Preventing terrorism at home

11:45 am - December 8th 2009

by Septicisle    

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A late contender for post of the year, this superb treatise on local racism, the decay and depression of outer-city housing estates and with it the potential for extremism, also contains a paragraph that gives me heart that permanently pulling up the tabloids on their bullshit, however many times you repeat yourself, is worth it:

The impulse to segregate was compounded by the messages that seemed to reinforce the idea that the treatment in Southmead reflected the mood and views of the rest of Britain. “Hundreds of thousands of migrants here for handouts, says senior judge“. “Britain paying migrants £1,700 to return home BEFORE they’ve even got here” “The violent new breed of migrants who will let nothing stop them coming to Britain“.

These headlines were just three of many that were printed in the Mail, a right-wing daily during my time in Southmead. I don’t usually take much notice of the headlines in the Sun and the Mail unless they are truly shocking, but in Southmead the headlines seemed to have an impact on the treatment we received. The level of low-level hostility from adults seemed to be directly linked to the content of the headlines. More outright hostility from younger adults and children followed a day or so later.

Do go and read the whole thing.

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Reader comments

Very depressing.

An excellent tour d’horizon of the UK underclass. Sort of thing I more usually see in the Daily Mail. He could be the new Yasmin Alibhai Brown, who has finally found her spiritual home there.

3. Dick the Prick

Bit harsh Laban comparing him to the YABster – he can write without making one desirous of throwing the computer out of the window and gauging one’s eyes out.

I thought the piece was so good that I blogged it myself, although I might not have taken from it exactly what septic has.

Thanks for the heads-up.

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