Watch: Tory MP gets Boris to admit island airport is dead

3:25 pm - July 10th 2013

by Sunny Hundal    

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This debate took place in Parliament yesterday as London Mayor Boris Johnson appeared in front of a Home Affairs Committee meeting.

Tory MP Mark Reckless asked Boris over ‘Boris Island’ proposals.

At first Boris admits the price tag for his own project will be huge and may even be under-estimated.

Near the end of the videos Boris is finally forced to admit that the chances of Boris Island happening are remote, and it’s not in the most preferred of solutions.

So Boris has nothing to show for all his bluster over the Thames Estuary Airport (which many of us have been pointing out for ages wouldn’t happen).


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Reader comments

Never mind, Boris has another cunning plan instead:

A £30bn blueprint which includes digging road tunnels beneath busy junctions has been put forward by a task force set up by the London mayor.

Not to worry – what Boris ‘saves’ by not building his silly airport – he will ‘lose back’ by having to send all the new (not) routemasters back to Ireland for a re-fit of the windoze!!!!

If we made flying more expensive, we wouldn’t need that many airports.

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