Watch: Are BNP members joining National Front?

1:01 pm - February 22nd 2010

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via North of Westminster

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Reader comments

Just for the record – contrary to Angry White Man – it is not true that you need to be black to joing the National Black Police Association.

Depressing viewing, of course this will hopefully break up the far-right vote but such parties should be failing on the “merits” of their policies, not by splitting the vote.

Chris Beverly’s suggestion that the BNP are a threat to the Labour government is the most preposterous self-agrandisement!

Well, it would be SUCH a tragedy if the far right were to destroy themselves in factionalising and infighting. I mean, that would be a massive loss to politics, wouldn’t it?

5. J Alfred Prufrock


Problem is they won’t destroy themselves, they’ll just get nastier and more violent (see the rise of the EDL as an example), lots more jackbooted gangs roaming the streets.. time for anti-fascists like Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism to put aside any differences and get fucking organised. The left can ill afford to be as split as the right in a time like this.

6. Cynical/Realist?

The left is as guilty as anyone in using the Black Police Association as an example. Their membership policy mearly reflects the BNPs new policy. For the BNP, ‘you don’t have to be racist to work here, but it helps’, for the BPA, you don’t have to be black but it helps’.

Both work on the basis that you can be any colour or creed so long as you toe the line. It is a lot harder for a white person to get full membership of the BPA than it is for a black person (I know, I know, one of the board in Merseyside is white…). You have to be able to really show that, though white, you have some very real connection with the ‘black’ communities. Only having a desire to help the BPA as a white with no deeper ties will only get you associate membership, not full.

In our efforts to demostrate the lies and hatefulness of parties such as the BNP we shouldn’t fudge the facts to suit our own story. That kind of thing gets seized upon and in return used back against you.

Why do some people (esp those on the left) waste so much time going on about the BNP? They don’t have widespread support, they don’t have any real hope of even getting a seat in Parliament, and on the rare occasion they gain national exposure (QT) they are exposed as racist idiots. So why all these articles? Is it the ‘holier than thou’ attitude that some wish to present? Or is it that some on the left love to go on and on about racism, partly as a stick to beat the right with.

There are far greater threats to Britain today than a tiny political party full of nutcases. The more people go on and on about them, the bigger and more powerful they seem. The second thess sort of articles stop appearing is when the BNP and their ilk become worried. If you’re talking about ’em, regardless of what you’re saying, they love it.

And there of course I realise the irony of my comment, and thus, I stop.

8. J Alfred Prufrock


Sadly it’s not a case of “if we ignore them, they’ll go away”. The fascists have to be challenged at every single level from the local press to social networking to blogs to broadsheets to public meetings etc. They need to be confronted everywhere and exposed as the nasty thuggish party that they are, because already they are gaining the veneer of respectability and are the legitimate protest vote in some areas.
As for not having a hope of getting a seat in parliament, I hope you’re right but the campaign needs to be fought, hard, in Barking & Dagenham especially where I believe Nick Griffin is intending to stand.

Ian and J Alfred Prufrock have set out possible responses to the BNP and NF quite well. And on the whole, I tend to come down more on Ian’s side of the argument.

It’s just a judgement call really, and not such an easy one. But the UAF do nothing for me at all and I always thought Searchlight magazine was a bit overly dramatic.

I’m sure it’s possible to deter young people from taking in the far right’s agenda by talking with them and having anti racist organisations like UAF, but I don’t know if they have any power to deter adults from voting for the BNP.
To someone who is already thinking along the lines of what the BNP say, groups like UAF look really studenty and annoying.

I find them annoying too. And isn’t going on about ‘Nazis’ somewhat disrespectful to the memory of those who suffered under the hands of the real Nazis?

This edition of the Politics Show is piss poor journalism, little short of an ad for the National Front. The report takes the NF’s claims at face value, with no attempt to test the reality of those claims. That is truly extraordinary. The NF’s Yorkshire organiser is allowed to say unchallenged: “We’re not anti-Asian. We’re not racist, we’re realist. We have to understand that we have a culture, a heritage and a tradition that are under threat.” The programme actually states that the NF is “The party of white family values”.

The viewer is offered a choice between the NF and the BNP, with the BNP presented as a moderate alternative to the NF. The quote from the Tory councillor is merely a pathetic admission of defeat. The brief quote from an academic talking head is used in such a way as to give academic cover to the NF’s claims – namely that the BNP is losing members to the NF.

The programme portrays anti-fascist protestors as violent – and shows the National Front marching peacefully.

A superficial report on a spat between rival fascists. God help us of this is how the BNP is going to be reported into the general election.


Trying to redraw BNP and fascist talking points is never a good move in my opinion, which is what you’ve done, attempting to justify their stance.

Racists need no justification, they will find it wherever they look, our job is not to remove the sharp edges for the political toddler but to let them run straight into them.

J Alfred Prufrock:

The ‘we have to fight the facists at every level’ argument would be true if the BNP were the size of the Lib Dems, for example. If they had a chance of getting MPs, if they were polling a significant share of the vote (as Gert Wilders does in Holland for example) then I would be all for your argument. As it is, ‘Ian’ is right – the more that people talk about needing to fight them, the tougher they appear.

13. J Alfred Prufrock

@12 Charlie,

Nick Griffin is an MEP for the North West, the BNP have seats on councils up and down the country etc – don’t tell me the threat isn’t real. In the race to the bottom pandering to the gutter press more people are attracted by BNP policies and lies espesh in the current anti-establishment atmosphere with no coherent alt. on the left and the mainstream letting everyone down re:expenses (and the rest).
I don’t want to wait until the BNP is the size of the LDs before people get off their arses and fight them, frankly.

14. Cynical/Realist?

@ 11. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

I’m attempting nothing of the sort. I’m saying we shouldn’t skew things towards our own point of view. The BPA is not a fully open and inclusive organisation – but I’ve seen several blogs, including this one, saying that they are.

To the BNP this is just an invitation to speak to their target groups and say ‘look at what liars these liberals are’. And if we say the BPA is open and inclusive then that is not right and the left loses the ability to justify that.

What you say about smoothing the edges has no relevance here. We shouldn’t moderate our arguments – but we should make sure we are giving a truthful account. The far-right creates enough sharp points to snag itself on, we don’t need to try to create false ones. It’ll just back fire in the end.

14. Cynical/Realist?

Okay, well that was the feeling I got from your words and continue to get to get with continued mulling over the red herring that is the BPA.

To me, that is wat it is, a false comparison utilised by racists to draw just this kind of conflict.

@9 Damon: “…I always thought Searchlight magazine was a bit overly dramatic.”

In recent years I have only read the online articles. Back in the 1980s when the far right went underground, it was compelling reading. The bomb threat was more profound and “respectable” ex-NF people were trying entrist manoeuvres on the Conservative party.

I agree a little about the drama, but Searchlight is a propaganda journal as much as a historical reference. If people read a Searchlight story with a local connection to them, they’ll talk about it. Spreading the word about the identity of Nazi activists and groups in the manner of Searchlight is not comparable with RedWatch.

I am cautious about using the word Nazi lightly. However if you look into the background of the BNP and its main activists, you always end up at a Nazi root: 1970s NF, Colin Jordan, British Movement, John Tyndall, Combat 88 or their friends overseas.

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