Labour to ambush Tories on their links to energy lobbyists

12:34 am - October 7th 2013

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The Labour leadership will amend the Lobbying Bill to ensure greater transparency in the Tory-led government’s relationship with the ‘big six’ energy companies.

According to a report in Monday’s Independent newspaper, DECC ministers have met with representatives of the ‘Big Six’ energy firms in the Department of Energy and Climate Change at least 128 times since May 2010.

By contrast, DECC ministers have met with the main groups representing energy consumers – including Which? and Consumer Focus – 26 times in the same period, just a fifth of the total number of meetings with Big Energy.

But David Cameron is breaking his promises to clean up the lobbying industry because, under his Government’s watered-down Bill:
· only a fraction of lobbyists would have to register and this will not include the in house lobbyists used by the big energy firms.
· there will be no code of conduct requiring lobbyists to meet minimum standards
· the revolving door between Government and the Bix Six lobbyists will continue to spin.

In a statement last night, Ed Miliband said:

We have a broken energy market that isn’t working for ordinary families and businesses. Yet rather than act this Tory-led Government is letting energy firms overcharge millions of families who are struggling to pay their ever-rising energy bills. No wonder the public thinks David Cameron stands up for the wrong people.

Unlike David Cameron, I will stand up to vested interests.

And we will bring in a universal register of all professional lobbyists, along with a code of conduct backed by sanctions. We will put families struggling with their energy bills first.

This week, when the Lobbying Bill returns to the House of Commons, Labour will seek to amend the proposals to ensure:
· all lobbyists have to register, including in-house lobbyists such as those used by the big energy companies
· the new system has a code of conduct – with real sanctions.
· proper oversight of potential conflicts of interest when appointments are made in government

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Reader comments

Not much of an ambush now you’ve alerted them is it?

I have to say, if the reporting in the Observer is to be believed, the big six are now quite openly admitting to colluding to rig market conditions in their favour:
“…one public relations adviser to the power companies said privately that the big six would now begin a behind-the-scenes cold war, rather than continue the open hostility: “It would be a big mistake to wage a big campaign against this. It would make them look even more like pantomime villains than they already do. Instead, they will work quietly to do their very best, aided by the Murdoch press and others, to make sure Labour does not get in.”

The cynicism from the individual behind this statement is shocking.

3. PottyTraining

Gordon Brown’s Brother was/is a Director of npower
(who insisted they are allowed to force population to have real time ‘monitored’ meters – Big Brother!)

They is all in it together!

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