Top Stories & Blog Review – Thursday 16th April

11:23 am - April 16th 2009

by Andrew Hickey    

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£5,000 sweetener to launch electric car revolution
Housing overcrowding ‘will soar’
MP attacks ‘SAS-style’ tactics used by police
What could be in the 2009 Budget

World’s biggest democratic poll begins
Women protesting at ‘pro-rape’ law attacked by men
Deals help China expands in Latin America
Iran says it plans new Nuclear offer

DAILY BLOG REVIEW / by Andrew Hickey

Chris at Stumbling And Mumbling talks about a new paper on confirmation bias which shows that sometimes it can be rational to behave stupidly, and shows how this behaviour contributed to the current economic problems.

Chris Applegate at qwghlm talks about the similarities between the Hillsborough disaster and the Ian Tomlinson case, and what both say about policing.

Sarah Ismail has a post on recent comments by the NASUWT about special needs schooling.

Alix at Liberal Democrat Voice talks about how while people are making a load of fuss about trivial nonsense involving bloggers, 114 people were arrested for the ‘crime’ of planning a protest. Alix’s other post yesterday, on Clegg and Huhne is also worth a read.

Charlotte Gore is furious at the people who want the government to keep house prices up, thus reinflating the bubble that just burst.

Septicisle finds the claims about planned terror attacks that prompted the raids last week deeply unconvincing.

The Daily Quail looks at press reaction to police brutality.

And finally PostModern Barney has a list of uncomfortable plot summaries – my favourites: “GREEN LANTERN: Policeman beats up his girlfriend” and “BATMAN: Wealthy man assaults the mentally ill”.Or browse through previous Netcasts

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