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Mail ‘clarifies’ that Littlejohn made up stuff again

10:30 am - February 18th 2013

by Sunny Hundal    

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Last week the Daily Mail’s ‘star columnist’ Richard Littlejohn wrote:

Funny how the EU can enforce strict food hygiene regulations which prevent the Women’s Institute selling jam in second-hand jars but can’t stop Eastern European horsemeat being passed off as beef.

And we can forget any ideas about banning European meat imports for the duration, unless we’re prepared to risk billions of pounds in fines from Brussels. Which, naturally, we’re not.

It’s the EU gawn mad!!

Oh, wait… the Daily Mail publishes a clarification a few days later.

A recent column said that EU regulations prevent the Women’s Institute from selling jam in re-used jars. In fact the rules apply only to commercial food businesses.

Where do you think Richard Littlejohn got that story from?

Oh, looks like it was from the Daily Mail last year. It still hasn’t published a correction on that page yet.

(hat-tip Tabloidwatch)

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Reader comments

Its probably worth noting that EU regulations also prohibit selling horse meat as beef.

And that Littlejohn once mistook a dog giving birth to 8 puppies for a jobless single mother pushing em out for benefits.

And that’s the problem with these stupid stories. They get repeated ad nauseum by people who never retract them. I’m still waiting for our local BBC radio station – which ran a half hour (!) story on it – complete with people phoning in to chastise the EU for “banning” jamjars to admit they were wrong. Raymond Blanc also tweeted the same thing to his many followers (and was promptly retweeted hundreds of times), whereas my reply to him pointing out his mistake got retweeted twice (twice). Some people really just want to believe these stories are true. And so it goes on…

4. Chaise Guevara

“Some people really just want to believe these stories are true.”

Nail. Head.

Crazy EU/PC/health & safety rules that don’t actually exist seem to work like zombie stats. People feel no need to verify them, or even ask themselves whether they sound realistic. If you stopped and thought for two seconds, would you really think that the EU bans second-hand jam jars at fetes, that Birmingham outlawed Christmas, or that it’s illegal to play conkers without protective glasses?

The purpose of the EU is to allow british politicians and officials to do stupid and/or unpopular things and then claim the EU made them do it.

It’s secondary function is to ensure people waste their time being angry about things that are untrue so they don’t bother focusing on things like the continued stalling of the economy and living standards.

Everybody knows that Littlejohn doesn’t even live in the UK right? He pontificates about how awful everything is from his Florida mansion.

If not, then this is your task for the year fellow conspirators

Littlejohn’s readers are all morons or worse.

There’s a sudden upsurge in bullshit. There must be an election on.

But without patriots like Littlejohn we’d all be eating Eurosausage.

10. Just Visiting

Ned / Chaise

> “Some people really just want to believe these stories are true.”

This syndrome of course is not unknown among fans of LC.

Well Nick Cohen will be quiet about the lies. He won’t upset his mate.

12. Chaise Guevara

@ 10 JV

Oh, agreed. It’s a sickness of the human species.

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