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Poll: most voters think Sun attack back-fired

10:45 pm - November 11th 2009

by Chris Barnyard    

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A poll for PoliticsHome today found that 65% of voters think the Sun’s reporting on the letter sent to Jacqui Janes was over the top and crossed the line.

About half of all those who voted said they were more inclined to defend Gordon Brown, with only 17% saying they were less inclined.

PoliticsHome reported:

In addition, more than three times the percentage of voters (thirty one per cent) say that this episode has made them think more of the Prime Minister than think less of him (9%). A comparable proportion (twenty eight per cent) say that the episode has made them think less of the Sun.

Today the Daily Mirror hit back, quoting Jamie Janes’ uncle as: ‘My sister’s grief has been hijacked to make a political’s wrong‘.

Army veteran Ian Cox said he was outraged sister Jacqui Janes’s attack on the PM’s condolence message spelling mistakes had been hijacked by opponents.

And Mrs Janes yesterday said she had been misrepresented in the row and only acted out of concern that her son did not have the proper military kit in Afghanistan.

The Mirror story and the poll will come as a huge embarrassment to the Sun newspaper and Rupert Murdoch, who has also had to back-pedal over comments that he thought US President Barack Obama was racist.

A survey for YouGov released today found that most people believed the influence of the Murdoch empire was waning in contrast to Google.

Yesterday Tory blogger Guido Fawkes defended the Sun as:

This morning’s reporting of Brown’s conversation with Mrs Janes was a good news story, news is after all what people don’t want you to hear, the rest is spin. The left is now in full on “Murdoch is evil” mode, Fox and the Sun will be characterised as liars. They will take presenters like Glenn Beck and columnists like the great Kelvin MacKenzie and make out that this is biased news – it isn’t, it is opinionated infotainment.

Seems the “news story” was not perceived as “good” by a vast majority of the public.

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Reader comments

Aspiring journalists will stay aspiring if they are lazy in their appelations.

You turned up quickly there Staines. I’m still waiting to see that pic of Blair and Kaminski hugging that you promised us.

“You turned up quickly there Staines. I’m still waiting to see that pic of Blair and Kaminski hugging that you promised us.”

You mean Staines lied? I am shocked ,skocked at such news.

“Aspiring journalists will stay aspiring if they are lazy in their appelations.”

That rules you out then.

I didn’t promise anything of the sort.

Anyway I thought Politicshome polls couldn’t be trusted because they were Ashcroft funded polls. Didn’t you get the memo?


Guido gathers that a photo exists of a Downing Street dinner from late November 2005 in honour of the Polish Justice Party prime minister, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz. The guests at the party included Michal Kaminski.

Guido has been unable as yet to confirm the attendance of the then foreign secretary, Jack Straw. This development spells the end of crude attempts by Labour to portray Cameron’s European allies as neo-Nazis.

What happened to your earth-shattering advance revelations? After all, they were surrounded by millions of +++++++++++++’s. I was expecting a killer blow and you let me down.

Didn’t you get the memo?

Still shilling for Tories I see. When’s your next outing on behalf of Nadine Dorries?

No promise of anything there.

Hey, when it comes to shilling, it isn’t me who is promoting Ashcroft sponsored polls.

Two questions which I’ve not even seen raised:

1. How much (if anything) was Mrs Janes paid by The Sun as part of this story?

2. Under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 it’s permissible to record phone conversations (with or without the consent of the other party) but it is not permissible to record a phone conversation and pass it on to a third party without the permission of the other party. Are Mrs Janes and The Sun not guilty of breaking the law in this respect?

More info regarding the legality of this can be found here:

@7, I think the CPS would assert that it isn’t in the public interest to prosecute Mrs Janes.

Oh thank heavens. I thought the world had gone crazy with this story, I can’t think of many examples of newspapers stooping lower.

Wow, Staines is embarrassing isn’t he?

11. The Grim Reaper

Sunny and Guido should just have sex and be done with it. Their bickering on this site is just embarrassing.

As for the poll, there is at least one thing that every political party appears to agree on. Namely that they all have a particularly low opinion of The Sun newspaper. When political parties have a consensus on an issue, it is usually wrong. This seems to be an exception to the rule.

Pathetic playground-level ducking and diving from Staines, as usual.

Paul Staines: I’ve seen the briefing paper done by Downing Street; “How to get Dale”

Derek Draper: Well, publish it.

Paul Staines: I will publish it this afternoon


When DO we get to see this document you promised on live television all those months ago, ‘Guido’?

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