Alan Johnson would do better at election

5:22 am - June 9th 2009

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This is why the Conservatives would prefer Gordon Brown as Prime Minister:

Alan Johnson would deny David Cameron an overall majority at the next general election if Labour ditched Gordon Brown and installed him as prime minister, according to a new poll for The Independent. The ComRes survey provides the first evidence that a change of leader could dramatically transform Labour’s prospects.

The ComRes poll puts the Tories on 38 per cent (up eight points since its last survey a week earlier), Labour on 22 per cent (no change), the Liberal Democrats on 20 per cent (up two points) and other parties on 20 per cent (down 10 points).

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Reader comments

1. Richard (the original)

ComRes poll – don’t have the best of reputations.

Note that the Tory blogosphere are massively pushing this line. They don’t give a fuck which NewLabourite is PM for the next year-ish and nor do the electorate – they just know that anything which destablises Labour is good for them.

Perhaps instead of helping the Tories spread this nonsense, professed Labour supporters could accept that GB will be PM until the next election and stop undermining him…?

Fine, whatever.

But the poll is meaningless because Mr Johnson has not yet said what it is that he would do differently from the current PM.

The Government has been talking for ages about renewal, about a return to radical politics and what has this given us in terms of policies?

The best example that David Miliband could come up with on the radio this morning was, er… the government’s decision to prop up Lloyds bank with public money.

But john b is quite right, the chances of the government coming up with new ideas, let alone managing to make them stick is reduced to zero by this puerile squabbling about the leadership among a cabinet of midgets

Milliband was extraordinarily dreadful this morning.
Really, objectively dreadful.
Even Naughtie couldn’t hide his contempt.

Brown is doing a wonderful job of undermining himself – while paranoically undermining his colleagues of course.

You know it is not as if you weren’t warned is it??

You really do have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

5. David Boothroyd

It is true that ComRes don’t have the highest of reputations in the polling world but they don’t have the lowest either. The real significance of this poll is that the ratings of the various putative Labour leaders are strikingly similar, and the differences are well within normal sampling error. I’m not sure I agree with the Independent’s calculations of the likely election result under a Johnson leadership; it seems enough for a Conservative overall majority.

It is hardly surprising that there should be no very great difference between the different would-be Labour leaders, because the leadership debate has been conducted almost solely in the issue of personalities. If one of them were proposing a significantly different policy, it might be different. The absence of any significant political issues in the Labour leadership debate is as curious as Sherlock Holmes’ incident of the dog in the night-time.

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