The Traditional Britain Group listens to a conspiratorial view of racist dystopia

12:48 pm - August 9th 2013

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by Adam Carter

“In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man,” said Enoch Powell in one of the most offensive parts of his 1968 ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech. This deep-seated racist fear about a future in which the role of ‘the white man’ is diminished by black immigration has become a standard trope in the paranoid rhetoric of the extreme right.

It can be seen in full-length racist tracts such as Jean Raspail’s virulently anti-immigrant novel Camp of the Saints (1973) and British nazi godfather Colin Jordan’s novel Merrie England 2000 (1993), and it informed the speech by Dr Frank Ellis at the Traditional Britain Group (TBG) dinner celebrating the centenary of Enoch Powell in London on 16 June.

Ellis was addressing about 40 supporters of the TBG in the upmarket East of India gentlemen’s club in St James. A former lecturer in Russian and Slavonic studies at Leeds University, Ellis was suspended, and then took early retirement, following a furore over controversial comments he made linking race with IQ in 2006.

His inflammatory speech would not have been out of place in any fascist gathering of the past thirty years. It presented a bizarre conspiratorial view of history in which contemporary Britain is in the grip of “liberal totalitarianism” and “multiculturalism … has emerged as the threat to the integrity of nation states to replace communism”.

The “new totalitarians” (as in all the best conspiracy theories Ellis doesn’t identify who this shadowy group is) have, through insanely clever ideological manipulation, supposedly taken over all the main institutions in the UK including Parliament, the Church of England, the media, the police, the education system and the armed forces.

The consequences of this alarming conspiracy are that supposedly “millions of immigrants” or “aliens” are bringing “Third world problems” and criminality to the UK.

Ellis then embraces a dystopian vision where immigration and “race war” ruin the UK: “Mass immigration, legal or illegal, is the single biggest threat to this country and at the time of speaking it is slowly and relentlessly destroying us … The political caste in this country, people charged with the defence of our country’s interests and very existence, have exploited the cult of multiculturalism as a way to destroy this ancient creation called England.”

Despite its extremist sentiments – and this idea of a conspiracy using immigration to destroy Britain has always been a core part of fascist, not Conservative, rhetoric – thespeech was well received by the audience of young fogeys and elderly traditionalists and has since been posted on the TBG’s website.

As we reported in our May 2012 issue, the TBG was revived (by its own account) in 2007 with a younger leadership and has become an important meeting point where an older generation of experienced militants such as Gregory Lauder- Frost, Lord Sudelely, Sam Swerling, Adrian Davies and Stuart Millson mingle with a younger group of activists many of whom recently graduated from university and are using social media to spread the reactionary message.

Its new chairman Louis Welcomme, who works as a marketing executive for a company supplying recruitment software in Norwich, graduated from Newcastle University in 2009 and has been credited as the driving force behind the revitalisation of the group. He is helped by Liam Stokes, the TBG secretary, who lectures in game and wildlife management at the Lackham Campus of Wiltshire College and writes a monthly column for the Shooting Gazette.

TBG committee members include Henry Hopwood-Phillips based in London, who wrote a response on the TBG website to our original article and has also been writing regularly on the Tory Reform Group blog – despite the fact that the inclusive ‘one nation’ policies of that group are far removed from the reactionary anti-immigrant propaganda of the TBG – and Calum Heaton-Gent, a vice-chairman of Sheffield University Conservative society.

Searchlight can also reveal that one of the younger activists attending TBG events in the past is Matt Tait, a former British National Party council candidate and Bletchley organiser, who is also a prime mover in the New Right meetings, often reported in Searchlight, which regularly bring together racists, antisemites and Holocaust deniers.

Former BNP North East regional organiser Kevin Scott seems on friendly terms with Welcomme and posts regularly on the TBG Facebook page. TBG has announced a joint meeting with the Quarterly Review on the theme of “Another Country – Whatever Happened to Traditional Britain?” on 20 October in central London.

Quarterly Review is a conservative cultural magazine which has tried to rival The Salisbury Review as the leading exponent of thoughtful (although sometimes controversial) reactionary Conservatism. Quarterly Review is edited by Derek Turner, the former leader of the Irish nazi group, the Social Action Initiative, who once referred to himself as “your neighbourhood nazi”.

Turner was the editor of Right Now!, the most influential voice (1993-2006) on the racist fringe of the Conservative Party, which was singled out by Robin Cook, then Foreign Secretary, in 2000 in an attack on former Conservative leader William’s Hague’s inability to contain extremists in his own party.

