Greens make huge gains in Germany

10:08 am - March 29th 2011

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The German state of Baden Wuerttemberg was run by the right wing Christian Democrats for 58 years. Last weekend, that all changed.

Boosted by their opposition to nuclear power, the German Green Party more than doubled their support, and the state is now poised to elect Germany’s first Green First Minister, governing in coalition with the Social Democrats.

The Greens also made big gains in the Rhineland Palatinate, the other state which held elections at the weekend, where they tripled their level of support and are now likely to enter a coalition led by the Social Democrats.

There is a profile of Winfried Kretschmann, the Green First Minister, here. A devout Catholic, former teacher and keen gardener who entered politics because of his love of nature, he is not a radical and was able to win over former Christian Democrat voters, particularly after the disaster in Japan strengthened popular opposition to nuclear power.

The election results was disastrous for Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, and their Liberal allies – who made heavy losses in both states, and worrying for the Social Democrats, who saw their support fall to historically low levels as their supporters switched to the Greens.

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