The TPA is joining its right-wing friends

6:22 pm - March 1st 2010

by Clifford Singer    

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In a recent interview TPA chief exec Matthew Elliot claimed he is ‘not sure which party we are closest to’. Alas this sudden outbreak of openmindedness doesn’t seem to have lasted long.

The TPA has announced it’s moving to plush new offices in Tufton Street, close to Westminster.

They boasts that its neighbours include Big Brother Watch (unsurprisingly – as Big Brother Watch is pretty much the TPA), Civitas, the Conservative Cooperative Movement, the New Culture Forum, the Centre for Policy Studies, and the Nothing British campaign among other right-wing groups.

TPA campaign director Mark Wallace said: “As well as providing a wonderful focus point for like-minded campaigners and think tanks to share ideas, the new office also has excellent facilities which will allow us to host our own press conferences and other events, further adding to our influence and impact.

“We are of course extremely grateful for the invaluable support provided to us by Avanta, and their Chief Executive David Alberto, who have generously been providing us with free office space since last summer. Their help has been crucial to the successful expansion of the TPA. This new project is the brainchild of Midlands businessman Richard Smith – who is a TPA supporter and donor to various other think tanks – and will allow us to build massively on the successes of recent years.”

“The synergy between the groups will make 55 Tufton Street a major powerhouse in Whitehall and the versatility of the building will allow us to develop cutting-edge campaign techniques in the coming year, including web broadcasting.”

At least the TPA has departed from its normal policy of secrecy to tell us who is funding the move: “Midlands businessman Richard Smith”.

Could this be the same Richard Smith who sits on the TPA’s West Midlands Council and is a member of the somewhat opaque Midlands Industrial Council that worked alongside Lord Ashcroft to bankroll Tory candidates in the 2005 election?

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Reader comments

And when is this astroturf lobby group – which represents less than one tenth of one per cent of all taxpayers – going to publish its accounts?

After all, transparency is supposed to be the name of their game. Well, after their prime purpose, which is the demonising of Government – any Government.

In case you weren’t sure it’s the Tory Party, closely followed by UKIP and the BNP

3. Golden Gordon

TPA a conservative organisation, well there is a surprise.
Personally I cannot think of a more odious profession than been a member of a think tank (left or right). A group of mutually bonded incompetents who haven’t the moral backbone to publish their ideas as individuals.
I can just imagine Descartes been part part of the non aligned dualist society.
Eh Jeremy I have wonderful idea instead of of getting a real job we will sit around devising idiotic ideas that a publicity seeking MP can start his career with

4. Flowerpower

At least the TPA has departed from its normal policy of secrecy to tell us who is funding the move: “Midlands businessman Richard Smith”.

It doesn’t say Smith is funding the move. What it says is that Smith is the TPA’s new landlord.

So, to re-cap: anti-tax ginger group moves to new office building, which also houses some right of centre think-tanks. The building is owned by a businessman who sits on a committee that collects money for the Tories.

And your point is precisely?

(Try this one: the Labour Party has its offices in a building owned by British Land, which also houses Aegis Defence Systems and Bank of America………Only connect.)


“In case you weren’t sure it’s the Tory Party, closely followed by UKIP and the BNP”

I think you may be surprised by how much most right-wing think tanks are opposed to the BNP. A party which advocates state control, nationalisation and higher spending (on everything that appeals to its voters) is hardly an ideal bed fellow for low-tax groups, never mind those with a social liberal bent. Obviously your ignorance is based on grouping all these ‘right-wingers’ together (because in the same way a social democrat, a fabian and an anarchist will always agree…) but hopefully you will learn.

And I guess you’re right that the Conservatives and UKIP are most likely to be supported by the TPA – something to do with similiar principles?

That’s right Flowerpower – after all, all tenants go out of their way to thank their landlords as profusely as the TaxPayers’ Alliance thank Richard Smith.

“And your point is precisely?”

Just that it’s of great interest to see how the right are organising, particularly as there is much speculation around the role of the TPA if the Tories get it. It’s a bit like our version of ConservativeHome’s LeftWatch. With more facts.

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