How George Osborne was greeted on Twitter

11:44 am - March 20th 2013

by Sunny Hundal    

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Look who arrived on Twitter this morning – @George_Osborne!

And he got an excellent welcome to the medium too….










Of course there were some MPs desperate to score brownie points too…

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Reader comments

I hope in your budget you will consider how your cuts will affect Sick:Disabled:Elderly:Mentally & physically ill & children
You need to work hard at restoring funding in areas of vulnerability not to those who won’t work or those like yourself have plenty
Conservatives have failed the poor and vulnerable

Ah, the intellectual cut-and-thrust.

I’m not sure what “go stick your cock in a tiger” means, as the instruction doesn’t specify which end. That’s an important omission.

I doubt that Osborne has many supporters, but celebrating yobby abuse isn’t too popular either.

Granted the man’s as much use as tits on a bull but it’s hardly Dorothy Parker is it?

Has anyone told Amber Rudd that isn’t really a valid excuse anymore? The Condems have had enough time to do things to help the country out of this period of economic turmoil and they have FAILED.

5. Shatterface

This is a timely reminder that while the existence of Twitter is worth defending from despots like George Galloway, the actual content of Twitter has the intellectual sophistication of farting on your finger and sticking it up someone’s nose.

Jack C….. Does it really matter which end of the tiger he sticks it in?
Am guessing the results would be pretty similar whatever.
As for the tweet, “Your punctuation is worse than your maths” “Yobby Abuse”?
Dont think so.
Fair point well made i’d say.

Get off your high horse pal

All the words in all the languages of the planet are not enough to adwquately insult Gidiot. And when it comes to juvenile behaviour this is hardly the behaviour of a mature statesman Why didn’t he challenge Balls to a duel, or at least a towel folding contest? I’m sure Slippery Shapps will be able to help Forrest Gimp out with some followers although it doesn’t seem to have occurred to our beloved financial genius that his Twitter followers are nearly all people who hate him. I don’t believe the Tweets emanate from the mind of Osborne as there is no such thing and his hands are usually far too preoccupied with the contents of his trouser pockets to do any typing.
Perhaps he was slightly confused, in a Twit contest he’d win every time.


I shared your prejudice about Twitter until about eighteen months ago, when a university lecturer on Compass asked me to join and ‘follow’ her. (Twitter must be the only place in the world where you can follow someone and not get arrested.)

Yes, Twitter can be a vehicle for trite and largely meaningless soundbites, but it can also be a great way to send a succinct or even poignant message to a lot of people very quickly. If used sensibly, Twitter is a great medium.

9. peter hayward

Gosh, what a load of inarticulate abuse!

The level of opposition of this kind must convince G O he is on the right track!!!!

10. peter hayward

And why on earth should my taxes support mothers who properly exercised their right to look after their own children.

Respect is one thing daddy’s money won’t buy, it has to be earned by achievement. Osborne should be thankful that abuse is the only thing being thrown at him

So nobody bothered to say anything useful against their awful policies?

13. john power

Run and hide Osborne, you and this goverment are on your way out.none of you give a fuck about the man in the street, I hope you twats all end up behind bars.

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