BNP’s Barnbrook goes for Barking

10:15 am - October 5th 2009

by Sunny Hundal    

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BNP Assembly Member Richard Barnbrook is planning to stand as an MP for Barking at the next election, according to Tory Troll.

He unveiled his campaign on his Telegraph blog.

Bizarrely enough, as commenters pointed out, the massive poster had no mention of the fact he is a BNP candidate.

Barnbrook was recently suspended from Barking and Dagenham Council for one month following an investigation. He had made and published a video which contained false claims about murders in his area.

He says:

It’s very easy for a politician to spout what everyone wants to hear, and then do nothing. Pretty words come cheap. But trust is dearly bought.


Here is a recent video of Barnbrook dancing

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Reader comments

I saw the poster which Dick Bampot is standing underneath on my way from Essex to London last week, I almost shit a brick.

That video is extremely worrying, also, dancing like that should remain solely for the Labour party.

2. Donut Hinge Party

Anyone with a ladder, a bucket of paste and two huge pieces of paper with the words “IS A” and “MAD RACIST” had best get there sharpish.

3. Dara bhur gCara

So, do you reckon he only owns the one suit, or do you reckon he has a whole load of suits all the same?

He must have picked up the suits at some kind of Nazi paraphernalia auction. I’m sure he probably got more than just suits as well.

Funny he’s campaigning against knife crime though. Perhaps he could do that with more videos making up knife crime incidents.

6. Donut Hinge Party

Well, that’s a firm glove laid down to the pro-knife crime candidate, isn’t it?

I think we need a candidate to stand on an ‘anti-brown (bad) suit and tie combo’ ticket.

But isn’t one of the BNPs policies to give every family in Britain a gun? I’m sure I read that somewhere. Surely there should be a mention that his dealing with knife crime is going to be by replacing knives with guns.

donut hinge party said:
> Anyone with a ladder, a bucket of paste and two huge pieces of paper with the words “IS A” and “MAD RACIST” had best get there sharpish.

Might take too long, and unnecessary when simply pasting “IS” over “FOR” will do the trick nicely.

Richard Barnbrook is a decent fella,you wont find any expense fiddling going on with him,more than i can say for the other theives………….go BNP,you wont beat a patriotic nationalist.

Don’t worry all you people in the Norwich area,its not to far from you now,all that immigration/asylum lark,its already in Newmarket.I cant wait to see the look on your faces when you’re all over run,you will all be screaming.Vote BNP FOR YOUR CHILDRENS SAKE.All you white and black kids wakeup,don’t listen to the marxist Liberals,Labour and CON servatives,they’re brainwashing you,I would like to know how many of you kids are out of workyou don’t stand a chance,WAKE UP,its your country

He’s anti knife crime, you say…?

As Tom Lehrer said…: “It takes a certain amount of courage to get up in a college auditorium and come out in favour of those things everyone else is against… like peace and brotherhood and so on”.

13. mrs clayton

I can assume only that he had a daughter who was married that day…otherwise I thought that sort of dancing in the over sevens was illegal in at least seventy countries.

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    Article:: BNP’s Barnbrook goes for Barking

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