Power 2010 target anti-reform MPs

8:30 am - March 10th 2010

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Campaigning group Power2010 has announced plans to target those MPs who have consistently opposed cleaning up and reforming our political system.

In their bid to rid Parliament of anti-reform MPs, the grassroots campaign is drawing up a list of culprits from all major parties wanted for “crimes against democracy” and from today is asking members of the public to nominate MPs at www.power2010.org.uk/wanted.

Power2010 will then launch major campaigns in selected constituencies, highlighting sitting MPs’ poor records on democratic reform and civil liberties.

Ex-minister Tony McNulty is first in their sights. The former minister, who resigned in disgrace last year following allegations over his expenses, is a well-known champion of the government’s unpopular ID card scheme and an opponent of a transparent Parliament.

Power2010 volunteers and activists are planning to descend on Harrow East, beginning next week, plastering “Wanted for crimes against democracy” posters across town, whilst thousands of “swing” voters in the constituency will receive targeted campaign literature highlighting his opposition to a cleaned up reformed politics.

In the coming weeks the campaign will be targeting other MPs from all parties.

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Reader comments

The problem is that most of them (McNulty excepted, fair enough) are sat tight in safe seats

Hi Strategist,

Not as many as you think in fact, we’ve already spotted a few in marginal constuencies and with the scale of activity we have planned, full page ad buys, leafleting and activism we can make a substantial impact, so do throw out suggestions and invite others to send them to us or post on this blog.



3. Cllr Jeremy Zeid (Con) Harrow East

I despise all of this surveillence rubbish as my residents well know. Have spoken to students and told them what the national Identity Slave Card entails, defaco nationalization of your very existance. Pleased to say that students ain’t taken in.

Google me, you will note my record against the Surveillance State.

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