Watch: George Osborne goes skipping. No, seriously

3:11 pm - February 28th 2013

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via the Evening Standard

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Reader comments

I can think of a far better use for a rope with Gidiot

CRB checked I hope??

Not what I’d use the rope for if I was in the same room as this evil fool.

That has got to be the funniest thing I have seen all week, he can’t even get skipping right. God, Gideon is such a big idiot and I am embarrassed for him – the big skipping moron. This is a PR disaster – why in his right mind would hi do this. It is ridiculous. But funny for me anyway. Love it. But hate hate hate it. Can’t help it!

…and best of all, the kids are just enjoying the skipping and ignoring the interloper

…and perhaps slightly revealing is his speech to the kids whilst he stands with his hands in his pockets.

…isn’t it great idea to get fit?… there’s all those things we do – play football, or we play… what do you play? maybe netball or you do gym work.

A bit of posh boy gender stereotyping here?

Pity they did not boo him when the medals were handed out from his pocket.

I think he did quite well considering his rope was too short.

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