Graph: the huge drop in Cameron’s ratings since ’10

5:31 pm - January 31st 2013

by Sunny Hundal    

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Did you know that David Cameron’s ‘satisfaction’ rating among voters have dropped as much as Clegg’s since 2010?

You wouldn’t know this going by the media coverage but its true.

Ipsos-Mori published this graph in their latest monthly monitor.

(via @MSmithsonPB)

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Reader comments

Did you know that David Cameron’s ‘satisfaction’ rating among voters have dropped as much as Clegg’s since 2010?

You wouldn’t know this going by the media coverage but its true.

‘True’ in the sense that -50% = -59%

And as if by magic a silly tory troll appears to defend his master.

David Cameron hates Tories.

Tony Blair used to affect to be fighting battles against his own party and its supporters. Less often than they ought to have done, they used to return the compliment.

Until the Iraq War, though, it was largely for show, on both sides. Not entirely. But largely. Thousands of trade unionists were still being added to the public payroll, their political levies flowing merrily into the Labour Party’s coffers in return.

David Cameron, on the other hand, is now in a state of open, and Geneva Convention-free, war against the Armed Forces, the Police, the Church of England, the Unionist community in Northern Ireland, and the rural wealthy in the South, alongside whose overpriced houses he wishes to restore the railways.

Come on, Sally, it’s not being Tory to point out a statistical lie. Picky as Shatterface’s objection may have been, the article’s first line is incorrect (even, though very slightly, if you consider the end of year 2010) so it’s not a good way to introduce these statistics.

A better sentence would have been “What a cock!” or something.

“Divisions over gay marriage could cost the Conservatives enough votes to force them out of power at the next election, a new poll suggests.”

Candidly, I’ve not been overly bothered about gay marriage seeing as how Parliament has already legitimised civil partnerships berween same-sex couples. What strikes me as so fascinating is the news reports about “droves” of members leaving the Conservative Party at the prospect of marriage between same-sex couples. Consider what this tells us about the priorities and sentiments of the Conservative Party membership. No worries about this news in the London Evening Standard a few days ago:

“Seriously ill or injured people are waiting for more than 11 hours in casualty at Queen’s Hospital in Romford. A damning report published today by the care watchdog warns they are receiving ‘unacceptably poor care’.” [30 January 2013]

20 something present and past chairman of Conservative Associations haven’t written to Cameron to protest about this in the news:

“More than half of nurses believe their NHS ward or unit is dangerously understaffed, according to a survey. The Nursing Tomes conducted an online poll of nearly 600 of its readers on issues such as staffing, patient safety and NHS culture. Three-quarters had witnessed what they considered “poor” care over the past 12 months, the survey found.” [BBC website 3 February 2013]

No matter the looming risk of a triple-dip recession or that government borrowing is actually rising, not falling, thereby demonstrating beyond any serious dispute the serial incompetence of Osborne as Chancellor.

No matter that on Osborne’s advice, Cameron appointed Andy Coulson as Director of Government Communications.

All that really matters – and matters enough to work to ensure the Conservatives lose the next election – is the prospect of same-sex marriage.

Doesn’t that tell us all we really need to know about the membership of the Conservative party?

Hardly a ringing endorsement for any of the three party leaders is it? Only Miliband (once) and Cameron (also once) have threatened to manage a positive score in the last two years.

The greatest loser here is the democratic political system because a nagative score for everyone involved leaves the race wide open for dangerous extremes.

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