Fight Back! New book on the winter of protest

10:30 am - February 15th 2011

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In November 2010 opposition to the government’s cuts exploded into direct action, as students stormed the Conservative Party HQ in Millbank.

A month later, Parliament Square itself was occupied, as 30,000 marched while the police protected the House of Commons, and later brutally ‘kettled’ many of the young demonstrators.

Has a new movement been born? One which can even defeat the government?

Fight Back! the book features the best writing, blogs, articles, images and exchanges of two explosive months of action against the government’s programme of cuts and student fees.

Its ‘editorial kettle’ of seven are all under 30 and were all kettled by the police in November and December 2011.

Edited by the journalist Dan Hancox, others on the editorial team are Guy Aitchison, Laurie Penny, Siraj Datoo, Caillean Gallaghar, Aaron Peters and Paul Sagar.

The book brings together 43 contributors of all ages, from a 15-year-old UK Uncut activist to a rebel Lib Dem peer.

Fight Back! is published by openDemocracy’s OurKingdom.

It will be published on 24 March as a book and on Kindle.

It can be downloaded from today as a free e-book with no registration.
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Reader comments

Is this the book Laurie Penny was offering an intern less than minimum wage to produce?

Its a pity the title ” Red Mirage ” has already been taken, Fightback sounds so SWP.
This great Movement of yours lasted 6 weeks.


Interns don’t get paid.


Yes, and the Egyptian movement lasted just shy of two weeks. What’s your point, again?

5. Chaise Guevara

Where can this be downloaded ,exactly? I don’t see anything on the linked page, and it isn’t showing up as an e-book on Amazon.


I suspect there was an uploading fail, it wasn’t there earlier when I tried and now I’m getting an “Access denied” page… 😮

7. Chaise Guevara

@ 6

OMG government conspiracy! 😉

@1 NO.

@5, 6: hi, try again now, we had server teething issues last night sorry – the direct free pdf is now available to download: (as well as the online ‘Scribd’ pdf)

9. Chaise Guevara

@ 8

I was looking for the Kindle edition really… it’s a lot more convenient for me. I’ll keep an eye out over the next few days.

@1 She has her own blog, why not ask her yourself?

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