More damning police revelations (updated)

12:32 am - April 19th 2009

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– Yesterday Channel 4 had the explosive revelations that the Independent Police Complaints Commission was barred from the first post mortem examination carried out on Ian Tomlinson. The Liberal Democrats are demanding a full independent inquiry into whether there was a deliberate police cover up.

– Guardian: IPCC chief slams tactics of G20 police.
Also: how the image of UK police took a beating

– BBC: New video shows G20 protest clash. A new video released by demonstrators (video below) shows a police officer beating a man in the head with a riot shield at the London G20 protest earlier this month.

At 4.50mins in to this clip an officer is clearly seen smacking a protestor across the head with his shield. At 7.49mins in an officer punches a protestor in the face. – via Sunday Times.

The Channel 4 report mentioned above

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Reader comments

This is getting bloody stupid!

What were they thinking? The police that is.

2. dreamingspire

Pleased that Chris Huhne is becoming more visible and active.

Let me guess, Chavscum and Letters From A Tory Wanker think the protesters deserved whatever they got and that the police are within their rights not only to attack people without provocation but to then lie about it? Perhaps Charlotte Gore also would like to sneer at the protesters and take the side of the police again too?

I think it is becoming more and more clear that the Police will have to change their approach because of the technology in the hands of many of the people who attend these protests now.

I agree with dreamingspire that it is very good to see Chris Huhne taking the initiative on this. He has certainly been more visible than Chris Grayling.

Mark @4:

Precisely. They thought they could get away with this because the last time there was a big one of these it was in a field in Scotland rather than central London, and the mobile camera-phone / mobile internet revolutions hadn’t got off the ground properly. Now, they have. The senior cops were dumb; the street cops were badly led, badly briefed, badly treated by their own side, and confronted with a party when they’d been promised a riot. It’s no wonder the buggers on the ground didn’t know the shit-storm they were walking into. To their masters, we’re the rabble, the swinish multitude… If they’re not careful we really will re-arrange the colours.

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    New post: IPCC investigation barred; launches third inquiry

  2. sunny hundal

    More damning police revelations of brutality – – we need a proper inquiry into police tactics! Sunny

  3. Liberal Conspiracy

    New post: IPCC investigation barred; launches third inquiry

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