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Election Night Live Blog (and BBC TV feed)

10:06 pm - May 6th 2010

by Unity    

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'Unity' is a regular contributor to Liberal Conspiracy. He also blogs at Ministry of Truth.
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Reader comments

1. Mike Killingworth

BBC exit poll has Tories 19 short of a majority and the Lib Dems losing seats.

In 1992 the poll at 10,00 said hung parliament. Tories won by 21.

dont believe the exit polls, or the UNS method they use!

The BBC exit poll is almost certainly bollocks; it’s very likely the LDs will gain seats not lose them.

5. Strategist

The BBC are arseholes for asking people to respond to their shite seats forecast model as if it’s the actual result

6. Tory Libour

Closing of the Poll Stations was a deliberate act of sabotage!

Following the lead from the american political canvassers..

When will Britain sever all political contact with the most hated country on this planet…

We will not have a coalition, labour are far too arragant, the tories too far up their own gas-pipe and as for everyone else… did anyone else vote for them….

…and finally… it doesn’t matter who you vote for; the governement always wins…

7. Tory Libour

Electoral issues:

When you go to vote, you are stopped by political canvassers asking for your registration card.

Canvassers are forbidden by law to be in or on the premises of a polling station during the collection of votes.

The premises include the whole area within the perimeter of that building!

The police do not uphold the law pertaining to these terms of reference.

You hand your card to the Steward acting on behalf of the returning officer; they note your electoral registration number on a counterfoil of your ballot slip(s) or on a separate sheet with corresponding numbers.

The ballot Slips and the counterfoil have corresponding numbers.

Your vote is NOT private and confidential; ‘they’ know who you voted for!

Now you know why you receive political media through your letter boxes from the party you voted for!

Gosh “Tory Libour” what a lot of mistakes in one comment!

Party representatives who are candidates, agents or tellers are allowed within the voting rooms of polling stations.

Party representatives who are logging voters e.g. on Labour’s “Reading” system, named after a BE when Mikardo introduced, same are allowed to be within or just outside the building – with returning officer’s representative having discretion on where exactly they may locate themselves.

These people are not supposed to speak with voters on their way in to the station but can request polling numbers or address on exit. Many voters hand them their cards and are allowed to do so. The purpose of this is, or was to keep a track of which “promises” had voted and allow others to be reminded from time to time during the day.

Labour mostly use a different system these days.

Parties and independent candidates are entitled to get a copy of the marked register which shows who has voted but not how they voted.

Voters get targeted mail from parties on the basis of voter iD exercises – which used to be called canvassing – and/or on the basis of spot canvassing, ACORN or MOSAIC types, or other data built up over time or available to candidates.

First time voters, older voters, those who have PVs, those who always vote, those who vote at GEs but not LEs and so on.

Ballots can be tracked back to voters facilitating any investigations into PV fraud or personation or proxy scams or extremel messages written on ballots – for example if there was a bomb threat on a ballot paper – but in the exceptionally unusual event that voters and ballots are matched this data goes only to the police and/or returning officer.

Finally, Party representatives who are not candidates, agents, tellers etc must not try to hand leaflets out, influence voters etc within, I think it’s, 23 metres of the polling station. 75 feet I suppose.

The police investigate any complaints by candidates, voters, RO staff etc and enforce and occasionally arrest and charge offenders. £5000 fines are possible for a wide range of offences.

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