Three brilliant short films about poverty in the UK

10:37 am - January 26th 2013

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Some months ago, Mosaic Films got together with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation
and BBC Storyville to see if we could make some films about poverty in the UK for the global Why Poverty? project.

Holiday from Poverty tells the story of those for whom even having a holiday is an unaffordable luxury. Open spaces, free time, and the ability to relax away from daily drudgery are seen as wholly inaccessible, without the aid of specific charities who facilitate the process.

The Car’s Got to Go is a film about the permeability of poverty thresholds, and how both the fall-out from the recession and the ensuing debt crisis is pushing people into poverty, forcing them into redundancy, and in some instances bringing out the debt collectors in droves.

Camden Calling, a musical documentary, shines a light on the pathways that can lead to being homeless. A group of articulate homeless Londoners share their experiences, and show how music has helped give a sense of hope, created social networks, and improved self-esteem for a group of people in this corner of the capital.

More on all of them here.

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