Ed Miliband is selected leader of the Labour party!

4:06 pm - September 25th 2010

by Sunny Hundal    

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It’s Ed!

Open thread – discuss your thoughts and reactions below.

David Miliband won the first round with 37.78% to Ed Miliband’s 34.33% – Diane Abbott was knocked out, and the second preferences of her voters redistributed.

In the second round, David won again, with 38.89%. Ed got 37.47%. Andy Burnham was knocked out and his votes redistributed.

In the third round, David won with 42.72% to Ed’s 41.26%. Ed Balls was knocked out and his votes redistributed, leaving only two candidates.

In the final round David fell behind with 49.35%. Ed won with 50.65%.

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Reader comments

Anyone else face-palming at Blunkett’s empty rhetoric?

Yup. I switched over to Sky News to avoid that

3. George W. Potter

Whoever it is, It’s a trap!


My god this is painfully close. Surprised and Saddned that Abbot went out first.




6. George W. Potter

Woo! Ed won! Maybe this will mark a break with the New Labour years.

That was impressively close.

Ed wins but only because of the Unions.

YES! 😀

Half a percentage point is really, incredibly close. I wonder if David asked for a recount.

Erm, 1.3%, not 0.5%.

Has Dan Hodges post on David Miliband’s victory, disappeared?

Well at least my wife is happy, she voted for Ed.

Since David won the MPs and the party member sections, Ed is certain to be branded the Unions’ stooge. Can’t see how he can ever get away from that.

Good news.

As Ed mentioned housing in his speech, I can’t wait for him to start campaigning against the cuts in housing benefit.

Congratulations to Ed Miliband.

The result the Coalition would have been quietly hoping for.

Better to be seen as the Unions’ stooge than Blair’s. He needs to make clear New Labour is gone for good however much Satan’s Bearded Folk Singer and the rest of the clapped out money hungry has beens complain

Sunny and Mehdi deserve some credit though for their relentless campaigning for the new leader.


“Ed wins but only because of the Unions.”

That would be the same unions who set up the Labour party would it?

Well done, Ed Miliband.

Now try from Friday’s FT, Patrick Diamond + Giles Radice: Whoever wins, Labour must retake the south

Btw Blunkett’s rhetoric was hardly empty:

“David Blunkett, the former Labour cabinet minister, has strongly questioned Ed Miliband’s leadership credentials, saying he cannot recall a single thing the younger Miliband has said in the past three months that has represented a “challenge” to the party or the country,”

24. the a&e charge nurse

The closeness of the vote suggests none of the candidates really had a distinctive brand?

Now he’s in the hot seat lets hope EM can finally do something about that?

25. George W. Potter

I’m still not planning on leaving the Lib Dems but I think with Ed we might see some Labour policies which we can all agree on. A living wage would be nice to see.

Good, if for no other reason than seeing David pipped at the post!

It’s certainly better that Ed won than David – David would have followed in the footsteps of Blair and Brown with an uncompromising, presidential style of leadership, while Ed will allow people with a variety of views and styles to come to the fore in his Cabinet. It probably will be harder for Ed to win the general election than it would have been for David, but it will actually be worthwhile winning with Ed when it really wouldn’t with David. Still, the narrowness of the victory is uncomfortable. Is it the case that Labour is closely split between two leadership styles – between a leader-centric right and a more collegiate broad left?

“I’m still not planning on leaving the Lib Dems ”

Well, if your not going to leave now, after your party ran on a manifesto completely at odds to what your party is now supporting I guess nothing will make you.

29. George W. Potter


Lib Dem Promise: no tax on the first £10,000 you earn
Delivered: personal allowance raised by £1,000 this year, to be raised to £10,000 over the next five years

Lib Dem Promise: to invest in the children who need the most help at school
Delivered: the Poor Pupil Premium will be introduced at the start of next year

Lib Dem Promise: to create a rebalanced, green economy
Delivered: a regional growth fund, action on the banks and a green investment bank to be set up

Lib Dem Promise: to clean up politics
Delivered: a referendum on a new voting system, a cleaning up of party funding and an elected House of Lords will be established


“The unions” [made up of union members, remember] are more representative of the population at large than LP members or MPs.

David Miliband carried a terrible handicap after being endorsed by Blair, Prescott and Blunkett.

30 – Depends which ones votes.


OK, fair point – I’m using “the unions” in the same way that the media orgs and commentators are though!

