Video: My talk at Cambridge Labour Club on mistakes and the future of the party

2:17 am - May 17th 2015

by Sunny Hundal    

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This week I was kindly invited by the Cambridge Universities Labour Club for a talk on where Labour goes from here.

In the initial part I talk about the wrong assumptions I made in the run up to the election. I’ve written about that here too.

From 8m 15 seconds, I talk about the three big challenges the next Labour leader will have to grapple with.

From 19m 22 secs, I talk about the main leadership candidates (which included Chuka Umunna at the time).

(the sound quality improves after a minute)

(ht @Puffles2010)

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Sunny Hundal is editor of LC. Also: on Twitter, at Pickled Politics and Guardian CIF.
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Reader comments

1. douglas clark

Interesting speech, thanks for that.

What say you about a future labour leader creating clear blue water between themselves and the Thatcher / Blair consensus?

Y’know, minor things like:

i) reversing the attack on the poor to an attack on the rich.

ii) Not going to war without a clear ‘causus beli’. Not lying to the electorate.

ii) giving up on Trident right now

Y’know, stuff that actually matters?

At the moment you have been pulled into arguing about the number of angels on a pinhead.

Your next leader, whoever it is, ought to address the fact that the electorate is being given no real choice whatsoever.

You might be pleasantly surprised.

2. Dave Roberts.

Sunny, I thought you might be offended if no one commented so I have. Love and kisses.

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