Libya bombing “less popular than Iraq”

12:30 pm - March 22nd 2011

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Polling firm YouGov has compared public opinion about the military action against Libya to equivalent data from 2003 about the war on Iraq. They found:

Fewer people think that military action in Libya (45%) is the right thing to do than thought the same about the invasion of Iraq (53%).

33% think that the Coalition is making little or no effort to minimise civilian casualties, or are unsure, compared to just 8% who thought the same about Iraq.

64% trust the British military to tell the truth about what is happening in Libya, compared to 83% who trusted them at the time of the Iraq war.

43% trust Cameron to tell the truth, compared to 62% who trusted Tony Blair.

Only 21% back sending ground troops into Libya, with 69% opposed.

A separate poll for ComRes found that only 35% supported the bombing, with 43% opposed.

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1. An Duine Gruamach

It’s less unpopular than Iraq as well, though. I think there’s a kind of weariness with military adventures, rather than the polarised support/ opposition we saw over Iraq. Folk are just fed up.

It is interesting that the YouGov and ComRes polls have opposite outcomes, particularly as (to paraphrase the UK Polling Report commentary) the ComRes one specifically mentions Gadaffi, whilst the YouGov one doesn’t, and for Iraq polls that mentioned ousting Saddam always returned higher %’s in favour of intervention than those which didn’t. The ComRes poll also only talks about a UK attack on Libya, whereas the YouGov talks about a joint US, French and UK attack.

…all of which findings quite patently say more about Iraq than they do about Libya, and more about Blair than Cameron.

4. ex-Labour voter

I see that the ‘civilians near military targets’ theme has re-emerged. But most/all military facilities are near centres of population because they require civilian workers to service them.

No sign of any television stations or the Chinese Embassy being bombed yet though!

This whole sad showing of the coalition’s policy in Libya is increasingly looking like a very sick piece of political theatre.

They can’t agree on who or what is to run the show.

They can’t agree on whether targeting Gaddafi is ruled out by the UN Security Council resolution 1973 or not.

The British government is ambivalent about putting in ground troops in the guise of special forces.

They have no idea about what would constitute the endgame when the bombing has to stop or what is to happen after that.

The government’s new found “humanitarian concerns” are strictly for export to Libya and don’t extend to the killing of scores of civil demonstrators in Bahrain and the Yemen and certainly not to the closure of council care homes for the aged in Britain.

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  6. Lee Hitchings

    “@libcon: Libya bombing “less popular than Iraq”” <- unsurprising, and yet the current govt vehemently opposed Iraq.

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