Meet the woman who took over HMV Twitter account

8:15 am - February 1st 2013

by Sunny Hundal    

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Yesterday, Twitter was abuzz when an HMV employee started tweeting about mass lay-offs at the company.

A series of tweets followed that were later deleted by the company, with an apology.

But who was behind the tweets? Meet Poppy Rose Cleere, formerly HMV’s social media planner.

In a series of tweets posted yesterday evening she claimed responsibility, saying senior staff had “never seemed to grasp” the importance of social media to build customer relationships.


Friends of Poppy on Twitter said she had already started receiving job offers after garnering so much attention.

HMV later added to their official account: “One of our departing colleagues was understandably upset. We’re still here thou, thx for supporting hmv thro these challenging times”

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Reader comments

While an improved social media strategy was never going to get that many more people into HMV stores I admire what she did!

I’m sure our tory overlords are,as we speak drafting a bill to make this sort of thing a criminal offence. We can’t have the little people making the corporate elites look like fools.

Not that anyone who has followed the story of HMV will need telling of the idiot management at the company. There have been articles by former employees and and consultants who warned the management of their business model some years ago.

But these, like the bankers were geniuses, never to be questioned. The collapse of this company, and the banks idiocy, is making me understand what incompetent morons most institutional share holders are. They are clueless to the businesses they invest in. Not only that, they are lazy. Preferring to just pay huge money to some suit who is on the musical chair gravy train.

It isn’t that surprising that the management of a company that failed to understand how the internet would change the industry forever would also not understand social media.

It’s just that senior managers hop from job to job, failing at each and still getting rewarded with massively high salaries. Sounds like Poppy was on a salary far too low for her ability, and not listened to enough.

It’s all aninteresting fulfillment of a story covered in New Statesman in December 2005, about the imposition of an unwanted shopping centre in Bury St Edmunds.

This was against the wishes of the local poupulation as expressed in a local referendum but the scheme was pushed through. Locals then invoked the medieval curse of St Edmund against the shopping development and the companies behind it, including Debenhams.

HMV mocked the curse and announced they would be the first to defy it. They were duly the first to open in the shopping centre (known as the Cattle Market or more lately in an attempt to rebrand ‘the Arc’) and soon ran into trouble. Locals had warned them and are not in the least surprised at the fall of HMV.I wouldn’t touch an HMV voucher!

Other firms who also mocked the curse included Jane Norman,Peacocks and Jessops. Well look at what’s happened them too- and Debenhams is predicted as next. The Bury St Edmunds shopping mall is a barometer of the fate of HMV and other retailers on the High Street.

5. Chaise Guevara

@ 4 Alan

I suppose it could have been a medieval curse. Or in an alternative, less mad theory, perhaps it was more to do with HMV not adapting well to competition from online retailers.

Direct downloads are an especial problem here, because they beat the high street in one place it’s better than Amazon – how long it takes to get the product. Customers can download albums straight to their phones, watch films with live streaming via Love Film etc., and even buy brand new console games without leaving the house. It was a tough trend for HMV to beat, and it didn’t manage it.

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