Dorries issues ‘apology’ to Labour MP Devine

9:39 am - November 12th 2009

by Unity    

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Nadine Dorries has issued a grovelling apology to the Scottish Labour MP she branded a sex pest on Twitter.

According to a report in the Daily Record, Dorries emailed Jim Devine to say sorry for any “embarrassment” she caused with her comments, which were made in response to tweets by Kerry McCarthy which alleged that soon-to-retire Tory Grandee, Nicholas Winterton, had slapped another female Labour on the arse.

Despite her apology, Dorries is not off the hook with Devine, who said last night: “My lawyer will still be pursuing this.”

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Reader comments

Just think how much top flight political entertainment we’re missing by this one not going to court.

We was robbed.

According to her Twitter she did no such thing:

“Oh dear, I made no apology to Jim. I did send him an email and I will, sadly, publish that email in full on my blog very shortly.”

*rubs hands*

Have you read it or this is yet another case of the misuse of adjectives/not bothering to do enough research, that this site is so famed for?

Have you actually read it?

It’s hardly grovelling is it?

I have another message to deliver from her:


We both know that what you said was said sometime ago, in jest and obviously after a very good lunch. It doesn’t make it less offensive; however, I had no intention of ever repeating what you had said to me ever, until I read what Kerry McCarthy had written about Sir Nick – someone I have known for a very long time. He may have many faults but being a predator is not one of them.

I am afraid that having commented to my colleagues, the situation may have got out of hand and I certainly never said some of the things I read in the Sunday press.

I remember at the time sharing what you had said to me with a female MP, who I think may have been, somewhat ironically, Natascha.

I am not happy that in anger, I stooped to Kerry’s level and I have learnt a lesson for the future.

I have always felt we got on well and I am sorry that my revelation to colleagues may have caused you embarrassment. I am sure it is a taste of what the next few months may hold.

Best Wishes,


That will be £75 please.


Sorry, mate, I was first. The money’s mine.


Will £75 cover the cost of an emergency colonoscopy?

For future reference, please see the reply given to the plaintiff in Arkell vs Pressdram.

Nadine needs to buy a better attack dog than Staines, he moves too slow and drinks too much.

9. Dick the Prick

Reads like an apology to me – dime bar? Dime bar? Armadillo!

10. Thomas Greenan

This makes me feel less sympathetic to her complaints about Brown.–wasnt-heartfelt-says-Tory-target.html

(If the thing about Devine is true it sounds like bad behaviour on his part, but Nadine has a bit of a habit of getting detatched from reality (remember the hand of hope?

I wonder who will act for the defendant?

Incidentally I did visit her site and thought the “apology” could be improved. Alas the site does not permit comments, but on an entirely unrelated note, isn’t sidewiki a wonderful thing?

14. vicarious phil

Maybe it’s time we stopped blogging about Dorries it only encourages her. Liverpool’s answer to Sarah Palin is clearly winding up a lot of Labour folk. I guess like Palin she speaks to the heartlands because she has a relaxed “common sense” style but also like Palin, if you take time to listen, what she is saying is pretty shallow, soundbite stuff and borders on the incoherent.

Can’t you see it’s a trap? David Cameron is likely to become PM next spring, the challenges are surely to compete against him and the ideas/policies his party are promoting and what to do about Gordon Brown and the Labour party, going forward.

Waste your energies on Dorries if you like but the real fight is elsewhere…

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