The meeting is more evidence of TBG’s ambitions to develop from an occasional traditionalist talking shop into the de facto leading group on the right of the Conservative Party. Whether its older mentors maintain their interest and the younger activists can make the transition from student politics to achieve these ambitions remains to be seen.

This article was published by Searchlight magazine in the July 2012 issue. It is re-published here with permission

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Reader comments

The consequences of this alarming conspiracy are that supposedly “millions of immigrants” or “aliens” are bringing “Third world problems” and criminality to the UK.

It’s certainly a shift away from the sentiments of ‘the white man’s burden’ anyway.

How many people are in this group? I’d never heard of them before and can’t see what the fuss is about. They hardly exist. Only Searchlight would know so much about them. 40 sad people having a meeting in a club.
Big deal. This is a multi-cultural society and you will get barmy splinter groups here and there.
No doubt if you went to a Hindu Aryan society meeting in the West Midlands you’d come across some rather backward opinions there too.

After trying to trash Rees-Mogg, and then seeing him apologise on the news last night, one might have thought this story had been ”done”.
But maybe this story can stand a bit more flogging.
Maby a campaign for Cameron to disown Mogg.

I know there is undoubtedly a lot of mileage to chat safely in the genre that is ‘anti racist’ (all good cred an all) but I think discussion such as this ought to determine facts rather than create bogey men that can be conveniently knocked down,despised etc.

Firstly the issue of the term ‘racist fear’ is an entirely unsatisfactory construct. Is this a racist being afraid I wonder or the fear being racist or what. Is it even relevant?

It is also interesting to me how the anti racists not only depend on racists but also share their terrain.One set of actors pitched against another which is all very nice but rather uninteresting.One wonders what hobbies you might take up if all the racists go back to nazi germany which is presumably the mythical place these people are meant to go.

We are told of the individuals ,the organisations and the credo which we will be sure to convey to our children lest they stray to the window of a night.I will endevor to stick up some photos too to augment their vigilance.

My understanding is racism is a discriminatory practice based on biological grouping such that some groups are deemed less desirable.

Just looking around the Albion, as I am want to do on occasion, I am struck by the unremitting fact that we ran a huge empire. Now my understanding was that a considerable number of people that ‘worked for us’ were predominantly ‘not white’ and furthermore not treated particularly well.

From these colonial beginnings, Britain then developed post colonialism, thus continuing its exploitation of the black man. Further, despite all the wonderful aid we give with such benevolence , much of it is focused on retaining economic demand for the motherland. Much has gone too on arms. In Africa $10 leaves to every $1 going back in. Historically that country has been economically raped by the west and in common with much of the 3rd World continues to be so.

So politically we have lost direct control over the colonial empire but we certainly have managed to keep our ideological grip on it. The commonwealth serves to remind us of the glorious days when we had control and command. I would argue that it remains a pervasive force in the currency of contemporary ideological thinking.

I do feel that those choosing to play the name and shame game are a little myopic. The big things in play are not the sad folk that wish to dress up in leather and whip themselves at parties (royal or otherwise) but the entrenched structures and ideologies that create this kind of thinking in the first place. Highlighting this might lose you your MBE but you might get closer to writing a piece that would be worth reading.

@2. damon: “How many people are in this group? I’d never heard of them before and can’t see what the fuss is about.”

In a previous thread, a few people argued that TBG does not represent contemporary conservatism or Conservatism. And it is true that current Conservative Party, at least at parliamentary level, strives to be socially liberal. The party attempts to talk about problems without ascribing blame to race, religion, sex, sexuality etc.

Contrarily, TBG believes that race, religion, sex, sexuality etc are the cause of all problems. And that the Conservative Party should get its act together — otherwise ‘respectable’ bonkers people will campaign for the British Bonkersness Party.

TBG is an ugly big scab on the back of the UK Conservative Party. TBG shows that attempts to detoxify the party haven’t worked and cannot work. Until the Conservative Party shatters, probably a consequence of electoral reform, the UK is unlikely to get a corporative, Christian Democrat-ish, right wing party.

5. Legal Flamework

I tried reading your 4th paragraph aloud in the voice of Vincent Price but, even then, it was mere flannel.
‘The member of the Upper House who dreamt that he was in the Lords making a speech and woke up to find that he was’ comes to mind.

@3. MOCO: “The commonwealth serves to remind us of the glorious days when we had control and command. I would argue that it remains a pervasive force in the currency of contemporary ideological thinking.”

