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Paralympics targeted by disabled in Dec. actions

3:10 pm - December 1st 2011

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Disability activists across the UK are launching a month-long ‘Festive Action Against ATOS and Benefit Cuts’ from today.

The month of actions and demonstrations kick off today with a protest at LSE university where cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith will give a speech in the evening.

The activists say:

With thousands to face homelessness in the New Year due to housing benefit cuts, the harassment and further impoverishment of hundreds of thousands of disabled people due to punitive ‘assessments’, the continued persecution of people on sickness benefits, soaring unemployment and forced labour in the name of Workfare, a truly Victorian Christmas is on the cards for millions of us.

The Welfare Reform Bill will see millions of disabled people forced into a similar, if not identical, testing regime for the new Personal Independence Payment that has tragically led to suicides amongst people already forced to undertake Atos’ Work Capability Assessments

On 3rd December disability activists will protest against the disability assessment company ATOS outside the Paralympic Test Event.

There is anger at allowing ATOS to sponsor the Paralympics

See the facebook page for more details.

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Reader comments

The directors of ATOS should be taken out of their houses and kicked to death in front of their families.

Their families of course, should merely have their spinal cords ripped into tiny pieces and forced to beg for money.

What? Can’t you people take a joke?

For the love of god re-write this. The reason they are protesting the paralympics comes right at the end of the article with no particular emphasis and without that information the whole thing comes across as unreasonable people being annoying.

You require an editor.

@1. Yeah. But just remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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    Paralympics targeted by disabled in month-long action | Liberal Conspiracy via @libcon

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