Local campaigning boosts Labour in Corby

11:16 am - October 23rd 2012

by Don Paskini    

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Labour has opened up a 22% lead in the marginal constituency of Corby, where a by-election will be taking place on 15th November. This lead has increased by 7% since the last opinion poll in August.

Anthony Wells at UK Polling Report notes that this is a bigger lead than would be implied by national opinion polls, and appears to be driven by local campaigning. 33% of people reported having been canvassed by Labour, compared to only 11% by the Conservatives; 59% had received Labour leaflets, compared to 42% who had received Conservative leaflets; and 14% had been phoned by Labour compared to only 6% by the Tories.

There’s lots of debate about the best approach which Labour should take to appealing to voters in marginal constituencies. Today’s data shows that one absolutely critical thing which Labour needs to do is make sure that its volunteers talk to more voters than the Tories manage.

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Reader comments

Even Lord Ashcroft has conceded that Labour will win the Corby By-election – and perhaps interestingly for Labour, he suggests that his polling shows that since the election was called, voters have become more entrenched in their intention not to vote for ‘Cameron’.
The following article tells you everything you need to know about the Corby-By-Election – including stats, maps, facts and figures: http://www.allthatsleft.co.uk/2012/08/by-election-special-corby/

Corby is not far from where i live. I think if Labour sat back and did nothing, they would win providing there was a good turnout. As someone put it in the local paper, electing Louise Mensch was a blip.

3. Man on Clapham Omnibus

Its the pollsters again yawnnnnnn


So Delingpole isn’t a shoe-in?

@5 Even UKIP have deluded themselves into thinking they can win Corby.

I don’t think UKIP will stand much of a chance in Corby as many of the people who live there, are of Scottish descent.


I met the UKIP candidate about a month back. She seemed to think she stood a chance. I was just happy that they should pick up a couple of thousand votes that would be going the Tories way otherwise.

13 candidates are standing but the only realistic winners are Labour or the Tories. The only other questions are will UKIP beat the Lib Dems and who will the Monster Raving Looney Party manage to beat? I hope they come above Delingpole.

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    Liberal Conspiracy – Local campaigning boosts Labour in Corby http://t.co/HltUmqZT

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