Greek MP shouts ‘Heil Hitler’ in Parliament

10:59 am - May 17th 2013

by Sunny Hundal    

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An MP for the ultra-right Golden Dawn party was ejected from Parliament today he shouted Heil Hitler during session.

Panayiotis Iliopoulos condemned fellow MPs as ‘wretched sell-outs’ and ‘goats’, swearing as other Golden Dawn MPs also walked out.

At the :36 mark in this video you can hear a member of the party shout “Heil Hitler.”


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Reader comments

1. Mr.Henning

This story as all stories from multicultural media is a lie and a smear, multiculturalist are the nazists of our time, no white people anywhere can do anything for their own people without being called nazist by anti-white multiculturalist, these multiculturalist ironically support the fascist anti-white racist totalitarian dictatorship of EU, and support racial discrimination against whites(affirmative action), as well as ethnic cleansing and population replacement by mass-immigration.

But by now I think most people, even the most ignorant, are well aware that leftist are lying racist themselves, and when they accuse all white people of being racist, it is just to hide their own extreme bigotry.

For those who can read Greece the transcripit of this lie can be read here. It is actually a leftist screaming Heil Hitler to mock Golden dawn. Golden dawn btw reject nazism.

2. So Much For Subtlety

Big frickin’ deal. Politicians praise Stalin, Mao, Che and other assorted mass murderers every day. Even assuming he said it and it was not someone on the Left mocking him.

The bottom line remains – Zygmunt Bauman actually took part in Stalin’s repressions in his homeland of Poland. He was a political officer in the Soviet Army and then worked for the Polish version of the KGB. He remains widely admired in UK politics.

Some Greek idiot is neither here nor there by comparison.

3. Matt Wardman

Update to the original report:

“Originally assumed to have been uttered by far-right MPs, Parliament’s minutes revealed that it was actually leftist Syriza MP Giorgos Pantzas who first cried ‘Heil Hitler’ in the House, not the far-right MPs.”

Cue rapid Lib Con headline change:

“Greek Holden Dawn MP shouts ‘Heil Hitler’ in Parliament”

suddenly becomes:

“Greek MP shouts ‘Heil Hitler’ in Parliament”


Sometimes journalism skills can help :-).

4. An Observer

Is Sunny Hundal the most incompetent wannabe journo in Britain? This kind of embarrassing volte face with never an apology for getting it completely wrong seems to be happening in some story or another every time I occasionally visit this blog. It’s like Gordon Brittas in charge of the Daily Mail.

So who was it who shouted Heil Hitler?

I wish someone from LC would go to Athens and report on what it’s actually like there instead of just this stuff about ”the Nazis”.
We know that fascist types are always in the background somewhere and at particular times and places can grow for a while. Like in Greece today.
I spent a month in Greece last summer and was really taken aback at how rough and run down it had gotten in parts of Athens, with Africans and people from places like Bangladesh, sleeping in the streets and going around to all the dumpster bins pushing supermarket carts collecting anything salvageable from the rubbish. It really was a ghetto in parts of inner city Athens.
Fascists nearly always are obnoxious and violent, but they’re always there when things get bad like in Greece. Just going on about how awful they are has always seemed to me like a bit of a waste of time.
The Greek police were rounding people up and taking them away if they didn’t have the right papers.
Is this something that people would support?
It looks pretty unpleasant when you see it happening.
But the numbers were pretty overwhelming I thought.
No wonder a lot of Greeks were really fed up with the illegals. Even the beaches of Athens were being swarmed over by a small army of (illegal?) Bangladeshis who were touting cold drinks and sunglasses etc to the people using the beach.
It would get on your nerves eventually.

I found out from other sources that this isn’t real, it seems that members of leftist party Syriza shouted those words

7. white trash

Seek no further to find why Sunny and his new friend Guido want exemption from the press regulation that, in Sunny’s case he himself demanded. Way to go when Sunny even makes Guido look rational and consistent ffs.

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