Berlusconi opens his government to fascists

9:02 am - February 7th 2011

by Claude Carpentieri    

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His conduct in government and a series of unfortunate remarks may have suggested otherwise but, until yesterday, Italian PM Berlusconi was at least able to reject accusations of flirting with fascism on the grounds that his allies were either former or reformed fascists who more or less turned their back on Mussolini

Well, not anymore.

With his never ending scandals denting his popular support and the Italian right looking increasingly divided, Berlusconi is desperate for any vote he can grab.

This is why he announced on Saturday that the unashamedly far-right party La Destra (The Right) have now joined his coalition and that one of their top dogs will soon be offered a ministerial post.

La Destra is Italy’s direct equivalent of the BNP, except even more fascist. Though no doubt a very small party, tallying just over 680,000 votes (2,2%) at the 2009 European Parliament election, the group are the country’s most outspoken apologists for the country’s fascist past.

And indeed theirs is vintage stuff: from their fascist-era typeface adorning their literature to their continuous references to christianity, “action” and “traditional values”, all the way to their überfascist official slogan of “Dio, Patria e Famiglia” (“God, Nation and Family“), one thing you can’t accuse La Destra of is lack of coherence.

However, how the “god” and “family” bits are going to sit next to a Prime Minister known for his penchant for orgies, libertine parties and underage prostitutes, no-one has yet managed to explain.

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Reader comments

Not for nothing is he known as “Duce” Berlusconi 😉

La Destra–Fiamma Tricolore, dam Italians even their right wing extremist party names sound cool.

I’m hard put to make a comment, Italian politics is so screwed up. How much longer can he last?

4. George Stockton

Berlusconi’s coalition has been open to fascists for years. Lega Nord have been a part of it since 2008. They’re notorious for calling African Immigrants “Bingo Bongos”, and proposing that the Italian Navy fires on their rafts. Here’s some of their campaign literature:

5. So Much For Subtlety

It seems a little late to get upset about this. Italy has long had large Fascist and Communist Parties. No one has ever given a damn about unrepentant Communists supporting the government. Why should anyone care about unrepentant Fascists doing so?

Even if you ignored the huge unrepentant, even proud, Communist membership on the Italian Left, the hard core pro-Soviet Communists formed their own little party after the collapse of their Soviet pay-masters and hence the Italian Communist Party itself. They were part of the Prodi government. No one cared. Half of them split and were part of the D’Alema government. No one cared.

Why should anyone care that an equally irrelevant group supports this government?

My family in Italy are lefelong communists. It goes back to WW2, when the communists formed the basis of the resistance in their region. It’s a social as well as political position.

Interestingly when my car broke down I was introduced to party member and mechanic Beppe. He fixed it for a fraction of the cost had I had it done in the UK. I doubt I would have had as friendly a reception from the Lega Norde if any of them are humble enough to work with their hands.

So what’s the difference? They’re all extremists, aren’t they? That really is utter bollocks, it’s a bloke-in-the-pub facile comparison that breaks down under minimal scrutiny.

I’m also afraid that I fail to see the significance of the clip posted by Asquith.

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    As if it had been ever closed… ? @libcon: Berlusconi opens his government to fascists

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    RT: @libcon: Berlusconi opens his government to fascists

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