Cameron added young people to his list of Britain’s scapegoats

9:17 am - October 14th 2013

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by Matt Whittley

Operation divide and rule has been in full swing since the Tories came to power in 2010. Working hard but struggling to get by on a low income? Blame your unemployed neighbour, or the immigrant down the street, or those fat-cat public sector workers with their bloated salaries and pensions.

In his conference speech, Cameron added young people to his list of scapegoats when he implied that they are in their droves leaving school, getting knocked up and opting for a life on benefits, as he outlined his plan to remove housing benefit for those under 25s not in employment, education or training.

Consider the case of a 24 year old that started working aged 16 or 17, and so has contributed for 7 or 8 years but has just lost their job. Is this person not worthy of temporary support to help them get back on their feet? Are they really, after years of independence, expected to return to their childhood bedroom? And are their parents really expected to welcome them (and their grandchildren, if their child has had kids of their own) back with open arms?

What about the 20,000 young people who, 12 months after graduating, are still out of work? These young people spent three years working hard to better themselves. Many then took (often unpaid) internships – ‘doing the right thing’ as Cameron calls it. Have these people opted for a life on benefits?

What about those living in areas of high unemployment who are contemplating ‘getting on their bike’ to go where the work is? The logical conclusion for them to draw is that they would be better off staying in the family home and out of work. The Tories say they are on the side of hard-working people, but their support doesn’t seem to extend to those who have the audacity to have been born after 1988.

Cameron is also assuming that all young people have a loving, stable home to return to, and from his ivory tower of privilege this is probably an easy assumption to make. But what about those fleeing violent or abusive homes, or those kicked out by their parents? What about the 6,000 young people leaving care every year, many of whom rely on housing benefit as they attempt to make a life for themselves?

This policy clearly hasn’t been thought through, and Cameron may well have made a rod for his own back with this. Either he guarantees a job, training place or apprenticeship for all of the 1.09 million young people not in employment, education or training (a mammoth task), or he is seen to punish young people for refusing to take jobs, training places and apprenticeships that simply don’t exist.

Young people, who had no role to play in causing the financial crisis, won’t have been surprised by Cameron’s announcement to strip them of their social security. This from a government that has trebled university tuition fees, abolished the Educational Maintenance Allowance and presided over an economy in which 21% of young people are now out of work.

Of course we need to support those young people who have become cut adrift from society and help them into work or education. But with five people chasing every job, this government is failing miserably to create the opportunities they deserve. And demonising the young and threatening to remove their benefits won’t change that.

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Reader comments

1. Man on Clapham Omnibus

Nice rant.I hope it makes you feel better. But does it get you anywhere?. Rachel Reeves says no!

2. jed goodright

We know this. Some of us even think many in the de-valued- since-Rachel-opened-her-gob – labour party know it too.

Do you have any idea of the anger now focussed on the labour party for it’s total abrogation of responsibility toward those sections of our country that are being abused and killed by the tories? DO YOU?????
We don’t want to see Duncan Smith canonised but’ for sure, Rachel has done that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just what is the labour party about anymore??????????????
I’m trying hard not to use abusive language but it is difficult – the labour party is finished – voters are turning away in their droves following Rachel’s little tantrum – THANK YOU – the fascists have won

Miliband could simply have got Liam Byrne to put on a skirt and a wig. At least it would have some comedy value. Most pointless reshuffle ever.

4. Richard Carey

“this government is failing miserably to create the opportunities they deserve”

this Government or any other really can’t run the economy. It’s far too complicated. All they can do is try to reduce the negative effects of their blundering actions.

“Young people, who had no role to play in causing the financial crisis”

True. Unfortunaley very little if any of the Govt budget is spent on those who did cause the crises.

Apart from which the biggest impact of the finacial crises was to reduce tax revenues.

Do you propose to balance the books by targetting those that caused the financial crises? I would really like to see these specific policies.


Tend to agree, over the years the state has become more entrenched in the economic base in an attempt to reduce the negative effects of capitalism. The beast is now getting far too big to cage.

7. Psychological Mind Games

So easy for a Government to throw a life line to the banks & financial institutions by bailing them out but not to those that are not responsible for the financial crisis that they played no part in and will suffer the most.

The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats or Labour Party care not for their countryman but only themselves.

Fact of life : Unless you are one of them, you are an irrelevant pawn in their clever game. That’s all it is to them, a game. See how they are all laughing during prime-ministers question time and debates.

They Are Comfortable !


Bailing out the banks is more than likely to make the Government money. What are these other financial institutions the Government bailed out?

The reason the banks were bailed out (wrongly in my opinion) was to protect the little person and prevent chaos in the financial system.

The owners of the banks have all suffered huge losses. Headcount and bonuses have been slashed – unfortunately this has resulted in lower taxes.

9. Richard Carey

@ 7,

I think you don’t really understand where the power lies. As far as I can see, the politicians don’t sit at the top of the tree, and they can’t take on the power of the banks without bringing the temple down on their heads too. What the financial crisis of recent years reveals is the rottenness of the monetary system, which has been floating in uncharted waters since 1971 when Bretton Woods was put out of its misery with the last link to gold being severed by Nixon.

