Watch: How Berlusconi’s nose broke in assault

1:54 pm - December 14th 2009

by Unity    

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Obviously one should never condone the use of violence against anyone, least of all man in his seventies…

But – be honest – given a clear shot, you would… wouldn’t you?

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Reader comments

this clip is the gift that keeps on giving

I’m oddly hypnotised by that video…

3. Colonel Richard Hindrance (Mrs) VC, DSO & Bar Six, KitKat

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.

He’s in his 70’s for goodness’ sake. What are you? Animals? The way to beat these people isn’t to resort to the bully-boy violence of the street (like they do) but with protest and politics. Infiltrate and defeat them from within,.

Nah, just beat them up.

Seriously though. Past the initial few seconds of satisfaction (the man is truly a pig and he’s presided over the worst institutionally-endorsed class arrogance, racism and homophobia since as seen in Western Europe in decades), this is going to be extremely counterproductive. Wait for a few days and see.

I am of Italian extraction and I can tell you this has happened before in Italian history. Like I wrote on my blog yesterday, many in Italy fear that yesterday’s incident may pave the way for steamrolling in a series of emergency measures, including an overhaul of the post WWII Italian constitution, something the Italian Prime Minister and his right-wing coalition have been persistently calling for in the last few weeks.

I hope I’m proven wrong here, but Italy is currently so fucked up that it wouldn’t be far-fetched expect the few outspoken opposition leaders left to be prosecuted on the grounds of incitement to hatred. Berlusconi’s own daily were already implying that this morning.

…Stupid me, still pressing “submit comment” without reading through…(btw am I alone in missing the edit function?). Apologies for mistakes etc…

So much for the pacifist heritage of the Left!

If I was his wife I’d certainly take a swing or two.

This is disgusting – whatever happened to settling political disputes by chucking shoes at people, like in t’olden days?

So much for the pacifist heritage of the Left!

Sorry… what?

many in Italy fear that yesterday’s incident may pave the way for steamrolling in a series of emergency measures

Claude, I probably agree, but that’s mostly because leftie politicians in Italy are a bunch of uninspiring, lily-livered numpties.

“So much for the pacifist heritage of the Left!

If I was his wife I’d certainly take a swing or two.”


Silvio is running around cavorting with 18 year old stippers and models, who he elevates into jobs and positions of influence.

And you want to hit his wife.

And they say feminism is all whining about nothing.

ARGH, apologies for idiocy

I thought you wrote “if IT was his wife”

but you didn’t


“Claude, I probably agree, but that’s mostly because leftie politicians in Italy are a bunch of uninspiring, lily-livered numpties.”

Not like the good old days, when the Italian hard left would kidnap the president and murder him.

Or when the quasi-fascist security forces would blow up hundreds of innocent civilians in an attempt to frame the left, as a way of ensuring a clamp-down on civil liberties and extended police powers.

Ah, the good old days…

Claude, I probably agree, but that’s mostly because leftie politicians in Italy are a bunch of uninspiring, lily-livered numpties.

Sunny. They are. Without question. But also there’s not an awful lot they can do, parctically, with the parliamentary majority and the enormous influence and wealth Berlusconi has. The man owns half the country.

For instance, forget his clout on television, if you want to publish a book in Italy 2/3 of publishers belong to his group.

I’ve just read that in the wake of yesterday’s whack in Berlusconi’s gnashers, Italy’s Home Secretary is already calling for the banning of Italian blogs and other sites (incl. Facebook groups) that are cheering what happened yesterday. Again, on the basis of “incitement to hatred and violence”.

“But – be honest – given a clear shot, you would… wouldn’t you?”

No I wouldn’t. This post just goes to show just how un-evolved people can be doesn’t it? Total fail at humanity.

No I wouldn’t. This post just goes to show just how un-evolved people can be doesn’t it? Total fail at humanity.

Don’t be so ridiculously fucking precious. “Being amused by seeing mild injury inflicted on a very bad person” is not a sign of total fail at humanity.

17. the a&e charge nurse

[16] Lets say Thatch’s nose had been broken by an angry miner – would there be quite the same joie de vivre about the ex-PM receiving a hefty facial blow?

A broken nose (by itself) is unlikely to be life threatening, but it is still a painful and often disfiguring injury.

Complications occurring at the time of fracture include septal hematoma requiring surgical evacuation to prevent infection and tissue necrosis, epistaxis, and leakage of cerebrospinal fluid.
Delayed complications of nasal fractures include nasal airway collapse, septal deviation, poor cosmetic appearance of nose, and septal perforation (from untreated septal hematoma) with a “collapse deformity” of the nose.

@17, if Mrs T were in the same robust physical health as Mr B, then yes absolutely. And if an angry Iraqi were to break Tony Blair’s nose, then I’d throw a party in his honour.

@18. I understand the human temptation. And you know where I stand on Berlusconi. I’ve written a few pieces on LC warning about him leading Italy to South-American style semi-totalitarianism.