It is just a reminder of when UK chose a bad trading deal, that the EEC (as it existed) was perceived to be the only deal on the table. A consequence of accepting the EEC deal was that the Commonwealth lost faith in UK, before UK industry had changed its targets.

‘Home country’, referring to the UK, is an expression used by Commonwealth citizens of different skin colours when describing public infrastructure or whatever.

“Liberalism in the name of freedom imposes a certain kind of unacknowledged domination, and one which in the long run tends to dissolve traditional human ties and to impoverish social and cultural relationships. Liberalism, while imposing through state power regimes that declare everyone free to pursue whatever they take to be their own good, deprives most people of the possibility of understanding their lives as a quest for the discovery and achievement of the good, especially by the way in which it attempts to discredit those traditional forms of human community within which this project has to be embodied.”

@7. vimothy: “Liberalism in the name of freedom imposes a certain kind…”

Have you ever lived in the same house with different liberal people. Do you recall the word ‘compromise’?

But the issue is, what is the nature of this compromise?

10. Charlieman

@9. vimothy: “But the issue is, what is the nature of this compromise?”

You just start off deciding to like people.

That’s thin ground for a political philosophy to stand on — still less an actual polity. In practice it will take more than that. And, indeed, it does.

You cultural Marxists who don’t bat an eyelid when the UK Border force is called racist by the Equalities & Human Rights Commission are simply brainwashed.

This ideology is cultural Marxism, a position which cannot be sustained by its believers and usually when pressed the believers of cultural Marxism have only one course of action which is to argue that their opponents are not good people by using double standards i.e. metrics which could be applied to anyone. A cultural Marxist will state:

– That there are no biological differences between groups (even when there is scientific proof of differences between groups, except where is suits them e.g. males and females are equal, but only males can be criticised not females
– Double standards with regards to different groups e.g. only white history is evil with slavery (when all cultures had slavery & wars), only white people can be racist, police & BBC covering up Muslim paedophilia, Steven Lawrence being turned into a household name when Charlene Downes a white child murdered by grooming Muslims, which was covered up by the authorities, the defendants were found not-guilty, the white family campaigned for justice and Charlene is hardly known to anyone.
– All people are entitled to a homeland except for white European peoples, and anyone who argues that they are entitled to a homeland is evil (unless they are in a non-white country like Tibet)
– Equality is the most important political aim, even if it were to bring about total collapse
– Western cultures and only Western cultures need to be subverted e.g. gay marriage is good for Christianity not for Islam
– White people are evil if they are ‘illiberal’ but non-whites e.g. Muslims are justified if they are ‘illeberal’
– It’s not good to offend anyone except for people who don’t believe in cultural marxism like nationalists, whom it is good for offend e.g. violence is justified against them by a government sponsored UAF.

In short, a high level of propaganda and brainwashing is required for anyone to hold these beliefs.

This brainwashing is present in many UK public institutions today as a result of 1960s thinking. Please refer to this quote about anti-white racism in the British Judiciary from the Traditional Britain Group:

If anything should arouse deep concern and protest it is the politicisation of the British judiciary and its opposition to the interests of the British people. Since the rise of the New left in the 1960s Judges routinely make political decisions not just political statements. This is why the Establishment is called an “Ideological Caste” united by central ideas like anti-White racism, bias for the EU and Globalism. They have not transcended prejudice and discrimination but changed the objects of their prejudice and discrimination from outsiders to their own people.

‘“In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man,” said Enoch Powell in one of the most offensive parts of his 1968 ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech.’

Powell didn’t say that. He was quoting from a conversation he’d had with a constituent of his to make a point. Read the speech and get your facts right.

Quite. Powell said it in a speech in order to make the point that he wasn’t entirely alone in thinking the way he did. He wasn’t the first one to use that technique and he wasn’t the last one.
See:’Mrs Beynon says …’ (the killer line of any argument) in the Malcolm Pryce novels.

15. Man On Clapham Omnibus

12. Dennis

Not entirely sure what is meant by ‘cultural marxist’ but I think it would be accepted that racism is a term that can be applied to anybody discriminating against anybody else because of race religion etc etc. So you are not right it is simply whites against blacks,muslims etc.
Discrimination is however,in my opinion the default condition of being human.


Charlene is hardly known to anyone.

Outside of Blackpool maybe. For a local view there’s also the issue that a number who knew her family, neighbours and by reputation, long suspected that they had a hand in her death, being ‘rough sorts’, and that said family also happens to share the same landlord as the family of other missing presumed murdered girl Paige Chivers.

It’s not all sunshine and smiles by the seaside, that’s for sure.

