A year of campaigns and statistics – How 2010 shaped up for us

5:48 pm - December 31st 2010

by Sunny Hundal    

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Anyone remember Rod Liddle? Just over a year ago, during the Christmas holidays, I was out in the sticks and saw on my twitter that Rod Liddle was in the running to be editor of the Independent.

And so started our first campaign of 2010 – one that was ultimately successful in no small part with help from Facebook, from fellow bloggers and from email-campaign gurus 38 Degrees.

Rod Liddle even threatened legal action, but like most of his work – it came to nothing. Ah well.

That soon gave way to the general election frenzy, where our post on Cameron posts spoof partly inspired the excellent MyDavidCameron.com site.

Soon after the election we had our biggest exclusive: getting hold of the coalition agreement and posting it nearly an hour before the official channels.

That gave way to the Labour leadership frenzy, and then the full horror of the cuts imposed by this Tory-led government.

In fact I feel exhausted just thinking about it. I won’t give you any enlightening thoughts from the year – I’m sure you’ve got better things to do – just some stats.

December 2010 was our best month ever, with just under 137,000 absolute unique visitors.

Thank you to all our contributors and to all the readers. And I apologise if I’ve not replied to your emails or sworn at you in the comments. It happens 🙂

One of the changes going forward into 2011 will be the introduction of some advertising on here (sorry!), as the web-hosting costs are getting out of control. The site takes up a huge part of my day and my secret backers aren’t willing to subsidise me that much!

The top 20 blog-posts by number of readers
1. Wikileaks’ Julian Assange isn’t is now accused of rape – John B
2. WTF? Sun paints Cameron as Obama for front page
3. Have police really banned wearing England tops?
4. The best Cameron billboard poster spoofs
5. Is this the best anti-Tory video of the election?
6. Exclusive: was this the Con-Lib agreement?
7. Warning: this journalism comes with a hidden agenda
8. Teenage girls have sex: get over it – Paul Sagar
9. This is how the Tories plan to seize power in a Hung Parliament – Sunder Katwala
10. Is this why the media haven’t reported on Phillipa Stroud?
11. Were police ‘dragged off horses & beaten’? No
12. Home Office gives £10k to fight crime with prayers – Unity
13. Why a Con-Lib coalition might be good for the Left – Donald S
14. Racist Daily Mail cartoon equates immigrants with animals
15. Littlejohn & Tories attack Jody McIntyre in the Mail
16. Shocking video: when police charged into students on horses
17. Did Rod Liddle also post these racist comments?
18. Cameron’s anecdotal “black man” joined Navy at 10
19. More light finally shed on the allegations against Julian Assange – Unity
20.Even Daily Mail readers ‘angry’ with Nazi slur on Clegg
(the ones without a name are by me)

Once again – thank you for contributing to this site and making it the top left-wing blog in the country. I appreciate all the work people put into the site with their contributions as articles, and in the comments.

There’s a lot more campaigning and organising to do in 2011. I hope you’ll join us for that.

Addendum: As it is impossible to predict how many people read us in RSS readers or on mobile devices (ignnore anyone who claims to have accurate figures for either) – these are excluded from the count. Only numbers coming to this website, as tracked by Google Analytics, are mentioned above.

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Sunny Hundal is editor of LC. Also: on Twitter, at Pickled Politics and Guardian CIF.
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Reader comments

Wow, impressive stuff! Keep up the good work, and happy new year 😀

Really very well done. Liberal Conspiracy is a fantastic resource and outlet. It is, I believe, unique in the Britain, for such a large audience to be combined with such open door for not-yet-established writers. Genuinely grateful for the constant stream of interesting and high quality articles.

Congrats Sunny and to everyone else who’s made LibCon what it is today. I think over the coming year we can expect the site to attract more of a mainstream audience and perhaps more than a few right wingers, seeing as Iain Dale has vacated the scene.

And provided LibCon continues to cover stories ignored by the media, there’s no reason why audience figures shouldn’t shoot into the stratosphere.