But I stand by what I said above. The blow on his face, nevermind the schadenfraude, may backfire big time.

20. the a&e charge nurse

[18] why stop at a nasal fracture?

Perhaps our aging Lothario deserved a good kicking (from the mob) – not so heavy as to kill him, mind, but just a few cracked ribs and broken fingers thrown in for good measure?


You (and your misleading pseudonym, as established in previous threads) are such a royal pain in the arse.

I think that’s about the level of dignity a reply directed at you deserves.

22. the a&e charge nurse

[12 + 21] “apologies for idiocy” – your self-assessment is unerringly accurate, Paul.

Re-read 16 + 17 since you have clearly misunderstood 20 (in much the same way you jumped to the wrong conclusions about an earlier poster).

You seem hell bent on making yourself look like a twat tonight and I, for one, would not wish to deny your inalienable right to do so.

p.s. ask me a question about the background to NHS accident & emergency services over the last 20 years, and I will see if I can it answer it.

The guy is a fucking fascist. You liberals need to stop being so damn sensitive all the time. He deserves much worse… ideally prison for years,.

@19, absolutely 100% agreed – and in a similar vein I’m slightly dreading Mrs T’s death because of the anti-left backlash the celebrations will inevitably bring on. “It’d be fun, but we need to resist it”.

Well I think this post has put me off contributing to this board.

I don’t think you would show footage of a typical random act of violence as seen in our city centres just for our amusement (erm, I should have said comment) because I like to think we deserve and demand better.

However, this post and many of the comments reveal who the real mobsters are.

So long suckers.

Dear oh dear…

Some people just never get the hang of black humour…

Unity – this post is not black humour. Are you reduced to sarcasm now? Have you read point 3 of the comments policy summarised above?

Fair enough, post the video as most people like to see others suffer. But, the words under the video are disgusting.

John B – I don’t remember having my nose broken as being a ‘mild’ experience. Shame I don’t have it on video for you to laugh at and condone as well. Or would that be different?

@27, I don’t know, are you one of the most dishonest and crooked men in the entire world? Have you bought and lied your way into high political office, and then repeatedly changed the law purely so you can escape punishment for your crimes? If so, then yeah, send the YouTube link over.

@ 28, Right, gotcha – so we can all make our decisions as to who violence is inflicted on and who it isn’t.

Better let the media know of your campaign to eliminate violence as a crime, as with your rationale everybody would have a valid defence and it would be a waste of the courts time to try anybody.

Firstly I’ll nominate bloggers who go about their right to photograph and are called John to be the first to be punched. My valid reason is that they irritate me.

30. Colonel Richard Hindrance (Mrs) VC, DSO & Bar Six, KitKat

If some of the people on this thread had their way, Mussolini would have been tied to the lampost and then released after 20 minutes, having “learnt his lesson.”

A pox on lily-livered liberals *and* hypocritical point-scoring Tories.

@29 what the *fuck*?

I’ve made clear in the Berlusconi case that 1) I’m glad that someone broke his nose 2) I wouldn’t have broken his nose 3) the person who broke his nose should be prosecuted 4) although I’m glad in-and-of-itself that someone broke his nose, I also agree with Claude that it’ll probably prove counterproductive.

Perhaps you’re having trouble dealing with the concept “I’m glad this thing happened to this person, but that doesn’t mean I think it should be legal”. It’s one I don’t think is at all problematic – hard to be distraught about a gangland murder, but the police still clearly need to bring in the murderer and ensure he’s duly punished.

(and on that basis, you have the absolute right to be amused when someone else breaks my nose – but not to break it yourself unless you’re happy to accept the standard criminal punishment…)

Two words for all the pearl-clutchers on this thread: Robert Fisk.

33. the a&e charge nurse

Hey, Paul [22] have you come out from behind the couch yet?

By the way of credentials here’s a little run in I had with Dr Crippen

Curiously we seem to be on the same side vis-a-vis Berlusconi’s nose?

“But – be honest – given a clear shot, you would… wouldn’t you?”

“The guy is a fucking fascist. You liberals need to stop being so damn sensitive …”

“I KNOW that’s what he was seeing. It was what I saw myself for the second or two that I was inside him. Smash! Right in the middle! The bones cave in like an eggshell and what was a face a minute ago is just a great big blob of strawberry jam. Smash! There goes another! That’s what’s in his mind, waking and sleeping, and the more he thinks of it the more he likes it. And it’s all O.K. because the smashed faces belong to Fascists. You could hear all that in the tone of his voice. “

“Liberal” Conspiracy. That’s a good ‘un.

When the Laban goon has crawled to some form of moral high ground you know the thread has hit new lows.

37. Curious Freedom

This sums up “Liberals” in all thier true glory.

What’s up, CF… worried you might wind up on a lamp-post?

39. Curious Freedom

By a limp wrist like you?! Hardly!

40. Curious Freedom

I just find it amusing how your sheer malicious hypocrisy comes out whenever violence is directed at someone / people you don’t like.