@OP, Matt Whittley: “Operation divide and rule has been in full swing since the Tories came to power in 2010.”

The language suggests that Matt Whittley believes in binary government. ‘cos he is a fool.

The OP is a fact-free rant.

JG @ 2: “the fascists have won.”

Never knowingly understated, eh? It is hardly fascist to seek to cut the welfare bill and achieve a budget surplus, is it?

The Tories already stripped benefits from 16 to 18 year olds under John Major in the late nineteen-nineties if they weren’t in training or in work. Trouble was,as pointed out in this article, it proved to be impossible to provide training and work for every single unemployed under 18 year old and so many thousands of vulnerable young people became destitute.

Cameron wants to strip benefits from the under 25s. We know this because he has trailed his coat about doing this several times before – remember his speech about unemployed under 25s having to go back home to their “childhood bedroom” and such like – which went down like a lead balloon and so now he’s trying the “blame the victim” strategy by claiming that all under 25s stripped of benefits would be architects of their own doom by refusing to be training, in school, or in a job.

Cameron is a liar, and absolute liar.

That a man like this should be Prime Minister shames our nation.

“That a man like this should be Prime Minister shames our nation.”

Cast your mind back to May 2010. The Tories did not achieve a majority. We could have had a minority government forced to seek consensus with other parties to tackle the consequences of the financial crisis. Instead the Lib Dems decided they would fall in with the Eton boys and screw us all.

We need to remind ourselves of this as the manoeuvring for the 2015 election starts.

Nick Clegg – the Russian stooge

“After university, he was awarded a scholarship to study for a year at the University of Minnesota, where he wrote a thesis on the political philosophy of the Deep Green movement.”

(if you saw my post earlier ‘Min or Minim’ slang meaning Christians’ in yiddish MIN-nesota Uni!)

What word ‘green’ is linked to – zionist gematria meaning of words adding to number 33

“To VEX or HURT etc”

I.D.S Inquisition on sick , disabled.
Deny young any help if they are homeless/out of work etc! Divide and conquer!

So he is into the “Deep Green movement”
– then there is this pretence when he is in power >>>

“Nick Clegg has warned that scrapping green energy levies would push up bills in future and leave more people unable to heat their homes.”

He’s not warning about anything
– he’s pushing his ‘ideology’onto us & impoverishing the poor! Same with Cameron/his wife vile ‘bogus greenies'(whilst they jet off around World on Holidays etc not practicing what they preach to the rest)

Let us see into his background

“Top UK politicians connected to Russia! Clegg, Cameron, Millibands, Boris Johnson..

It is only since this election campaign that Nick Clegg, the leader of the UK’s third main political party, has become a household name. He is also being hailed as a genuine Russian aristocrat.

Clegg’s grandmother was a Russian baroness, and her mother was the daughter of an Attorney General in the Russian Imperial Senate.

” The family is of Polish origin and became prominent in Russia from the first half of the 18th Century, largely due to the fact that one of Clegg’s direct ancestors married the sister of a Russian Count who was the husband of Empress Elizabeth of Russia,” says Oleg Sherbachev of the Moscow Nobility Assembly told RT.

However, Nick Clegg is far from the only person in a position of power in the UK with Russian connections. Others include Foreign Secretary David Miliband, London mayor Boris Johnson and Conservative leader David Cameron.

“The Milibands are Russian Jewish. They still have a great aunt Sophia, who still lives in Moscow or St. Petersburg and who they went to have tea with. Beyond that, Cameron himself, probably, through his descent illegitimately from William the IV of England, might have remote kinship with Catherine the Great. Boris Johnson descends from George the Second, so he too is a kinsman of his nominal party leader, David Cameron, and also conceivably akin to Catherine the Great,” says Charles Mosley, genealogist.

Cameron’s mother-in-law married into the Astor family, and he’s a distant cousin of the Queen.

There are also skeletons in the Clegg family closet, and ones that do not necessarily tie in with his liberal views. His great-great aunt, Moura Budberg, was almost certainly a double agent, working for both the British and the Soviet Union after the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917. Her lovers supposedly included Herbert George Wells, Maxim Gorky and Robert Bruce Lockhart, the British spy chief who inspired the James Bond stories.

Nick Clegg has experienced a meteoric rise to prominence during this general election campaign and is now a serious contender in the May 6th(2010) vote.

And with Conservative leader David Cameron’s Russian connection, too, there is a two in three chance that the next resident of 10 Downing Street will be descended from the Russian aristocracy.”

Covert Marxists everywhere!

Following on with another MIN, MINIM post (yiddish slang for gentiles meaning ‘Christians’)

> hidden in plain sight <


Air head women being led down the garden path and brainwashed, causing relationship destruction of our society and Christian country!
(Just one of the ways the crafty zionist Jews mislead & attack Christian society!)

Divorce has gone stratospheric in conjunction with introduction of this anti-biblical teaching
– zillions of kids lives subverted/wrecked in one parent families etc

#14 – So the Dakota tribespeople are Jewish?

