Watch: EDL activists threaten anti-fascist campaigners

9:30 am - March 4th 2013

by Sunny Hundal    

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Yesterday, anti-fascist campaign groups Hope Not Hate held a leafleting session in Gooshays ward in Havering.

Their team were met at Harold Wood station by a gang of 15 BNP and former EDL thugs, led by Paul Pitt. They threatened our bullied people arriving and told us all to leave the area. HnH activists ignored their threats and carried on with leafleting regardless.

But the big irony in this video is someone from the EDL telling Nick Lowles from HnH that he didn’t want to live in China, before saying he wasn’t wanted in the area and should leave now.


(Via KebabTime)

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Reader comments

Coming from Havering I am disgusted to see this level of intimidation in a place I once called home. But well done to the activists for standing up for their rights to politically campaign and lets hope that Havering votes for parties that support free speech and democracy. Theres a lot of good people in Havering who would be shocked to see this behaviour in their borough.

great work to the staf for standing up in the face of that ilegal agression thanks for the good efort ps we need some black brothers an sisters there tho !!

3. tarquin oliver

We need some black guys to protect us from these thugs.

One doesn’t have to have any time for these EDL/BNP types to be unimpressed by Nick Lowles and HnH.
To me this looks more like a cultural division than anything that much more significant.
The ”fascists” are the hard geezer type ”roughs” that the HnH sort of people so often are not.
There seem to be some grievances of past online reputation damage done to these people by HnH.
I don’t like the intimidation, it’s unpleasant to watch. I’m sure the guys are pretty nasty people.
But I also don’t like this ”anti-Nazi” tactic (going back decades) of always trying to publish photos of the right wing extremists. It makes everything so much more aggresive and polarised – making this kind of thing (in the video) far more likely.

What their big beef is with society though I can only guess at. I presume they don’t like the way that our modern urban multi-cultural society has gone. They don’t like it that parts of the East End are now demographically and culturally completely different to what they once were and other parts of Britain still are.

I’ve been walking around Cornwall and Devon for the last couple of weeks, and coming from London it is quite a culture difference. Non-white faces are the exception down here and Muslim communities seem almost non-existent.
I guess these Havering thuggish guys prefer the Devon/Cornwall kind of local demographic.

What should be done to counter them is something that I think should be open for wide-ranging discussion. I think the ”anti-fascist/Nazi” tactics are well past their sell-by date.

It’d be more ironic if such wasn’t their stock in trade. Seriously, add a few of them on Facebook and just wait, soon enough your feed will get the odd “In Saudi Arabia they chop off the hands of thieves, In Iran, China etc etc … if you think the UK is too soft on criminals, share this post.”

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