10,000 sign petition against BBC cuts in 48 hrs

9:24 pm - March 2nd 2010

by Sunny Hundal    

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OVer 10,000 people have signed an online petition by the campaign group 38 Degrees over the last 48 hours.

The campaigns director confirmed to us that there was considerable anger online over plans to cut BBC 6Music and Asian Network.

The petition on 38 Degrees website reads:

This week, the BBC is expected to propose making massive cuts including closing two radio stations, and halving the size of its web site. It’s on the brink of surrendering to pressure from commercial rivals, who are lobbying politicians hard to impose even deeper cuts. According to The Times, the proposal is a bid to “shrink” in order to “appease the BBC’s rivals.”

The BBC may not have many friends in the rest of the media, but public pressure has saved it before, and can save it again. We’ll be delivering our petition against the cuts to the BBC Trust later this week – please sign it now.

It was launched only on Sunday night.

Already the BBC Trust and Conservative shadow culture minister seem to have had a change of heart over 6Music closing.

The Libdems Shadow Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, Don Foster today said:

Today’s report signals the end of the BBC roaming wherever it fancied. The decision to focus on high quality UK content is welcome. However, I am not convinced that using 6 Music and the Asian Network as sacrificial lambs to pay for it is the right approach.

While the BBC has become overgrown in some areas and needs pruning, the Licence Fee payers must have their say about what’s to go.

An Early Day Motion has also been tabled in Parliament to protest against BBC cuts.

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Reader comments

Anyone who’s interested can also fill out the bbc trust consultation questionnaire.

I’m usually abit sceptical about this online petitions, but with the preventing of Rod Liddle from being editor of the Indy and this very big response 38 degrees is making an impact on me.

I agree – they’ve had a huge impact on various issues.

Besides, the BBC Trust can’t ignore an online petition addressed to them because they have to look at how the public is responding. I think its worth signing.. and doing the Trust consultation Larry links to above.

4. So Much For Subtlety

I am sure not all of them actually work for the BBC.

Even though about three times that number do.

I’m sorry, but I disagree with all the fuss about reducing the BBC in size.

Maybe 6Music is not the right target, but in the last ten years the BBC has literally ballooned, going well beyond the scope and the duty of a public, tax-payer funded body.

Here I explain why.

6. The Masked Hillman Avenger

Why should the BBC be imune from this recession ? either close it down or how about a SKY type smart card, if you want to watch pay, if not let the market decide.
That would cetainly bring on it’s demise.

@6 – I agree, the one thing I dont liek about the BBC is the fact that you have to pay for it if you own a TV.

8. Dick the Prick

It’s one of the most regressive taxes too. Just don’t pay your license, never answer the door and never respond to their letters – simples!

I don’t have a problem with reducing the BBC a bit, but let’s axe the really rubbish bits:

bbc three, 1extra, all these expensive saturday night shows on bbc (dancing with andrew lloyd webber or whatever)

10. J.Edgar Dyson

If I shop at Waitrose I don’t have to pay the Co-op £142 to do so. If I drive a Ford I don’t have to pay Vauxhall £ 142 to do so. So why when I watch Sky & ITV do I have to pay the BBC £142 to do so.
No wonder they can spend spend spend the money just keeps rolling in. The recession is hurting everyone exept the BBC and it has made them arrogant.

Encription is the way to wake them up. They will soon find out how popular they are or not. Make the buggers work for their money like the rest of us have to do.

10000 Sig’s from employees and their relatives. Welcome to the real world where you have to earn your crust.

12. Lisa Swift

This BBC issue has really crystalised views. I’ve heard the values of some Tories, virtually spitting blood over the beeb, it’s obviously a deep fundamental thing with them, close to their real values. I realise that I just don’t share these views. I think the BBC does a great job for not much money compared to Sky. Yes, not all of it is perfect, but then you don’t have to watch all of it. I don’t think everything should be corporate and commercial.

I live in a Con/Lab marginal and have now finally settled on Labour, for better or worse!

I’ve looked at a few stories and comments on Liberal Conspiracy and am beginning to think I misread. Is it really Neo-liberal Conspiracy? Is this a spoof site to trick poor unsuspecting floating voters?

Does “Phunph” really think the BBC has so few friends it can’t find 10,000 signatures? What world do you live in? How did the BBC manage 125,000 unique Facebook joiners for just one small service within the organisation then? God you can really hate the redneck Tories sometimes, it’s easy to see why they call it “The Idiot Party”.

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