‘Toby Young sacked from Sunday Sun’

4:09 pm - January 22nd 2013

by Sunny Hundal    

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This nugget from Private Eye was too good to pass up on such a slow news day.

Enjoy! (via @helenlewis)

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Reader comments

Well, that’s Young’s shot at a career with Murdoch well and truly over then. Torygraph blogs were quick to offer him his old job back too.

Louise Mensch: Just when we thought she was out, they pull her back in.

Mensch (or possibly Bagshawe) had a Telegraph Blog for an even shorter time than I did, although unlike mine hers can no longer be accessed online; they have merely removed most of the comments from my posts, to make it look as if no one read them. What a lucky escape.

She was also briefly a Contributing Editor of The Spectator, of which Young was and is Associate Editor.

Revolving doors.

Ahh ,the wingnut corporate welfare circuit. Discourages these people from hard work. Makes them lazy, and complacent. But it makes them obedient to their corporate donors, and therefore useful. If you suddenly find yourself on a parliamentary committee looking into your masters media empire, you will know what is expected of you.

Wow, replaced by Louise Mensch? What an insult… I mean, Toby Young’s a bad journalist, but I’m not sure he’s *that* bad.

Without any tears for Mr Young, this is worth noting, from Private Eye or elsewhere, but I wish they weren’t so ascerbic about her being a mother. She may well be considered dodgy for any number of reasons, not least her shallow love of fame or her cozy relationship with the Murdochs, but her family should be beyond the pale.

Criticise what deserves criticism, not what does not.

If you are a working mother you are not expected to walk out of important meetings to collect your children. You are expected to have made arrangements for your partner/neighbour/baby-sitter to do that. If you then get a job with the people who were on the other side of the table when you walked out of a meeting, don’t be surprised if you get snarky comments.

Toby Young the poor mans Nick Cohen. His father was a crap labour politician and his son a sub standard right wing journo.
God I hope his offspring get a proper job.
Martin Kelner , the northern toby young, gets the boot and now this. What a wonderful world.

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