As someone who continues to read Rod Liddle’s Millwall Online website from time to time, I think that most of the issue is a cultural fault line.
He might not have been the right person for the Independent job, and as everyone knows, no one likes Millwall, but to me it’s a bit of a ”town and gown” issue.

I think if you have no knowledge of the football crowds that formed Liddle’s character, like here at the old Den

…then it’s just a bit like middle class people being shocked at the vulgarity of some of the working class.

Walking past things like this (below) takes some getting used to too, but you have to find a way of recognising where it’s coming from.

those are some impressive figures there.
Congratulations and Happy 2011! 🙂

Well done Sunny and to the whole Lib Con team.

Well done on such a great year 🙂

As a newbie to these pages, it’s great to get a chance look at some of the best blog posts of the year.
Particularly enjoyed No.7 ‘Warning: this journalism comes with a hidden agenda’

All in all – impressive stuff – looking forward to more of the same.

Damon, you might think working-class people are all thickos, but I can assure you we’re not. Some of us don’t like being patronised by you or Liddle (who lives in fucking Wiltshire, ffs, about as far away from a community like mine as it’s possible to be)

Whilst I’d love it if my post had gotten that high up the rankings purely because of insight and political wisdom….I know from my own place that it’s probably more to do with the juxtaposition of “teenage girls” and “sex”, and the tireless forwardins of the google search box….

asquith @9. Well maybe working class is the wrong expression, as I’m talking about that old kind of Bermondsy/Middlesbourgh white working class and things have moved on from then.
A lot of people are a lot more liberal and well rounded these days, but as many millions seemas backward as ever. But even some of those people have moved on, but I don’t think that is something that an LC audience can understand.
The WWC football supporting bloke that Liddle represents, isn’t actually that racist and homophobic, but would fail the strict tests passed by the likes of Diversity Solutions.

Rod is crude, his Millwall mates are crude, some are racist, he has said dodgy things that you wonder if he was drunk when saying them, but some of them were private too, and made under a user name on a community that was quite closed and private.

And still, there have been no corrections and retractions from some of the sweeping accusations that were made (and have just been re-quoted and linked to again) that were piss poor in the first place.

Like the one about smoking at Auswitch.
It was obviously some childishly terrace culture bit of taking the piss and making loads of money for knocking about a bit of old nonsense like Boris Johnson does for his ‘chickenfeed’ in his Telegraph colunmn.

Michael Barrymore grew up on an estate in Bermondsey. I recently saw a documentary about his childhood. Being gay and wanting to go into show business was something he had to hide because of the culture of the neighbourhood.

That’s what I’m saying, Damon. I simply don’t think Liddle has any right to set himself up as a spokesman for people like me. It pisses me off, as does the fact that people like you seem to be taken in by what he says.

Is he crude or is he a very sophisticated person knowing that a certain type of middle-class graduate will give him a voice in the (wrong) belief that working-class people are all like him? It seems from here that people like Liddle, Clarkson, Littlejohn etc. are fakes all the way through. They laugh at their own image & at the people it takes in.

If it annoys the sort of demographic that reads The Independent, that fact is taken by other middle-class humanities graduates that it must somehow be right in some way, a view that is in fact bollocks.

I think it was wrong to ”hack” his private conversations on the football website.
People here would clearly not understand the culture of that site and just take everything at liberal face value. Even if the things he said were reprehensible, it was not for public consumption.

And I made the point on this site more than once, that as objectional as he might be, the Auswitch article in the Spectator was just in bad taste perhaps, and to suggest anything further was wrong.

So I’m not taken in by anything Liddle says, or think he’s a great guy or represents anyone. I just thought that the the tactics of the campaign against him were underhand.
Campaigning against him getting the job of editor of the Independent was OK, but not exposing the stuff under his user name on a football site where things are often not what they seem.

Thanks for your kind comments everyone

Bloody well done Sunny, you’re something of an inspiration.

2011 is going to be an even better year, I can feel it in my waters.

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    We recorded just under 137,000 absolute unique visitors for Dec 2010. Thank you for making it our best month ever! http://bit.ly/faY8eI

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