You can take the piss but
– everything to do with Cabbalist – zionist-Masons is symbology.

CleGG = GG(hacktivists) = 77
He is also an MP of Sheffield, Hallam
LL=12,12 Numerology of the number Twelve
A complete cycle. The cosmic order. As a 3 times 4, it is both of spiritual and secular order – the esoteric and exoteric.
Why he is destroying civilisation (with others) to bring in the Satanic NWO!

Sheffield makes knives/Daggers > Masonic Dagger! 77
Sheffield is built on 7 hills etc
“7 is a ‘magical’ number. The number of the occultist and the esoteric.”

The occultist zionists have stuck a ‘Hex’ on us with their Babylonian Witchcraft!

Gypsies also practice the same witchcraft having originated in the same area of Persia!

If you read the Bible it is interesting to note that
– when the Hebrew tribes resorted to paganism (worshipping the Gold calf idol in defiance of God)
their tribes split in half.

The half that stayed in Israel repented and changed their ways
– the other half that still worshipped idols/paganism went North!

Where did those Pagan wanderers end up?

1 and 2 = Button shoe
Button – Nuclear
Shoe – Throw insult
TV Licence 14550 – 1337 for lasso – Rope you in and sort you out now.

Why are most feminist CULT leaders Jewish?

Andrea Dworkin, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Eve Ensler ,Rosa Luxemburg, Bella Abzug, Blu Greenberg, Brenda Howard, Germaine Greer, etc. are Jewish.

Why are there so many Jewish women involved in the feminist movement?

Ans: Cos they are Anti-Christ Satanists!

“Button – Nuclear”

“In order for a person to become a Shriner,
he must not only go through all the degrees of Masonry,
make all those blood-curdling oaths, worship gods who are not gods
except they are of Satan, but he must make a blood both of allegiance to Allah as his god and Mohammed as his prophet.

The Shriner is then given a red fez with an Islamic sword and crescent jeweled on the front of it. This originates from 7th century Arabia when the Moslems, under the leadership of Mohammed, slaughtered all Christians who would not bow down to Allah.

Allah, by the way, was not another (generic) name given to God by Mohammed; Allah is the tribal deity –the moon god– of Mohammed; it was the name of the god in the tribe that Mohammed was born into. That is why every mosque today has a crescent moon on the top of its spire.

Now when Mohammed’s army of men, out to slaughter all the ‘infidels’,
came to the city of Fez, in Morocco, they found a community of Christians. After killing all the Christians there with their Islamic-style swords,
they took their hats (called a fez) and dipped them in the blood of the Christians, and wore the fezzes throughout the land glorying in their victory over Christianity. Today Shriner’s put on red fezzes (representing the hats dipped in the blood of Christians) with the Islamic sword and crescent showing their allegiance to Allah and Mohammed
(and the defeat of Christianity)”

Wear your SS M43 fez and sing “Wir fahren gegen Engelland”
‘SS-vojska sveti barjak vije.’ trans: Vee SS hef ein swastika und muslamic ray gun.

Cameron has looked at the electoral arithmetic. There are now more people over the age of 65 than under 16.

But perhaps we could also compare Britain’s teens on teen pregnancy rates, binge drinking and mortality from alcohol related ailments with that of teens in our peer countries in Western Europe.

England is the only developed country producing school leavers who are worse at maths and reading than their grandparents, according to a damning report.

from Guardian today about Life of Brian

‘snip’ – lol —————————–

A BBC boss has claimed that modern audiences would be left baffled by the humour in Monty Python film The Life Of Brian – because they have such ‘poor religious literacy’.

Head of religion and ethics at Broadcasting House Aaqil Ahmed, said that poor education has left two generations devoid of understanding when it comes to issues of religion.

‘They don’t have the knowledge.’
Mr Ahmed made particular reference to a joke from the 1979 film about the Sermon on the Mount where a woman asks
‘What’s so special about the cheesemakers?’, misunderstanding Jesus’s biblical words ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’.
You still wouldn’t get it today – cos it’s an elitist in-house JEW joke!

Cheese(rather mockingly) refers to a ‘BRIS’ (Brie is a french cheese – round as in circum)
– which is a Jewish ritual ceremony where they hack off a boy’s foreskin (cheesy or not)

“This usually takes place in a ceremony called a Brit (or Bris) milah
… You shall be circumcised in the flesh of your foreskins”

The only ‘naughty boys’ are the Cambridge over-educated Monty Python writers who will have to face their maker for multi-blasphemies!

Does anyone know what SoaringCid is on about?


@24. Dissident: “Does anyone know what SoaringCid is on about?”

The question is impolite, Dissident. Just skip the posts and do not try to interpret.

Heureux les fromagers?
Ce n’est pas drôle.

SoaringCid: “A BBC boss has claimed that modern audiences would be left baffled by the humour in Monty Python film The Life Of Brian – because they have such ‘poor religious literacy’.”

I think this clip from The Life of Brian still has enduring resonance: The People’s Front

Sadly, this stoning scene from Life of Brian also has contemporary resonance:

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