Hindu charity that broke Charity Commission rules by supporting Tories before election does it again

10:00 am - July 8th 2015

by Sunny Hundal    

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A few weeks before the General Election in May, I found that the National Council of Hindu Temples – a registered charity – posted a message calling on British Hindus to vote Conservative.

It was clearly in violation of the Charity Commission rules, which state that charities cannot be politically aligned, and I complained. The Charity Commissionimmediately asked them to make amends and they deleted their post.

I can reveal that the NCHT has broken the Charity Commission rules again. Its General Secretary sent out this email below clearly expressing political support for the Conservatives over Labour.

Furthermore, it disparages “genuineness” of Hindus who support the Labour party.

What’s the NCHT’s key complaint? That Labour supported legislation in the UK banning discrimination on the basis of Hindu castes. The (mostly upper-caste) Hindu leadership of the NCHT opposes this piece of legislation. Yes, really.

Full email below (there’s more coming on this later this week)

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Reader comments

all politicians would sell there grannys to get into power,so i have no problem with the hindu community lets say legally bending the rules here,to be honest,i think this is a bit of a non story.

2. The Reaper

Guess their chums did not see this coming :


No surprises here for me though !


“charities cannot be politically aligned”

Oh really. What planet do you live on?

Whether or not the commentators think a charity is or isn’t political, it is ILLEGAL for charities and religious groups to endorse a candidate for Parliament under law.

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