blog is on MySpace) gives us a breakdown of his expenses claim. He might be interested to know that his daily “food and incidentals” claim, while not on the face of it unreasonable, is my entire household’s current WEEKLY food budget…

Melengro talks about sex and gender. It’s nice to read this sort of thing from a guy.

Nicholas Whyte wants us to reclaim þorn.

Bad Conscience on why estate agents should be regulated if we want to avoid getting into this mess again.

Costigan Quist wonders if those behind the anti-terrorism posters are willfully misleading people, or just stupid.

Will Rhodes fisks the new Tory darling Daniel Hannan.

Hagley Road to Ladywood goes all Ben Goldacre on the Torygraph.

David Boyle points out that equality is not just, or even mainly, about money.

And if you still want more, scurry on over to Septicisle, or you can browse through previous Netcasts

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