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Telegraph finds entrance to Narnia

10:26 am - March 19th 2010

by Unity    

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MPs’ expenses: Nadine Dorries says ‘main home’ is tiny Cotswold cottage

Nadine Dorries, who has repeatedly declined to disclose the location of the property, was paid the allowances on the basis that she needed two homes to work in both London and her Mid Bedfordshire seat.

Mrs Dorries is under investigation by John Lyon, the parliamentary commissioner for standards, who may recommend that she repay public funds received for unjustified claims.

MPs are entitled to claim back “second home” expenses that were “necessarily incurred in staying overnight away from their main home for the purpose of performing their parliamentary duties”.

Most designate a constituency house as their “main home” and bill taxpayers for a flat close to Westminster, where they can stay the night after working in Parliament.

Yet in a highly unusual arrangement, Mrs Dorries tells Commons officials that her “main home” is a one-bedroomed lodge-keeper’s cottage in a small Cotswold village, 90 miles away from Parliament and 55 miles from her constituency.

This allows her to claim “second home” allowances for her family house in her constituency, where neighbours have stated that she spent a significant amount of her time.

In all she has claimed £60,524 since 2006. She used the money to pay the house’s £18,000-a-year rent, as well as council tax and other domestic bills. She recently moved into a bigger farmhouse half a mile away.


What a wonderful job we’re doing of keeping Nadine in the lifestyle to which she thinks she’s entitled.

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Reader comments

LOL, that cottage really does look like a faun’s cottage out of Narnia.

It is a lovely place though! (the first one)

Poor woman. A tiny little woodcutter’s cottage, with barely enough room to swing a tawse, let alone an axe. She has to curtsey to visitors on their way up to the big house, hoping that one or two may toss her a coin.

And you lot resent even that.

(The mob cap suits her, I must say. And for heaven’s sake don’t let Shuggy see that cottage – who knows what Hamiltonian fantasies it may conjure up)

#2 “It is a lovely place, my house. I am sure you would like it. There are whole rooms full of Turkish Delight and what’s more, I have no children of my own.”

I had to go an check that this was true. It is aty least in the Torygraph so it’s not Unity spoofing me.

Fine, hang her.

typical tory, scrounging of the state.

A real welfare queen if ever there was one. Shocking, just shocking.

Where does she stand on benefit fraud?

@5 Fine, hang her.

What happened to drawing and quartering?

Can we not just burn her at the stake?

As Nadine had already posted a correction to the Telegraph story on her website more than half-an-hour before you posted, maybe you should check your facts more carefully. It is not invariably the case that a newspaper report is 100% accurate especially when it has been accused (by third parties) of pursuing a “vendetta”


Believe me, I’ve more than enough experience of Dorries’ ‘corrections’ to know better than to change anything on her say so.

It would help John77 if she wasn’t such a vile character.

I’m curious as to why Nadine is a ‘vile character’. Because she opposes abortion?

There is a long list of misdemeanours against her name Charlie, she is a poor reflection on her party.

13 Charlie
She objected to being falsely accused of adultery by Damian MacBride who was one of Gordon Brown’s spin doctors – I had never heard of her before then. She also had the temerity to criticise the Barclay twins who own the Daily Telegraph (and who tried to rig the election on Sark, then sacked most of their employees on the island when the islanders overwhelmingly rejected their list of approved candidates).
I am not sure which of these makes her “vile” but I expect Daniel Hoffman-Gill will enlighten you

@ 11 Unity
I had never heard of Nadine Dorries before the MacBride/Draper “Smeargate” – I had heard of the Barclay twins sporadically over the last thirty-odd years. Consequently my initial reaction was to take her word for it (also her version is far more plausible).

And she was ever so nice to those poor black boys on the telly…

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