34. George W. Potter

What’s crystal clear is that, no matter the realities of it, the media will present Ed’s victory as being down to the unions. If Labour has any sense they’ll work to counter that perception as soon as possible.


Affiliate vote info for those interested.

Had no idea there was a Scientists for Labour group!

Like Sally has already pointed-out, Labour Party roots are trade-unionist so what?
As I’ve said before, the 1980s were unique in more ways than one, scare-mongering about the trade-unions will appeal only to the right-wing press and the old nulab supporters.

37. Chumley Warner

LOL. So banana boy got it!

Why do parties in the political wilderness always end up electing numpties and wierdos? The tories did exactly the same.

38. Chumley Warner

Oops, sorry.

Wrong Milliband!

Looking at the turnouts from that affiliate vote link… some of those numbers are painfully small. How does the Labour Party Irish Society function with just 83 members? I think the party should consider setting some kind of minimum size for affiliates.

It’s a vote for a longer spell in opposition than is necessary. I’d imagine camp-Cameroon are celebrating tonight…

If we were to imagine that the votes of the 266 MP, 127,000 members and 210,000 trade unionists who voted, were all weighted equally, then the result of the first round would have been:

Ed Miliband – 37.1%
David Miliband – 33.8%
Diane Abbot – 10.4%
Ed Balls – 10.2%
Andy Burnham – 8.5%

And in the final round, it would have been:

Ed Miliband – 54.4%
David Miliband – 45.6%

Irrespective of whether he will be PM in four years, this outcome is surely a good thing.

The New Labour generation has been left behind and, assuming he stays leader for at least 4 and a bit years, will never come back.

This can only be good news.

@41. What would it be if the franchise were MPs and Labour Party members, rather than including external organisations?

Ye gods ….there’s nowhere to go now ! Bring back the ‘monster raving loony party’ Cam/Cleg will eat him alive with his boots on at the Dispatch Box.


First round:

David Miliband – 44.1%
Ed Miliband – 29.9%
Ed Balls – 10.1%
Andy Burnham – 8.6%
Diane Abbot – 7.3%

Final round:

David Miliband – 54.4%
Ed Miliband – 45.6%

So, if the unions and societies were to be de-affiliated from Labour, it would reverse the result of the final round exactly.

But it probably wouldn’t really matter, because whichever party the unions created or shifted their backing to, would likely replace Labour as the main left-wing party.

Re: the whole thing about him owing his victory to the unions: remember, as Margaret Beckett pointed out, that many MPs committed themselves (publicly or privately) to David before Ed had even confirmed his candidacy.


Now let’s hope the crusty, discredited has-beens from the Blair/Brown years can go into graceful retirement.

@ 47

Note …..Ed M is not of Blair / Brown calibre. Love them or hate them, they both had ‘presence’. After all this highly erudite speculation, he ‘ain’t the boy to win the next election when this coalition falls apart.


Well we’ll have to see what happens. He’s still quite young and might grow in stature.

Then again he might not..

But we have to live in hope.

Clement Attlee was written off as a no-hope nonentity when he became Labour leader in the 1930s. But turned out to be Labour’s greatest leader.

Gregg’s data @41 is central to this. Andy Newman’s calculation is that on first preference votes, all weighted equally, the voting was:

D Miliband 114,094
E Miliband 125,625

So, a clear and democratic win for E Miliband, with a mandate.

Stuff like Parasite’s “external organisations” is just bollocks. In what way is an affiliated union external? Union members paying the political levy are probably as individuals putting as much money into Labour as card-carrying members, and are entitled to their vote. The key issues tonight are:

1) (as Andy Newman has identified) – Nail the Tory/LibDem lie that Ed Miliband’s clear win & tremendous mandate is anything to do with union block voting

2) Note that the current crop of MPs and MEPs who voted for D Miliband did so because they thought he was going to win and they knew their vote was a public one. They are a bunch of vacuous, spineless, sub-Blairite hack scum, neck-deep in the blood of innocent Iraqi children, and were the only kind of people who were allowed to come up through the party system in the ZaNuLaBliar era. They clearly don’t represent the party’s grassroots, and should consider doing us all a favour and dropping dead.

Anyone’s better than DMil, I guess. Even EMil.

Now – will the unions, labour party and such vote no to AV, having just participated in an AV election of their own? Or…?

excellent, he was the best candidate imo and should take Labour to the Centre at least.

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