Why did ministers give an NHS contract to Tory donor?

8:20 am - September 4th 2013

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The Labour partyhas called on Ministers to justify the award of a multi-million pound contract to provide highly specialist cancer services after reports that the winner, Hospital Corporation of America International, has donated to the Conservative Party.

This week the Mirror reported:

The multi-million pound deal with Hospital Corporation of America was pushed through quietly just days before the Government handed responsibility for cancer care to NHS England.

A Mirror investigation has discovered that HCA has given the Tories at least £17,000 since they came to power.

Opposition MPs last night described the decision as “scandalous”.

Labour MPs are particularly angry because London’s University College Hospital – one of the best NHS brain treatment centres in the country – has been told to stop treating brain cancer patients and send them to HCA.

Andy Burnham MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, has written to Jeremy Hunt asking him what contact he and his Ministers have had with HCA and whether they have had any involvement in the award of this contract.

He stated in the letter:

NHS privatisation is now proceeding at a pace and scale never seen before and is being driven from the very top. This award of a contract for specialist cancer care of the very sickest patients clearly demonstrates that the Government sees no limits on privatisation in the NHS. But it also raises a major question – who precisely is benefitting from David Cameron’s drive to open the NHS up to the market?

As Parliament gets ready to debate the Lobbying Bill, this episode threatens to erode further public trust in politics. Ministers must urgently come clean about the full extent of the links between the Conservative Party and HCA and whether they had any knowledge of, or involvement in, the award of this contract.

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Reader comments

You have to ask? The corruption is now so blatant it’s breathtaking.

2. Psychological Mind Games

People must be sleepwalking if they did not realize that this is what it was all about.

Cut the cake and share it between your buddies.

It’s all one big legalized robbery right under every ones noses and there is nothing you can do about it. Shout all you like but it is all legal. Legalized criminality !

British jails are full of criminals that have committed lesser crimes. In fact you would probably find more honesty within the walls of jail house.

3. Man on Clapham Omnibus


will give a list of all(needs verifying)the medical companies involved in donating to the Tories. You just have to look at the annual expenditure of the NHS to realise this is a really good business to get into.

4. Man on Clapham Omnibus
5. Man on Clapham Omnibus

2. Psychological Mind Games

so what do you propose to do about it? What are the policy options here?

6. Paul Peter Smith

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, ” I’m not surprised to find that every man has his price but continually surprised at how low that price usually is ”

£17,000 for a government contract, you’d be mad not to!

“PowderJect, which is headed by Paul Drayson, gained notoriety earlier this year after winning a contract to supply smallpox vaccine to the government just weeks after Drayson donated 50,000 to the Labour Party. ”

It’s such a new thing and only the Tories do it.

8. Man on Clapham Omnibus

7. Tim Worstall

Yes it was the only bidder left after a competitor pulled out.

The donation was made after the contract not before according to sources.

See post #8.
Note that there is a big difference between supplying a drug for a limited period and running a service for NHS England. However, I doubt if you, at the Ignoring Adam Smith Institute, see any problem with asset stripping.

Talk about a question that answers itself…

11. Man on Clapham Omnibus

5. Man on Clapham Omnibus

I’ll suggest one – re-nationalisation without compensation.

This can happen, bur charities are having their ability to campaign against government policy clipped? What a fair and free society we live in under the coalition.

13. the a&e charge nurse

‘NHS privatisation is now proceeding at a pace and scale never seen before’ – I’m confused; does statement imply Andy is inwardly thrilled that Nu Lab’s brainchild is finally coming to fruition, or has he and his party performed a volte face with regard to marketisation of health care?

Why did ministers give a NHS contract to a Tory donor?

Why do gorillas have hair arses?

Of course this is outrageous but as so much that happens under this infantile government, the seeds were sown prior to 2010.

It is great Labour has seen the light, but they’re now out of office and the Tories – with no majority so no mandate – can do what they like.

Tony Blair (and Brown) has a lot to answer for.

16. Rob the cripple

The revelation follows the discovery that a company run by another Labour Party benefactor, Paul Drayson, had been awarded a £32 million government contract to supply smallpox vaccine.

Meanwhile, Lord Levy, a Labour Party supporter who has acted as Mr Blair’s personal envoy in the Middle East, disclosed in his entry in the House of Lords Register of Members’ Interests that he received more than £200,000 from two foreign companies.

Michael Ancram, shadow foreign secretary, said Lord Levy must give up his role as an unofficial envoy or be made a minister so that he could be questioned in the Lords.

TONY BLAIR will come under increasing pressure to introduce government funding for political parties as he faces another allegation that a company which donated to the Labour Party has benefited.

Downing Street confirmed that the Prime Minister used a day trip to Prague last week to promote the sale of British-made jet fighters.

The 24 multi-role JAS-39 Gripen jets will be produced by an Anglo-Swedish consortium including BAe Systems, which paid £12 million to sponsor the Mind Zone at the Millennium Dome, and donated more than £5,000 to Labour in 1998-99 and 1999-00.

lots more around…..http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1390895/Another-Labour-donor-gets-contract.html

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