Shouldn’t Jim Murphy resign over Unite allegations?

2:04 pm - September 7th 2013

by Sunny Hundal    

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Yesterday evening the news broke that an internal inquiry by the Labour party had cleared both Unite and suspended party members Karie Murphy and Stephen Deans of any wrongdoing in the Falkirk candidate-selection row.

A statement said: “Karie Murphy and Steve Deans, who were suspended, will now be reinstated as they have not been guilty of any wrongdoing. No organisation or individual has been found to have breached the rules as they stood at the time.”

It’s an open secret within the Labour party that shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy MP was key among those alleging wrong-doing in Falkirk.

In an interview with the BBC back in July he said:

Something had gone really badly wrong in Falkirk when it came to the selection of the Labour candidate. I don’t blame the people locally – there’s clearly been some external interference.

While trade unions are an important part of a society and our politics, there seems to be one trade union in particular that has well and truly overstepped the mark. It’s clear that Unite don’t run the Labour party – Ed Miliband does. And we should never confuse those two things.

Except, there is no evidence of ‘external interference’, especially by Unite the Union.

There is also no evidence that Unite “overstepped the mark” in Falkirk, but Murphy is yet to retract his comments.

Last night Tom Watson MP underscored this point


But no retraction came from Jim Murphy…


And yet, as a result of the Falkirk affair, Tom Watson was pushed into resigning his job while Jim Murphy remains in his. That doesn’t look very fair.

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Reader comments

I did find this quite interesting

although I cross-posted a piece from a different perspective by Phil BC

I don’t know why you Blairites don’t join the Tory Party. You clearly have so much in common with the Cameroons.

When are all of the Labour factions going to realise that its over, you are fighting over a corpse. Whether The Milliband reforms go through or not The Labour Coalition is slowly breaking up. All the “Victors” will get is a discredited Labour “Brand” & a load of unpayable Debt.
You would all be better off negotiating an amicable Divorce & starting afresh with reasonably clean slates.

Yes, lets’s keep picking at this scab. Even better, MPs can pick handbag fights on Twitter with their colleagues.

Grow up.

5. Brian Capaloff

Read tweet from Ben Cobley (see link above) earlier today in which he still refers to the supposed ‘fact’ of a fix in Falkirk. As with Murphy (Jim, not Karie), he and his fellow Progress supporters/Blair acolytes have no concerns with, or interest in trade unionism. They want the continuation of a discredited Blairism and the complete banishment of the word ‘socialism’ from anything remotely related to the Labour Party.

He and his ilk cannot see, or don’t care that Miliband’s actions on Falkirk have probably lost us what should be a safe seat. They have ignored the members here and treated us with utter contempt. An apology is the very least that is demanded!

If he doesn’t resign Ed should sack him forthwith. Tom should be asked to tak up a post if he can’t have his old one back. The Blairites are no becoming a rather recalcitrant scourge on our party and I for one, an ordinary member is sick to death of them.

Labour in Oz just lost because of this kind of bullshit.

@Brian Capaloff – do you think the report should be made public?

“Labour in Oz just lost because of this kind of bullshit.”

Yes I read about that. A nation crying out for a more radical socialist alternative just put Tony Abbott in power.

I think Jim’s made his position perfectly clear and Tom is much happier these days. It’s a fair outcome to an unfortunate issue.

11. Brian Capaloff

@Sarah AB – absolutely! Have been asking for its publication at every opportunity! The longer it takes the more embarrassing it is, but it still needs to happen.

12. counterstrike

If Murphy should resign, then Milliband would be following him out the door.

Ed Miliband told Channel 4 News: “I’m incredibly angry about what’s been happening in Falkirk because it is undermining the good name of trade union members, of Labour party members and the Labour party, and I’m not going to have to have it.

“And my message to Len McCluskey is very clear: instead of trying to defend the shabby practices that were going on in Falkirk, he should be facing up to them as a leader of Unite, the union.”

Asked if he would publish an internal report on Falkirk, he said: “At this stage, it doesn’t make sense to publish it.

We’ve had confidential interviews with individuals. But I’ll tell you what’s in the Falkirk report.

“What’s in the Falkirk report is bad practice. Bad practice of members being signed up to the Labour party without their knowledge. That’s totally unacceptable.”

Yes but the members who claim they had never applied now appear to have recovered their memories, happily in time for the TUC Conference. So it was all a huge misunderstanding. We’ll laugh about it one day.

2Buddy he’ll, the Blairites haven’t got that no uh in common with the Cameroons, after all the blairites won 3 elections ,and Cameron is like Old labour ,he hasn’t actually won, one

@14 There’s a reason why BuddyHell hates the people who managed to lead Labour to victory (Tony Blair is the only Labour leader to win a general election since 1974!)

It’s because he’s a Tory.

But sadly for the Tory trolls, New Labour is here to stay and we’re going to lead the party to victory again.

16. Rob the cripple

Why after all was not one of the candidates not the wife of an MP and friend who wanted to help pay the mortgages and bills.

I bet Blair is in the back ground giving the poor old Miliband his best help before Murphy takes over.

Labour have inferred in elections and Miliband was and is annoyed that the Unions have stated they wanted more working class MP’s, and Labour may think the parachutes would be affected.

We are hearing now he phoned up one Union leader and gave him a short reply, the 100 year alliance between labour and the Unions is over and then put the phone down.

Who else wanted to end the Unions one Tony the sales of peerages Blair, maybe he’s decided to offer his money to labour, after all he may be wanting a seat for his son, a very safe one of course.

17. Paul peter Smith

‘It’s because he’s a Tory’

Do you mean Tony Blair or Buddyhell?

8. and 11.
The inquiry was abandoned so, don’t hold your breath.

19. Matthew Blott

Good link Sarah – I see the usual idiots are shouting “Blairite” at anyone who doesn’t worship at the Tom Watson alter.

‘the blairites won 3 elections’

So did Silvio Berlusconi.


Admire your optimism.


You’re not much good at this irony/sarcasm thing, are you? The Labour Party sold its soul long ago.

“But sadly for the Tory trolls, New Labour is here to stay and we’re going to lead the party to victory again”

Are you referring to me as a “Tory troll”? That’s rich coming from a Nu Labour supporter. Who was it that fully embraced neoliberalism and tore up Clause 4? Not me.

“Buddy he’ll, the Blairites haven’t got that no uh in common with the Cameroons, after all the blairites won 3 elections ,and Cameron is like Old labour ,he hasn’t actually won, one”.

You need to work on your syntax and punctuation, dude. I can barely make any sense of what you’re saying.

The Blairites won, because it was more important for them to win the backing of the Murdoch press than the hearts and minds of their core supporters. Blair also pandered to the mythical floating voter, while alienating that core support. The working class people who did vote for Nu Labour did so while holding their noses.



The thing is, for all Labour’s apparent divisions, they’re not quite as divided as the Tories – especially over issues like equal marriage and Europe. The Tories are tearing themselves to pieces. Yet when Ed Miliband sees an open goal he shoots wide or trips up over his feet…just like Fernando Torres when he joined Chelsea. 😀

Not much you can say to someone who believes floating voters are “mythical”, but it explains a lot.

I’ve been away for a short while and the place has become New labour and Tory, whoops sorry how can one tell the difference.

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