Labour MP: Ed M needs to talk to unions with “respect”

11:29 am - September 5th 2013

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The Labour party leader needs to have a respectful discussion with Trade union leaders, a key Labour MP said today.

The comment underscores the extent to which unions feel like the Labour party is marginalising them and not treating them as equals.

In comments made to the Newcastle Journal newspaper this morning, Ian Lavery MP, chair of the trade union group of Labour MPs, said:

We need the party to work with the trade unions on an understanding of respect so that we can avoid the financial meltdown which could face us as a party.

Labour needed to work with the unions not just for money, he added:

We have an election to prepare for a year from now and I’m not sure we are going to be in a good position, the trade unions provide more than just money, it is support and manpower at election times.

He said he expected other unions to consider substantially reducing their financial support to the Labour party too.

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1. Man on Clapham Omnibus

Or beg!

Can anyone seriously consider this dork as PM?

3. Man on Clapham Omnibus


Agreed, but look at the tossers we’ve already got.It’s all downhill from now on!

4. Rob the cripple

With a face like the one you use on here of Miliband a right hook would be far better.

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