Watch: ‘Stop Ground Zero Mosque song’

9:50 am - August 25th 2010

by Sunny Hundal    

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No – this is not actually a parody. It’s serious. (via @LeftOutside)

Also related to this – arch-“libertarian” MEP Daniel Hannan listing the silly reasons cited for opposing the Ground Zero Mosque before…

The sponsors of the religious centre might consider doing something similar. They should not give up their right to build their mosque: that right is entrenched in the First Amendment and in the very notion of private property. But choosing not to exercise it would be an apt and charitable response to the feeling of their fellow citizens

And I thought Daniel Hannan had libertarian strong principles that he stood by regardless? Oh sorry, maybe those don’t apply to Muslims.

Perhaps he should consider that many of the people who oppose the GZM aren’t just doing it there – they oppose mosques hundreds of miles away too.

This isn’t a one-off, right-wing Republican groups have been trying to restrict rights of Muslim Americans to build mosques for years (Economist link if you’ve registered).

Meanwhile – a senior US military interrogator says: “Build the Mosque; Help Defeat al Qaeda”.

You know a libertarian who actually speaks sense on the issue? Ron Paul

Perhaps Dan Hannan is only a libertarian when politically expedient.

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Reader comments

There is nothing unlibertarian about what he claimed. He encourages them to choose not to build a mosque while acknowledging their right to do so anyway. That is the very essence of tolerance, letting people do things they have a right to do even if you don’t think it is necessarily a good or wise idea.

Incidentally, I don’t think Dan Hannan claims to be a libertarian – he normally self-describes as radical Whig on his blog.

Have to say, I’m with Ron Paul on this. Unless the community centre promotes Wahibism I can’t see why anyone would feel any problem with it.

3. Shatterface

Until people grow out of religion once and for all and we can put the whole ridiculous business behind us people should be allowed to build their prayer huts where they want.

Hannan’s uninvited and uninformed opinion is certainly a libertarian one but it’s also pretty ignorant and racist.

Which I’m not surprised by in the slightest.

It’s very important to air this kind of thing (which is one reason I cover so much Stateside stuff on my blog) because the techniques used by much of the right in the USA is being brought over here.

Just because we don’t (yet) have the dubious pleasure of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) mainstreaming in the UK, doesn’t mean we’re immune.

And, talking of Fox, is Dan, Dan The Oratory Man going on there to be wheeled out as some kind of mainstream UK politician, as he was when the NHS was being misleadingly trashed by a whole range of Fox “hosts”?

The Republicans are masters at manufacturing non-issues into fake wedge scandals. Nobody cared about the cultural centre until Fox News, Palin and Gingrich spotted an opportunity for a bit of muslim bashing. According to Palin muslims should ‘ refudiate ‘ building the mosque at Ground Zero. Since it is not a mosque and it is not at Ground Zero that should not be a problem. Gingrich stated it would be unacceptable to have a Japanese cultural centre at Pearl Harbour. Except there is a Japanese cultural centre at Pearl Harbour. Moreover, as even Hannan concedes there is a muslim prayer room in the Pentagon. Fox News tells the ever gullible that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who is behind the cultural centre is a radical muslim. News to him but they also declined to mention he worked closely with the Bush administration State Department. Moreover, he accompanied Condie Rice on overseas visits.

Although Dan Hannan is trying to present himself as Mr Reasonable. What he is in fact doing is pandering to bigotry just because the bigotry is being stirred up by Republicans.

Hannan’s post is all sorts of stupid.

This video is incredible. Bless the internet.

There is nothing unlibertarian about what he claimed

The point is that he abandons principles when expedient. At least Ron Paul stands by his.

Even his justification of ‘choosing’ the right not to build it is disingenuous for reasons I’ve pointed out above. This isn’t just a one off. And Hannan reads about about US politics to know this.

Ground zerooo maowsk – f*ck no – freedom is the ooonly wai yeah


Best comment I read about this weird story was someone on twitter, “well I guess the Americans have built lots of “ground zeros” near mosques over in Iraq”…

After deliberation, I’m with Shatterface @4.

11. Charlieman

Thanks, Sunny. Watching that video increased my understanding of this debate (I am not taking the piss), simultaneously inserting a tumble drier in my stomach.

Last week, I read a US, non-political blogger who congratulated (for their honesty) serious US politicians who challenged opponents of this social centre. At the time, I considered the author’s remarks to be over the top, but I comprehend them now.

Thanks also for the FullFact link about Disability Benefit. Is there a similar US site that talks about a social centre down the road from the former Twin Towers?

No, but Hannan is not “abandoning” the principle. He is saying quite clearly that they should have the right to build it there, but that they should in fact build it elsewhere.

Libertarians believe [broadly speaking] that people should have the right to do what they want, not that they should always do everything they want! That’s like saying that I am abandoning my libertarian principles because I don’t smoke!

BTW, and for the avoidance of doubt, I agree with Paul: the Cordoba Center people both have that right and should exercise it, to piss off the racists and the loonies. There’s a depressing amount of bigotry abroad in the US at present.

“We’re totally bankrupt”: Ron Paul – what a legend.

Sounds like Dan Hannan is trying to be all things to everyone, which is basically weak. If he’s not careful, he may end up supporting racism because it is “visceral”.

How is it inconsistent with any belief to acknowledge the right and then say it is ill advised to take it. I have the right to get a divorce, but would be very ill-advised (at least in my opinion) to take this right up, but that does not mean I oppose the right to divorce. It simply means I have a right I do not want to exercise because it is not advisable.

There is a difference between a right and a sensible decision, which is for the people concerned to determine. If you cannot see this, and cannot see that Mr Hannan was making that point (he says he is, explicitly), then I suggest you reconsider what you think rights might be. Mr Hannan is probably wrong to suggest not building the cultural centre would be a sensible decision, but that is a judgement call. It is not him abandoning any principles that I can see.

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