When Tories claim NHS money was wasted, show them this

12:44 pm - July 16th 2013

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John Appleby, Chief economist at the The King’s Fund and a columnist at the British Medical Journal today ripped apart claims made by Fraser Nelson at the Spectator on the NHS.

In a series of tweets he replied to and dissected each claim one by one.








Fraser Nelson adds


And gets this reply

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Reader comments

1. Peter Stewert

Never rule out incompetence nor ignorance, but Mr Nelson seems to be banging on about NHS spending (and for a few years now) like he had interests beyond informing the public, which is good for him since he is demonstrably doing such a crap job if not the opposite.

2. Phil Williamson

I would imagine the rising costs of NHS in recent years, to be more in line with the OECD average, have been largely down to recent crippling PFI payments?

3. fuck stats

I don’t really care

I agreed with a Lib Dem.

Phil W: no, that’s a bit of an urban myth. PFI payments have proved crippling for trusts where patient estimates aren’t met (usually because patient numbers have declined), because – to simplify – PFI requires a minimum payment to the company whether or not there are patients to treat, whereas funding to the trust is based solely on patients to treat. But across the board it’s not significantly more expensive than borrowing to fund infrastructure.

Costs have risen because Labour made a (sensible) policy decision to raise healthcare spending in line with the OECD average.

there’s a rhetorical/political trap being sprung here. tories/sympathisers make false, wide-ranging claims on NHS/benefits/everything.

Opposition answers with facts, expressed rationally.

Tories counter with dumb, emotionally convincing blether about patients on trollies, dead kids, whatever.

Opposition reaches for more stats.

The single message all defenders of the NHS need to slam into every health discussion is this:

“Don’t trust the Tories with the NHS”

again and again, endlessly.

6. Ray Kempson

I am just sick to death of all the Tory propaganda over the NHS whilst we all know they have ALWAYS hated the NHS (+ the Social Security System) I mean come on people, get real, Jeremy Hunt actually publicly stated that the NHS should be privatized.FACT. The NHS belongs to us the people, we pay for it. It is not the Torys to sell off, and therefore they are criminals and should be prosecuted.


If UK moved into new directions with MS via IVRs they would help save our NHS 20 million pounds. WAKE UP UK


When PARLIAMENT deleted 200 anntedotes I did and to David Cameron too which I printed off the prime ministers one before they deleted says it all to me

Caps lock plus a call to WAKE UP!

The internetz equivalent of green crayon.

10. Michael Power

Mike, your analysis of the interchange is spot on.

For the wilfully blind, evidence, no matter how robust and relevant, is like water off a duck’s back.

As constructive debate is impossible in this situation, should the argument be pursued for benefit (education and entertainment) of the audience?

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