Caption competition: ‘Yo, Cameron!’

3:17 pm - May 20th 2012

by Sunny Hundal    

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This photo has just been released by the White House from the Camp David summit.

What do you suppose Obama is saying?

“Cameron, you farted again didn’t you?”

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Reader comments

You’re not texting anyone under the table are you David?

2. Philip Painter

Your zip’s undone again, Dave.

3. Mick O''Neill

Right Cameron, that’s the last time I’m playing Trivial Pursuit with you.

Hey Dave, watch where your putting those hands.

“Black with two sugars. Do you think you can manage that?”

We’ll spin the table, you read your new papers and the last one to rush screaming from the room wins

This photo actually reminds me of King Arthur and his Round Table:

8. Notenuffluv

You weren’t actually elected; there’s no mandate for austerity so just shut the fuck up dude

“will the leaders of the nations paying for the rest of you idiots please stand up? Sit DOWN Dave”

YOU are the weakest link. Goodbye.

11. chris morrell

I thought you said you could hold it?.. There’s only one bathroom and Angela’s just going…anyway i think that’s the Pizza delivery.

12. Ukobserver

More like:

Cameron: “NO, NO!! Some of my best friends are black”!!

That’s definitely one up, one down Dave!

Are you playing Fruit Ninja, Dave?

“She’s right. You can’t call that a dick.”


“Even if that’s how George explained structural deficits to you, I don’t think the stuff he got from the email guy is gonna help you.”

No, wait…that’s M and S?

I’m not going to warn you again. You’re only to speak when spoken to.

18. Mr Grunt

We all know that you are a complete and utter idiot that also blames everyone else !

“C’mon Dave, we all want to know what Nick Clegg’s really like”

Dave’s horror grew as he realised he’d picked Angela’s car keys from the centre of the table. Still, he had been to Eton.

“Alright, you can be head of SPECTRE”

“It is a gun in my pocket and I’m not pleased to see you”

“OK so no agreement on the financial crisis but Tony and Cherie left a Twister mat and a bottle of oil”

A quick potatoshop:

“OK, how about the car, 3 kids and a police horse?”

21. Rhydian Hughes

No-one just looks at their crotch before smiling, Cameron. Stop texting under the table.

Playing ninja fruit again are we? In the EU we all know we can rely on a big banana like you!

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  1. sunny hundal

    President Obama: "Cameron, you farted again didn't you?"

  2. Belinda Webb

    “@sunny_hundal: President Obama: "Cameron, you farted again didn't you?"” > You have no idea, do you? Admit it. We know

  3. Derek Bryant

    President Obama: "Cameron, you farted again didn't you?"

  4. Tim Murray

    President Obama: "Cameron, you farted again didn't you?"

  5. Mrs J Cotton

    Caption competition: 'Yo, Cameron!'

  6. Brian Tomkinson

    President Obama: "Cameron, you farted again didn't you?"

  7. Rachel Briggs

    “@sunny_hundal: President Obama: "Cameron, you farted again didn't you?"” >> brilliant!

  8. Graham Riding

    Caption competition: 'Yo, Cameron!'

  9. Linda Burnip

    Caption competition: 'Yo, Cameron!'

  10. David J Littler

    ‘Yo, Cameron! Did you just fart again?: Liberal Conspiracy via @libcon

  11. BevR

    RT @libcon: Caption competition: 'Yo, Cameron!'

  12. Brian Kellett < My caption. "You really are a slimy cunt, aren't you?"

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