The Daily Mail blames the EU for Indian workers too

4:12 pm - March 2nd 2012

by Tim Fenton    

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“Secret EU deal forces Britain to take in 12,000 Indian workers despite soaring unemployment” thunders the headline of James Slack at the Daily Mail. It presses all the Dacre buttons: EU “diktats”, immigration, Indians, some Muslims, and maybe house prices.

Yet this is not quite the whole story. The drive to allow multi-national companies to bring in workers from outside the EU, working the rules to their advantage and paying less in wages and taxes, has not come from the EU but the Corporation of London and a body called International Financial Services London (IFSL).

The UK Government also on board.

We know this because these are what are known as “Mode 4 concessions”, which has to do with movement of workers across borders.

This is part of a free trade agreement (FTA) being put together between the EU and India, which Trade Commission staff have admitted is “in effect 85% a UK deal”, with 85% of likely benefit coming to the UK.

But that benefit is what is likely to accrue to the UK based organisations that are allowed to bring in workers from India as part of the FTA.

It does not mean there will be any benefit for the proverbial man or woman in the street – in fact, the opposite appears to be true, with the likely outcome being workers in sectors such as Information Technology (IT) being potentially displaced by migrant workers.

That is the inevitable effect of corporate input to the FTA: they have the best lobbyists, and an eye on improving their bottom line. Countries like India add value to their already well trained IT workforce.

The EU gets a little more access to the vast and growing Indian market. Those without lobbyists, but with families and mortgages, end up getting screwed over.

That last is what the Mail it trying to tap into, but to identify the City as the main culprit would be unthinkable. So, as there is an EU dimension, the EU must be to blame.

Moreover, Vince Cable can also be blamed by association, as can another favourite Mail bogeyman, Peter Mandelson. The money men and their lobbyists can therefore sleep easy.

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Reader comments

It is funny how immigration is fine as long as it is for cheap labour for our elite overlords. As usual, it’s Ok as long you are a tory.

2. Anon E Mouse

Considering how the Labour Party flooded the country with foreigners (as confirmed by their own man Andrew Nether) I find it utterly galling that Left Wing sites have the cheek to bring this up.

Without foreigners taking UK workers jobs the unemployment would be vasty reduced here.

I just wish Gordon Brown had meant it when he said “British Jobs for British Workers” but I suppose anyone who claimed to have ended Boom and Bust should never have been taken seriously anyway.

It seems when toffs in the Labour Party like Harriet Harman want their cheap labour it is ok but when the rest of us want the party to go back and represent the working classes the liberal elites are up in arms.

The sooner Labour starts realising that the working classes aren’t being represented by them the better and Blairites like Sally above need to realise that Ed Miliband represents nobody as far as I can see.

The Mode 4 part of the EU-India FTA is only “secret” if you don’t bother to follow the news, or the parliamentary timetable.

Here’s what Davdi Willetts had to say about it on 25th January in a parliamentary debate on 25th Jan:

We expect the chapter on international trading services in the FTA to include provisions on the temporary movement of highly skilled professionals from India to the UK and from the UK to India. We recognise that a key element of the UK’s offer in trade negotiations is its willingness to admit temporarily to the EU highly skilled professionals under mode 4. However, any such measure must be consistent with our commitment to limit levels of economic migration to the UK. We expect the outcome of the negotiation with India to allow for the operation of minimum salary thresholds and wage parity testing. The Government are strongly committed to policy in that area (

Tim: While it’s not central to your piece, it is still quite wrong to say “The EU gets a little more access to the vast and growing Indian market.” The EU will in fact benefit a great deal in terms of trade openings, but to the detriment of the Indian poor will suffer. See

Finally, there is apparently still some confusion over whether EU-India FTA will need to be ratified by national parliaments. NGOs working in the field appear to think so, because it is a “mixed agreement” ( and this view (that it’s still open to question) seems to be supported in a parliamentary answer to John McDonnell from
Minster of State Jeremy Browne, who replied a bit evasively:

“Once the EU-India FTA is agreed, the FTA will be scrutinised by Parliament in the usual way.”

It presses all the Dacre buttons: EU “diktats”, immigration, Indians, some Muslims, and maybe house prices

Surely some of these Indians would also bring cancer causing/curing chemicals, thus giving Dacre a full house?

It’s not all bad. The flights from India cause cholera in France.

“A study of the distribution of isolated outbreaks and single cases of disease
and their relation to major airline routes showed a reasonable correspondence. Sporadic outbreaks of cholera in Europe between 1970 and 1975 were found to lie within the ffight paths of regular airline services from Calcutta, where cholera is endemic, to the Northern Hemisphere.”

Ah Laban: You like the idea of cholera in France?

Anon E Mouse: What does the Labour party’s immigration have to to with the Liberals?

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8. euro sceptic

Mode 4 – a charter for exploitation

The German TUC (DGB) warned recently that a draft European Union law will allow big business to bring in cheap labour from poor countries to carry out skilled work for very low wages, the process known as social dumping.

The EU angle is not completely irrelevant here. The point is that European authority over this matter allows the EU-India fta to be hives off beyond the sphere of public debate. Elected UK politicians will not have to take direct responsibility. Yes lobbyists are behind this, but its also true that the EU structures – wherein there is little democratic coubtwerweightto the power of busoness – are a lobbyists paradise

Anon E Mouse: You sure are a little white supremacist mouse.

Erm. If 85% of the benefit of the deal comes to the UK, then people in the UK with families and mortgages and no lobbyists will indeed be better off. Obviously.

The left-wing case against immigration (“ooooh, people taking our jobs”) is less evil than the right-wing case against immigration (“we hate darkies/Muslims/gypsies and don’t want them in our country”), but more stupid, because immigration *doesn’t* net-destroy jobs for locals. As with technological progress, the economic growth that immigration stimulates creates more jobs than it destroys, empirically, everywhere.

12. bobchewie

it seems in recent times that the use of the word ‘communist’ and socialist has returned as a term of abuse..cold war rhetoric..its like you only have to wear brown shoes to be a KGB infiltrator…

ok re daily fail (i love their hopeless photo vs caption disasters)

anyone like to fill me in on wtf this is all about please??

13. bobchewie

ps. apologies for seeming to go off topic but i just saw the daily mail bit and didnt know where to all this ‘comyoonist’ stuff loony rw paranoid rambling to deflect attention and discredit or…..

@13 I’m guessing the inept attempts at red-baiting is to try and distract from the complete utter shambles the government is working toward. Hell they’re even trying to privatise the police now! Want justice? Need money!

15. bobchewie

I just read the name gordievsky aha…I seem to remember he was one one the most discredited double agents ever, and paid a lot of money whereby he was happy to grass up anyone..hmm so why the daily fail want to recycle this bilge now?, the poor guy is dead, whats that stuff? ‘the dead cant answer back’ ..oh yeah…

Further to my post @14 I guess if the police were completely privatised we’d notice little difference:-

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