Cameron tells Dorries to shut up (updated)

1:40 pm - May 22nd 2009

by Sunny Hundal    

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Further to Unity’s post earlier, this storm gets better by the hour. David Cameron has now had to publicly rebuke ‘high-flying Tory’ Nadine Dorries for her “witch-hunt” comments.

“Of course MPs are concerned about what is happening but, frankly, MPs ought to be concerned about what their constituents think and ought to be worrying about the people who put us where we are,” Cameron told the BBC.

There was clear anger among Tory high command at the latest intervention by the outspoken Mid Bedfordshire MP, with one senior source describing her comments as “completely wacky”

The Telegraph: David Cameron slaps down ‘wacky’ Nadine Dorries.
(image via Hopi Sen, who has more.)

Update: Her views on the allowance:

Today, however, she claimed that the £24,222-a-year additional costs allowance (ACA) – at the centre of the expenses scandal disclosed over the last 15 days by The Telegraph – has “always been known and has always been counted as part of an MP’s salary”.

This is always done quietly,” she admitted, before suggesting that it did not even matter what the ACA money – the use of which has caused so much public anger in the wake of the Telegraph disclosures – was spent on.

“It has always been the way it has been done and everyone knows that,” she said.

Emphasis mine.
Nice to know Dorries cares about what they do with our money.

Further update: From the Evening Standard

William Lewis, editor of the Daily Telegraph, said: “To take what Ms Dorries says seriously is both laughable and embarrassing.”

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Reader comments

1. Shatterface

If she floats, she’s a witch.

She didn’t listen – she’s just been giving us some of the same old on ITV News – it’s all apparently the fault of everybody, including “PM’s with no political courage” and the media establishment.

This is the womanwho thinks Trident isn’t a weapon of mass destruction……

And Dorries denies it: “According to the Telegraph online, David Cameron has slapped me down? Excuse me? Err, no he hasn’t. What a corker.”

Mind you, I like this bit:

As an ex nurse who managed on a measly salary I know how angry people are. The system has been wrong and scandalous. But everyone in the media and political world, other than those MPs like me who came in after 2005 knew about it. Therefore they are all culpable.

Poor people (esp. nurses), Nadine feels your pain, because she’s like, being tortured with copies of the Daily Telegraph (well, not literally, it’s just, well, the publication…aargh, it burns….). And anyway, it was all the fault of MPs who were elected before I was in 2005, so there.

Back to you, Dave…

CCHQ memo to MPs: When we brief against you in the national press using the leader’s name, that counts as a slap-down.

I put my virtual clothes peg on and visited her blog, and found the following cracker:

“I have not used the ACA to buy furniture, sofas, plasma screen TVs, gardening, decorating, home repairs or any luxury items.

I did use it to buy a cooker, table dryer, desk, computer table and storage boxes from Ikea as one off relocation costs in the first year.”

Now I actually think that until the Commons purchases furnished flats for MPs to live in while in London, using ACA to buy basic furniture for a rented flat is a reasonable thing to do. But how can she say she didn’t use it to buy furniture in one sentence, then say she used it to buy a desk and computer table in the next?

Seriously, I’m baffled.

6. Charlieman

Hmm, a cheap return flight to South Africa costs £400, so the Dorries clan would need to spend 1200 knicker to get to Nadine’s holiday home. No wonder that they spend so many weekends at the family’s humble Cotswold cottage.

Out of touch, and imminently out of parliament.

7. Charlieman

What is a “table dryer”, please?

This is the best piece of political theatre since…. Iain Dale tried to blame lefty bloggers for forcing him to apologise to Tom Watson. But anyway, it’s made my weekend.

Her comments on the allowance are absolutely hilarious.

Dorries for Tory cabinet! along with Daniel Hannan!

I don’t know. I assumed it was something everyone else had, and chickened out of asking.

10. Richard (the original)

“Dorries for Tory cabinet! along with Daniel Hannan!”

Personally I’m not convinced that Hannan is bad for the Tories. Quite the opposite. Even if one disagrees with him he comes across as likeable and clever.

Dorries on the other hand…

This is all Karmic pay-back for that horrible week when McPoison gave Dorries a moral high horse to ride around on.


“Hours after Ms Dorries made the remarks, Mr Cameron ordered a public statement that would distance the Tory party from the backbencher, insisting that her comments were her own and did not represent those of the Conservative Party.

“According to one Tory source, party officials have had conversations with Ms Dorries on more than one occasion to rebuke her for her “increasing tendency to make wild and eccentric statements”

And it was all looking so good for Mad Nad Little Dorries! Star blogger, loudmouth, potential future minister…. not now though.


What is a “table dryer”, please?

If she’s got a dog, and does a lot of grooming, it’s one of these:

But I’m guessing she’s actually referring to one of these:

But I could be wrong: she could of course have a really wet table that needs drying out.

Thanks for the clarification. I was wondering about three-figure sums on a glorified cloth.

16. redpesto

You mean she may have bought something for her pet(s)?!

Q: Does Dorries own any pets? Or did she really mean ‘tumble dryer’?

The public demands an answer!

17. Shatterface

You mean you guys don’t have table dryers? You’ve obviously too much time on your hands if you dry them yourselves.

18. Charlieman

It only gets worse. The Archbishop of Canterbury writes for the Times:

“He adds: “But many will now be wondering whether the point has not been adequately made: the continuing systematic humiliation of politicians itself threatens to carry a heavy price in terms of our ability to salvage some confidence in our democracy.”

Dr Williams says that it would be a tragedy if the expenses saga ended any confidence in the idea that politics and public service could be a calling “worthy of the most generous instincts”.

The warning came after Nadine Dorries, a Tory backbencher, claimed today that MPs were victims of a “McCarthy-style witch-hunt” over their expenses.”

Cretin. He does not understand that the systematic revelation of expenses abuse by MPs is an imperative to reform. Everyone who cheated should be exposed, not just cabinet ministers or those who have a juicy background to create a good story.

Kicking out light fingered MPs is insufficient. And parliamentary reform is insufficient. When voters demand reform, that means you have to change local parties and their relationship to federal parties. It is time to end top down management and acknowledge that local parties need to be bigger and more independent. That ideal is not served by people like Dr Williams.

For what it is worth, looks like Nadine’s blog has deliberately gone awol. Can’t help but wonder whether this is a deliberate gagging to stem at least one source of embarrassing outpourings.

20. douglas clark

I’d have thought, correct me if I am wrong, that Nadine Dorries respects the right of Parlimantiarians such as her good self, to take the absolute piss out of electors, such as you and I,

Hmmmmm lol

A little off, but isn’t Nadine a closet Libertarian? Cameron had better keep the jollies quiet, because witha duck ond hotel and Dotty Dorris opening her mouth – he must be shitting it in case something else comes out that he can’t contain.

I’m hungover so all I can really manage to say is that she is an utter moron and a complete liability.

Nadine does have a dog. She bought a dog drier on the tax payer?????

24. Shatterface

Have you ever smelt a wet dog?

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    Wacky Nadine Dorries making Wacky Jacqui Smith look sane. She needs a name that rhymes better though. #sackdorries

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    Cameron tells Nadine Dorries to shut up! #sackdorries (from what though guys?)

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