@ToryEducation goes on wild rant against Suzanne Moore

5:12 pm - March 25th 2013

by Sunny Hundal    

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Today the Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore has written a piece titled ‘Michael Gove’s education policy is the real enemy of promise‘.

Any criticism of Michael Gove is enough to set off the @ToryEducation Twitter account on a wild rant.

Keep in mind this is an official Conservative party Twitter account. And all this is in the last hour (there are many more Tweets I didn’t include. Here are the most ranty ones)







Mummy mummy! Someone said something bad about my boss!

The ToryEducation account is run by Michael Gove’s advisors.

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Reader comments

“You’re rattled cos u know you’ve committed Hack Fuckup 101, basing article on wrong facts, I double dare u to call DfE”

These are the people the tories have put in charge of education?

Having read Suzanne’s article, it appears to almost entirely opinion, so I’d be interested to know exactly what the facts are that these gobshites think she’s got wrong…

The official Tory education outlet acting like a petulant foul mouthed bully. Somehow I’m not surprised.

Can a fact be “totally wrong”? If something is totally wrong it can’t be a fact.

Sunny wrote: “Keep in mind this is an official Conservative party Twitter account”.

What are you basing that on? The accounts says:
“Pantomime villain of leftie education folk”.

It doesn’t appear on any of the Conservative twitter lists, whereas @educationgovuk does.

Conservatives don’t use the word “Tory” in official messages either, so clearly you’re just deliberately misleading gullible people and whipping up hysteria among useful idiots.

Why do you feel the need to do that?

I presume that you’ve been ignoring the widely-reported news that @toryeducation is a not-particularly-deniable mouthpiece for Gove (when Gove’s wife isn’t attacking critics personally).

For example: ‘Gove Will Tear Us Apart’ (Private Eye 1333)

(There’s still a copy in Google’s cache at http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:zbG4pNf8t9kJ:private-eye.co.uk/sections.php%3Fsection_link%3Dstreet_of_shame%26issue%3D1333+&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk)

‘The Observer had strong evidence that Gove’s special advisers, Dominic Cummings and Henry de Zoete, ran the Twitter account “Tory education news” (@Toryeducation) which rubbishes anyone who dares cross the great man.’

@toryeducation is run by Gove’s hired goons.

7. Shinsei1967

Having followed this twitter-spat from its beginning it is clear that this is a very partial account of it.

Suzanne Moore wrote an article in today’s Guardian and Tory Education asked for a correction to SM’s statement that Gove’s national curriculum “didn’t bother with (computer) coding” when, in fact, Gove has specifically included coding in the national curriculum.

Things got out of hand, on both sides, fairly rapidly after that.


Ah, so “it’s not actually official, but it is because I say it is”?

Can we take it by your reasoning that Al Qaeda is the official representative of Islam then, for example?

But then, if it’s in that well known bastion of journalistic integrity The Observer(!), it must be true, right?

Gove suffers from little man syndrome.

He behaves as if he was a Emperor, with his army of thugs doing his dirty work for him. He also knows, as a Murdoch lackey very powerful people have ihs back.

Education is being handed over to tory donors, and Murdoch is getting into Education in a big way, seeing a cash cow to be milked. Also the unions will be destroyed. And Murdoch loves destroying unions.

Jon: if there was conclusive proof that AlQ was actually run by the Prophet Muhammad, then it would be fair enough to call it the official representative of Islam. Same applies here.

Jon it’s been very widely reported that this twitter account was in fact listed as an official feed up until very recently. It’s clearly operated by someone in his office.

12. Alex Higgins

@Jon – no, try again. It is an official account because *the government* says it is. And furthermore, both: 1) they admit that civil servants paid by the taxpayer were spending their time operating it and, 2) they said they would stop this account from abusing journalists last month.


Dos and Don’ts for your next comment:

DO try to make your next sentence: ‘Ah, Gideon, although we disagree on many things, I see that on consideration of the evidence, you were right about this.’

DON’T lamely opt for: ‘I don’t believe things that liberal newspapers print even when officials in a conservative government admit they are true, because I am too attached to my massive confirmation bias’. Everyone will notice.


There is a twitter account called @ToryTreasury which claims to be ‘the voice of CCHQ for all things treasury’ and they had an amusing exchange with Jonathan Portes over the weekend.

As the Conservative Party do not seem to confirm or deny accounts like this are official, we can only make reasonable assumptions.

It’s a bit juvenile I agree.
Though Moore’s article is a rather fact free rant.

I’d be interested to know exactly what the facts are that these gobshites think she’s got wrong

This bit:

Don’t believe what you read in the papers. I read a lot of regurgitated misinformation by people who don’t bother to check facts.

In conjunction with this bit:

a core curriculum that does not bother with coding or creativity

When coding has specifically been inserted into the curriculum (for the first time). You may think that Toryeducation are a bunch of dicks, but they are (or he is) right on this one.

It’s pretty bloody average to accuse everyone else in the media of writing factually wrong diatribes on education based on personal prejudice (which is what Moore does in the first 3 paras) and then go on to write a factually wrong diatribe on education based on personal prejudice.

16. Shatterface

I can’t wait for Twitter to meet it’s natural death and for its users to go back to flicking snot at each other or giving each other wedges.

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