Man on Clapham Omnibus- a number of Equalities commission types have said that only white people can be racist.

Cultural Marxist is a plot to subvert Westen Culture. It is let by people who know exactly what they are doing but followed by people who have either been subject to severe indoctrination or don’t have much ability to think for themselves.

Typical they react with something to certain stimuli like Pavolvs dogs. Eg. White people… Racist… Ghettos …. Racist …. Islam …. Racist …. Immigration ….racist

They love to entangle separate issues and use manipulation to push their agenda e.g. Accusing any white person who does not want a huge amount of multi ethic immigration because they want to maintain their homeland like any other human being, of wanting to gas immigrants this frightening sensible people into agreeing with cultural Marxist ideas like the more diversity the better, gay marriage is good for Christianity not Islam, divorce is good, there are no biological differences between groups etc. etc.

It does not matter it you show mountains of evidence and proof to a cultural Marxist, most cannot be convinced by the hardest of evidence. They will firmly believe that their doctrine or ideology is correct.

Most people who grew up in the 1960s are incapable of being rehabilitated from cultural Marxism. They typically read the Guardian and anything that disagrees is to them just a lie or they dismiss it somehow “too similar to BNP” “too similar to tabloids”. “Uneducated people say that” etc. a whole raft of defence mechanis to not let in anything that disagrees with their ideological programming.

For more information, you can see Dr. Yuri Bezmenov’s (former KGB agent) speeches on subject.

18. Man On Clapham Omnibus

17. Dennis

Interesting response but somewhat lacking in evidence.
As to the Guardian I presume you think their attempts to uncover police and newspaper collusion leading to the Levison enquiry was in someway Marxist. If so ,maybe you could explain why you feel that.

Whilst you are mulling that over may the non report that is Chilcott or perhaps the Snowdon leaks into mass surveillance might be worth a thought.

I think you’ll find that most people on the site want an open and fair society. Personally,without a proper definition I will have to assume the notion of ‘Cultural Marxism’ is merely a concocted and meaningless term made up by those who are short on analysis.Time for some honest thinking all round maybe.

Man On Clapham Omnibus – There certainly is no lack of evidence of Cultural Marxism:

– Green Party deputy leader Coun MacCafferty said: ‘Trans people aren’t necessarily male or female and sometimes they don’t want to be defined by their gender. Putting Mr and Mrs on a form is completely useless.’
– Is your baby Racist Time magazine cover
– God is Dead Time cover
– Global Warming scan (2000 temperature chart shows no anomalies)
– Woman jailed for ‘racist’ rant on tram
– Boy 7 branded ‘racist’ for asking schoolmate ‘Are you brown because you are from Africa?’
– Prison toilets spec’d out not to be facing Mecca
– Councillor sacked for wanting to represent UKIP
– Schoolgirl arrested for saying she couldn’t verbally understand her foreign born classmate
– The idea of ‘political correctness’ – someone repremands someone for saying something that millions of people including themself believes.
– Carole Thatcher fired from BBC for saying Gollywog
– In 1999 Michael Marcavage of Temple University was sent to a psychiatric ward for objecting to a play depicting Jesus as a homosexual.
– Gamston Parish Council in Nottinghamshire took down a British flag on the village common on the grounds that it could be offensive.
Islington council provoked furious protests from parents when it tried to change the name of St Mary Magdalene Primary School to avoid offending Muslims and Jews.
– On 24th November 2012, the BBC reported that an unnamed couple had their foster children taken away from them because they were members of the UK Independence Party, stating that they had “concerns about UKIP’s stance on immigration.”
– Democrat Congresswoman Carol Moseley- Braun said that “Those who live here ought to be able to get a driver’s license and ought to participate as citizens. We need to normalise our relationship with documented as well as undocumented people who live here in the U.S.”

The Levison enquiry or its coverage is not Marxist, nor if the recent accusations of left wing bias of the BBC, but these organisations are trying to take the splint out of an eye without seeing the great big plank in the eye.

The surveillance Snowden revealed and the wars in the Gulf, economic crisis management, Wall Street etc. are all managed by the same bunch of people. They have a cultural Marxism as part of their mindset for a number of reasons (60s programming / the fact that it is popular / as a justification for certain things e.g. mass immigration). If anyone says that this is a contradiction, then they should look into the contradictions.

Edward S. Herman, a political economist said that “What is really important in the world of doublespeak is the ability to lie, whether knowingly or unconsciously, and to get away with it; and the ability to use lies and choose and shape facts selectively, blocking out those that don’t fit an agenda or program.”

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