All of your salivating ghoulishness around violence (the right kind of violence) is revealed through episodes like this, as is your true nature.

You have no issue with violence at all as long as the “right people” are hurt just as you have no issue with censorship, political oppression, totalitarianism, discrimination and hate as long as it’s directed at the “right people” and yet you still have the front to call yourself “liberals”!!!

The liberal maxim: “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it break your fucking nose for saying it.”

Again, this is a wild generalisation, not all ‘liberals’ feel that way, I certainly don’t and grouping every one together under that broad banner is pretty damn well pointless.

I just find it amusing how your sheer malicious hypocrisy comes out whenever violence is directed at someone / people you don’t like.

Again: Bob Fisk.

Good grief, you’re obstinate aren’t you CF?

Your comments keep getting deleted yet no mention of that at all. No mention of the fact that I don’t approve of the violence towards Berlusconi. No mention of the fact that you use wild generalisations. No mention of the fact that you pass a judgment on me by deeming me not liberal when you yourself have attacked my liberalness. No mention of the fact that you have to dig up old comment exchanges, out of context, to somehow prove me ‘evil’ when you yourself have done exactly the same thing here and called people numerous names.

Consider this: why do you come to a blog that you always disagree with, just to have your comments deleted and to attack other people?

45. Curious Freedom

As usual, you and the truth part company pretty quickly. Your comment was deleted because of the abuse within it; MY comment was a response to THAT comment that was then subsequently deleted so I suggest you read the comments policy here.

I’ll post here as much as I like, I certainly don’t need your permission or approval and your abusive comments are deleted regularly so I think it’s safe to say that you are the one classified as a troll here.

The “evidence” you ask for is this very post and the fact that it is on a site that boasts this: “Liberal Conspiracy is the UK’s most popular left-of-centre politics blog. Our aim is to re-vitalise the liberal-left through discussion and action.”

I am not surprised you cannot understand that in responding to my comment on this thread on a so-called Liberal site that is solely designed to laugh at and celebrate violence against a man in his seventies purely because the “Liberal” poster does not agree with this mans politics you are validating that the very sentiments and mechanic I describe exist.

You say you don’t agree with it but who cares? How is this about you? Do you really think the world revolves around you? An influential “liberal” blog makes this post for fun and that is far more important then an insignificant narcissist like you, who, as I have already pointed out, cannot be described as a Liberal by any stretch of the word in any case.

All of the rest is just the attention seeking you crave.

I like how you are so desperate that even though you’ve had the same comment deleted some 4 or 5 times, you can’t just take the hint can you? Troll.

What a joke you are.

47. Curious Freedom

You respond within 20 minutes and call me desperate! And you have plenty of your comments censored / deleted here too.

But censorship doesn’t bother me. The truth will out. I just keep posting. What a jumped up little fool you are, relishing censorship as well as violence.

Just happen to be online you goon, and yes you are desperate because even though your comment gets deleted, you just don’t take the hint do you?

And funny how you seem to ignore the fact that I don’t relish the violence shown to Berlusconi.


49. Curious Freedom

The comment is deleted purely to censor and like I said I couldn’t care less, I just keep posting; also like I said, no one cares what you think. You are nobody. The fact this has been posted on an influential “Liberal” site is important, you are not.

You cretin. Why not just get down to the real foul abuse you so clearly love online? Its what you live for isn’t it? That and trying to silence anyone who disagrees with your bird brain.

I reckon that a few around here are too young to recall the IRA hotel bombing at the Brighton Conservative conference.

Gut response for many on the liberal left was “wow, is she dead?”. After a few hour’s contemplation, most of us worked out that killing the Prime Minister would not have been a good thing. We wanted to get rid of her, not to murder.

So when a disturbed man smacks Berlusconi in the face, I just wish that the health of both improves.

51. Curious Freedom

I understand what you are saying Charlieman, but to even think like for one moment reveals that the person is no real “Liberal.”

So many so-called Liberals like to dress themselves as such because it appears to invoke images of tolerance and altruism whereas the modern reality is usually far from that image; the last poster DHG is a prime example.

He claims to be a “Liberal” but unleashes extreme abuse on anyone who dares to disagree with his extremely rigid and naïve mantras and demands censorship to silence them. He loves to appoint himself as some sort of authoritative arbitrator when the truth is his abuse is regularly deleted for crossing the line on many sites but still this fool cannot resist thinking that somehow he occupies some sort of smug high ground purely because he chooses to totally misclassify himself as a “Liberal.”

You are definitely the sentinel, after reading your nonsense in the immigration thread, where you dig up all kinds of old nonsense, it all becomes clear.


53. Curious Freedom

You are definitely completely mental and obsessed with this “sentnel” character and use it as a bizarre distraction from the fact that you do not have any opinions to express at all, merely attacks on people, repetitive sheeple mantras, spoofing games and bizarre distractions.

Weirdo coward.

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